The Forge of Leon

The Forge of Leon

As I was running in the woods. I stopped to look at my surroundings. The sun cast light through the leaves reflecting off of something. I walked toward it and found out it was a merchant broken down on a trail. So I asked if he needed help.

”Yes, do you know how to fix a wooden wheel? ” He said.

”I will give it a shot, Can we take it to my shop? ” I said.

”We can try, where is it? ” He said.

”Just two minutes that way ”. I said, pointing north northeast through the woods.

We finally got the wagon to my house. I led it to the forge and I lit the fire. Beginning to take the wheel apart. It fell apart very easily since one of the supports was shattered. I fashioned a new one out of a piece of a flat seeder tree that I cut down last week. Realizing I did not have to reform the metal ring I could press fit it back together. But I did not want the coal to be wasted so I asked if he wanted to forge a knife.

He said ”yes ” very enthusiastically and I threw a piece of steel into the fire to heat up, while I pound the spoke into place. With the wheel fixed I got back to the metal and started to pound on it with such vigor. He stepped back two feet so the hammer couldn hit him. I laughed and told him to grab the sludgehammer and hit the red pieces of metal. He hit the metal time after time sparks flying every time he hit it. Not before long it began to take shape. He stopped hitting it and I started back up with my hamer getting the final shape out of the metal. Then I started grinding the bevels and the edge into the blade. With the forge still hot enough to get the heat treat right, I put the knife into it until it got red hot polling it out I dipped it into the oil. setting it down to begin working on the handle. As I finished sharpening the knife and fitting the handle up for a snug fit with one brass pin in the center of the handle.

”my name is Zack. ”he said

”My name is Leon, ” I said.

”Thanks for the knife and wheel, how much do I owe you? ” He asked

”Ten silver pieces, ” I said. (Its the same as one hundred copper pieces and about one and a half gold pieces.)

As he left I went to the dog pen to get my dog that has been barking since I came back home. I let her out and headed to the house to make dinner for me and my dog, since it had been noon when I got home and it is now about seven thirty and I have not eaten since I got up, and I am hungry. I made venison steak and potatoes. My dog ate just as fast as I did.

As we went to bed, a bad dream had me up and down. finally falling into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

As the sun shined in my window casting light across the end of the bed waking me up. Getting out of bed I looked out the window to the east at the sunrise highlighting the mountains with a red and yellow hue of the morning and I started coffee before going to the outhouse to relieve myself. The dog was at the door for me to let her out on my way out. After my first cup of coffee the dog lets me know she is hungry.

”Me too. What do you want? ” I asked. She barked twice,

”Thats what I was thinking. ” As I began making flapjacks, bacon, eggs, and sausage with orange juice freshly squeezed. As it all got done I made our plates and sat down to eat as I began, so did she.

As I put some sorghum on my flapjacks she gave me a look letting me know she wanted some too. As I finished my plate I put my plate in the sink and started outside to begin work feeding the chickens, the cows, and the horses. Deciding I had nothing else to do for a few minutes I settled on going for a run. Heading out for my run, my dog lets me know she wants to come too. We head down another trail that goes around the town. at a pond that I fish at during the summer. my dog recognized the pond and she jumped in and started to splash the water around.

”I guess this is a good place to stop. ” I said, sitting down on the stump that I sit on when I fish. Looking at the scenery with the trees having the different color leaves on them. Remembering it is early Autumn and I don have all my meat stocked up for winter, I whistled for the dog letting her know it is time to go home. When we got back my sweetheart was at my house

”Hi Leon and Luci where have you been? ” she said.

”Hi Lily we have been at the lake. How have you been? ” I said.

”I was at the market getting some veggies for you and Luci, ” She said.

”Lets take a look at what you got for us, ” I said. There was lettuce, tomatoes, cucumis, potatoes and maize. ”Looks good I said.

”Do you want a steak and salad? ” She asked.

”That would be great, Can I help cook? ” I said

”Yes if you make the salad ” she said then laughed. We began cooking and when we got it all done, we sat down to eat.

”Can you make my dad a kitchen knife for his birthday tomorrow? ” she asked.

”Yes, if you help me, ” I said.

When we got done eating, we went out to the forge to make the knife. I threw a large piece of steel in the forge and then lit it, getting it to a red hot state. I pounded it to the desired shape until I let her grab the sludgehammer a

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