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Even more so, what that means.

‘Did I never think that Lillian would come to find me despite all that?’

Something was fishy.

I saw earlier that the nursery school was near the capital.
How long will it take by carriage from here?”

“A day at most will be enough to make it.”

“That’s a relief.”

Having said that, Cedric opened the back and extinguished the wick of the small burning candle with his index finger and thumb.


Darkness quickly approached with a cold sound, and Cedric opened his mouth.

“I should buy a doll.”

“… doll, do you mean?”

Since we need to clear out some space in the room.”

You probably need at least one thing to sleep with.


the next day, afternoon.

“I knew it would spread, but it spread really fast.
To come here in less than three days.”

“Both His Highness and the young lady are so famous.
One is a war hero, and the other was missing.”

“I don’t know what His Excellency is thinking.
I heard that the person who came to visit the other day is the cousin of His Majesty the Emperor.
Send back to such a person.”

“I heard that they won’t announce the enrollment until they confirm the young lady’s identity properly.
Maybe there are many things to investigate.”

Having lived in an orphanage, Lillian knew when the best time to eavesdrop was.

It was time when maids came to hang the laundry and peel potatoes in the kitchen.

‘Because that’s when people at work are most bored.’

A few days later, Lillian secretly went to the imperial palace.

“The atmosphere in the mansion suddenly became noisy.”

Rumors spread that Cedric had a girl, and people kept coming to see her.

Naturally, the people at the Duke’s residence were hiding this fact from Lillian, but unfortunately, they weren’t careful enough to pay attention to the overhead.

So Lillian sat hidden in an inconspicuous tree and overheard the maids doing the laundry.

‘I have to know what’s going on outside.’

What rumors circulated after she had been to the imperial palace, and what Cedric was thinking? Also, how things are going.

I always had to keep my ears open, so I could be ready to run away at any time.

When I was at the nursery school, I could pick up and read newspapers discarded by teachers at the garbage dump, but it was not easy to steal a newspaper in a mansion like this.

So the only thing I can do is eavesdrop on the story.

Tak-tak, the young maid, opened her mouth while she was washing the laundry.

“I wish my lady was the real lady.”

“I think it’s right, but you don’t know about the world.”

“What happens to the young lady if it turns out to be untrue?”

“Will she be kicked out if it turns out that she is not the one they are looking for? Of course.
Your Highness went through a lot of trouble searching for the lost girl, so how could she bring a child who deceived her?”

At worst, her tongue might be cut off for cheating on a nobleman, said a maid who looked quite old.

It was the moment when joy and sorrow crossed.

‘If the rumors spread, the purpose of going to the imperial palace has almost been achieved.’

The Lillian was going to the imperial palace in the first place was to let people know that she was in Maynard.
As soon as it became known that Cedric had a child, the rumors would slowly gain weight.

However, I only thought that the plan failed because I was discovered by Curtis before I could do that, and then returned crying in Cedric’s arms.

I heard that there were people who saw Cedric carrying her back.

‘It was worth sneaking out.’

Looking back, I still feel dizzy, but it wasn’t entirely in vain.

However, Cedric’s meeting with Curtis remained a thorn in Lillian’s heart, still haunting her.

‘Curtis said I made an accident and ran away.’

Cedric didn’t ask Lillian further about it, but Lillian was uneasy.

If Cedric wanted to find out more about Merrifield Nursery, he’d be sure to find the head of the nursery without too much trouble.

‘If they found out that I was impersonating Swan, they wouldn’t let it go.’

The aftermath of the truth being revealed was something that Lilian had been prepared for since she made the decision to live her life in place of Swan.

I couldn’t live by deceiving everyone forever.
Lillian knew too.

That someday the truth will come out.

So I was not afraid of having my tongue cut out or being kicked out.

I just feared it would happen before I lived out Swan’s full share.

Revenge on those who caused Swan to lose her place and die.

That was Swan’s life that Lillian was carrying.

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