hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Although, the words spoken on such a subject were sinful and negative.

“Don’t jump to conclusions.
I’ve never done that.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it.
What kind of thing is it that you like so much?”

Lennox looked back at his memories.

Is it the brooch made of the golden pine that came in from a foreign country last time and is said to grow only one inch in a hundred years? No, but that wasn’t a pine tree.
So, is it made of sepia branches that can only be found in the far north? No, sepia has light golden veins on red leaves.
It’s not like that red, is it a common ornamental tree?

“If you like it, it must be a precious tree, right? Where did you get it from?”

“My garden.”

However, Cedric’s answer was cold.

“Come on, don’t do that, tell me where’s it from?”

“Do I sound like I’m lying? It’s my garden.”

“… So you mean, you picked a branch from your garden and hung it on your chest? Is Maynard’s finances really difficult?”

“You worry about everything.
It’s good to live frugally.
They say it suits you well?”

“It fits well, but…”

The tree branch decoration went well with Cedric.
But what would not go well with that well-groomed appearance?

Leonard thought hard.
He was a person with a fairly open mind for a member of the royal family.
And he also had the rare manners of respecting his friend’s tastes.

“It’s… It’s possible.
It’s very nice.”

Cedric’s eyebrows sharpened again.
It is very satisfying.

I don’t know what that piece of wood was that he was so pleased with, but Lennox decided to think positively.

‘I think it’s the first time I’ve seen him so happy in the past few years.’

If a friend is in a good mood, it doesn’t matter if he wears a piece of wood or a piece of stone.

Above all, I thought it would be easy for me to bring up a story if he was in a good mood.

It’s a story about helping find a child.

‘Things have changed a lot since 10 years ago.’

It was no longer a matter of worrying about the child’s life or death, but of finding a corpse.

Only then will Cedric be able to escape from the deaths of his family and start anew.

So Lennox cleared his throat a couple of times to get the story out.

“Hmm, hmm.

And then, I heard a squabble from the back garden.

Turning around, I saw a girl with short hair being dragged by a man.


What the hell is going on?

Lennox involuntarily frowned.

The child’s clothes looked very classy, even in the dark.
It was a level that was not suitable for such a luxurious banquet hall, but at least it meant that the child was not in this banquet hall as an attendant.

However, what was strange was that the child was being held in the hands of another man.
It was not that the horse was being held, but the atmosphere was like leading a cow to a slaughterhouse.

Are they scolding themselves for taking a child who has disobeyed their parent’s home?

‘Whatever it is, it’s not a very nice sight to see.’

Even if it was like this in my eyes, it would be an even more sensitive sight for Cedric, who had lost his child.

Just as the thought of calling in an attendant to intervene before the uproar grew bigger crossed Lennox’s mind, he saw an imperial guard spot them and approach them.

“Excuse me, sir.
May I ask what’s going on?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.
I’m the guardian of this child, but she’s stubborn, so stop…”

“Bo, he’s not a guardian!”

As soon as the man who was dragging the child was bowing, the child’s desperate cry was heard.

“Mo, I don’t know anyone, but they’re trying to drag me away.

“What nonsense is this?! Sir, you can ignore what she says.
She learns to be mean, and she lies day after day.”

The guard’s voice became suspicious at the words of the two people.

“Are you a child guardian?”

“Of course.
This is a child from our nursery center…”

“No! It’s a lie! I-I have a dad!”

At that moment, the crying child found people standing on the balcony.

Even in the darkness, the desperate expression of the child was visible.
The girl looked straight ahead in the direction where Lennox and Cedric were standing and shouted.

“Oh, Dad!!”

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