I was almost fooled by the kindness of everyone at Maynard.
Kindness is just what it looks like on the outside,, and you can be deceived if you want to.
She was still immature, and they were adults who could be as skilled as they could be.

‘I was careless.’

Is it because of the tension that has been released after achieving the biggest goal of entering the mansion of Maynard, or is it because everyone in Maynard has not spared their affection even if she breathes?

Maybe it was because Cedric stayed by my side all night.

‘In fact… I knew.
It wasn’t Swan that I saw in my dreams, it was the Duke.’

I don’t remember clearly, but Lillian often had visions of Swan during her illness.
It was looking down at her with sad eyes for some reason.

At first, I thought I saw something in vain due to a high fever, but my senses were too clear to say that it was just something in vain.

The way Swan put a towel on my head, and the way I fell asleep holding Swan’s hand.

But Swan doesn’t exist.
All of them were Cedric.

So I had a mind of my own.

Perhaps the Duke might accept her.

like a fool

‘Swan, if it’s not you, there’s no one who will truly love me.’

What did I expect.?

Lillian stopped in the middle of the garden.
His heartbeat, which had been beating loudly every time the cold air passed through his lungs, gradually died down.
The reason was sharpened at the same speed.

This was not a place where it was full of fairy tales, and hope.

Lillian paused for a moment, then started walking again.
The road that had been lost once made it easy the second time.

Lillian took out the bracelet she had secretly tucked away in her pocket.
She carelessly rubbed her dry eyes with her sleeve.

A few times, the cold, dry air would scatter out of Lillian’s mouth and cast a long shadow.


“Oh, my lady! Where have you been?”

“Did you go far because I told you to return after looking for a little bit?”

“I’ll make some tea soon.
God, it’s too cold.”

The maids who found Lillian came to with a new scarf and put more firewood in the stove.

Voices that still seemed to be overflowing with affection for Lillian.

Is it because I’m a bad child that I can’t just accept it the same as before?

Lillian strode over to them like a child who knew nothing, pulling out her bracelet and smiling broadly.

“I found this! I was lost because I didn’t know the way a little, but… Still.”

“I’m so glad you found your bracelet.”

“My lady, isn’t she actually a genius?”

“What’s wrong with that? Genius, genius! My lady, she’s a genius.”

“But you still haven’t fully recovered from your cold, so be careful.
You can’t wander around like this from now on.”

“Hehe, yes.”

Lillian nodded her head as she saw the maids constantly praising how proud they were of her finding the bracelet.

At teatime that day, Lilian drank two cups of tea and ate three plates of dessert.

and threw it all away.


In just a few days, Maynard came alive.

Everyone had no doubt that the girl who had visited Maynard was the princess who had disappeared, and the girl was well-liked by everyone with her polite and lovely behavior, as if living up to that expectation.

Thanks to that, no matter where she went in the mansion, there was no end to the talk about Lillian.

In particular, the maids who spent a lot of time with Lillian were more frequent.

Nisha, who put an embroidery needle in the frame, stretched and smiled as if she remembered something.

“Don’t you think your face has bloomed since the lady came?”

“That’s right.
You haven’t slept well for a few days since you came back from Halo, and you’ve only been looking after the lady.
It must have been hectic just preparing for the victory party.”

“Whew, don’t even talk then.
Stefan was seriously worried that I might get a line injury at this rate.”

Today was the day of the victory celebration party at the imperial palace, and Cedric was the main character of the party.

As the purpose of the party is to celebrate victory after ending the conflict in Halo, it is natural that attention is drawn to Cedric, the hero of the war.
In the past few days, Cedric was busy showing his face at social gatherings that were difficult to refuse, including the Imperial Palace.
The mansion was busy making preparations.

In the meantime, Cedric went around looking for the child every hour, so of course he could have gotten tired.

“I’m so glad she’s back now.
How can she be so clever? She memorized the structure of the mansion at once, right?”

“She was really quiet and polite.
Didn’t even complain once?”

“And you don’t know how cute she is.
Last time, I saw her secretly putting her lips on the molding of the mansion.”

“Molding? Why there?”

When another maid showed interest, Nisha got even more excited and began to giggle.

“I asked that too.
Why are you doing that? Then, the lady said the molding looked sweet!”

“Oh, my God…”

“So cute…”

“She thought it was candy because she said she might have seen a cookie like that in a fairy tale book.”

At Nisha’s words, everyone burst into laughter, saying that she was cute.

If other people had seen this scene, they would have thought that Lillian was covered with bean pods, but even to those who didn’t know her well, Lillian was a really lovely child.
[T/N: searched what bean pods mean love that someone is blinded by love and doesn’t see any flaws in the other person]

No, the expression “unusual” would be better suited than that.

The child was more mature than her peers, she was dignified, and on the other hand, she had a strangely cat-like feeling.

The fact that a child who lived in an orphanage without parents had such an appearance was enough to shake the hearts of many affectionate maids.

And the maids could bet that they weren’t the only ones who had Lillian shaking their hearts.

“Even if he doesn’t show off, it seems like the master really cares about her, right? Even if he is so busy, when she falls asleep, he always comes and looks at her.”

“I heard from Mr.
Stefan that he went all the way to Madame Yunette and asked for a custom dress for the lady.”

At the words of the maid, who is the eldest sister among them, Nisha said, Oh! Made a noise.

“Seeing that he asked for a custom-made one, he must be announcing that the young lady’s return soon, right?”

“Of course.
I think he’s quiet because it’s not even the celebration yet, but after today’s celebration, the story will be different.
All the fakes will disappear.”

“Because they are awful people.
How can the hearts of parents who have lost their children be abused like that…”

“I feel sorry for the lady and the master.”

Mary, the maid who had been listening silently, clicked her tongue and rose from the armchair.

While the maids were chatting, she had just finished making one of the fur gloves.

The gloves made of white and soft material were very cute and lovely to look at.
If there is one characteristic, is it that it looks too small for an adult to wear?

“I’m going to go to the young lady.
Now that she’s finished with dinner, I’ll read her a book.”


It’s the day the master is away, so I have to pay more attention.”

It had already been an hour since Cedric had left the mansion for the celebration.

At this time of year, children tend to miss their parents, so Mary was going to take care not to feel the vacancy.

“I want to go too, me too!”

“Anne, when are you going to complete all the embroidery if you stick to her every time?”

“Ah, Mary.
If you do it before bed, you can do it right away.
I know you have quick hands.”

Anne spoke charmingly and crossed Mary’s arms.
Chattering amiably, and then the other maid spoke as if she had remembered.

“By the way, Anne, weren’t you on the lady’s night shift tonight?

“What are you talking about? Is Nisha today?”

“Me? I thought it was Sophie?”

The more the words circulated, the more the friendly atmosphere quickly subsided.
Sophie, who received the words last, opened her mouth with a puzzled expression.

“I heard that the young lady would ask Anne…?”

At the same time, the feeling that something was wrong ran through everyone’s head.

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