like they would shed even if I rolled my eyes just a little, round eyes, beautiful nose and lips, and round and soft cheeks like a child.
Even the unknown songs she hums.

And even that fleeting moment when those blue eyes turned their backs on the light and turned toward her.

Swan was lovely.

Lillian couldn’t figure out why her heart was so inexplicably thrilled every time she met Swan’s eyes.
Of course, I wasn’t old enough to think deeply about her.
She could only guess that those things made her fall in love with Swan.

A child who had no choice but to love strangely, like facing a shower on a summer day.

No wonder, she had a knack for making everyone she met fall in love.

So the god of death couldn’t help but love her.

In any case, it was the moment when Lillian first questioned herself about her love for Swan.

Why did you love that child so much? Many other children came in on the same day, so why was it Swan to you?

Why did you become my family and my life?

Maybe it’s because you guessed that one day it might be like this.

I wish I had loved you a little less, Swan.

“I miss you…”

Tears ran down my cheeks.
Lillian opened her eyes involuntarily at the sensation of a stroke on her cheek.

I saw black hair.
His eyes were full of concern for herself.

The detail was hidden by tears, but Lillian could immediately recognize whose it belonged to.

Because there was only one person in the world who could care about her.

I said I wanted to see you, and you came.

Lillian held Swan’s hand tightly as if hugging it, and closed her eyes again.

Only then did a faint smile bloom on the lips of the sleeping child.

It was a calm face, unlike the confused face of Cedric, who held her hand.


She said the fever had gone down.

‘Was it a lie?’

The body was like a ball of fire.
Where the heck did the fever drop?

Cedric grumbled like an excuse, leaving one of his hands in Lillian’s arms.

It would be natural to be hot because it was the arms of a child who was sick.

It was an excuse for myself that jumped out like an arrow as soon as I heard about Lillian.
How long has it been since he vowed to be wary of Lillian, that he is being manipulated again like this?

‘I can’t help it this time.’

She’s sick Even if Lillian wasn’t my daughter, I couldn’t let her die here.

Yes, that’s it.

By that time, Cedric’s inner conflict had finally come to an end, but there was a problem.

It was the part where Lillian, who had fallen asleep again, seemed unlikely to let go of his hand.

A moment ago Lillian opened her eyes dimly, and I could see the brownness of her eyes in the heat of her face.

However, it didn’t look as green as Stefan said.
It was not because of the lack of distance, but because of the tears that kept flowing from the blurry eyes.

— I miss you…

A faint muttering was heard.

Cedric panicked.

Both the crying of the child and the muttering that they miss each other was because they didn’t know how to respond.

On a battlefield, if someone is injured, you can roughly apply ointment and bandage it, but what should I do with a child?

It was the same when I opened my eyes, but the child who closed her eyes was really small.

Cedric’s hand was the size of a child’s face, so it must be shocking.

How should I treat such a small child? It was an overly difficult problem for a man who had been rolling on the battlefield for a long time and had only influenced the decision of whether to kill or not to be killed.

‘Sigh… I’m going to go crazy.’

Cedric slightly moved the hand that the child was holding tight.
As expected, the child was fluffy.
Perhaps, if Cedric brushed her hand just a little, Lillian would almost fly away.

‘Are children like this?’

Or is this child just this fluffy?

What the hell is a child doing? For Cedric, adjusting his strength to deal with Lillian felt more difficult than practicing cutting tens of thousands of people without cutting anyone.

I don’t know what possessed me…

Surprisingly, he did not kill the child by hugging her.
Cedric was thinking about how to remove his hand while reflecting on how strong he was at the time, but he felt a pulsation at his fingertips.

Pounding, pounding.

It was the small but obvious beating of Lillian’s heart.

‘Even though it’s so small… the heart is beating.’

It’s a natural fact, but why does it feel so strange?

Why does it… make the inside of the chest tickle so much?

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