br>Even so, Cedric’s low voice was slightly low enough to give goosebumps.
However, Stefan took out something with an attitude of familiarity and held it out in front of Cedric.

It was a piece of paper.

“I found something like this in the luggage she brought.”

“What is this?”

“It is a custody deed.
It is a certificate issued collectively to minor children.”

“I heard she came from an orphanage.”

“Usually, I know that the head of the nursery school has it, but it may be different depending on circumstances.”

Stefan was right.
I have heard that sometimes nurseries that guarantee children’s autonomy hand over certificates to children so that they can choose their adoption place.

Perhaps the nursery school my child lived in must have been such a place.

It seemed that she had been in a fairly good nursery school.

There were a lot of wounds on the child’s body, so it was a wound on the way…

There was a bit of a strange corner for such a thing, but Cedric decided not to think deeply about the wound first.

Instead, he read the custody deed slowly, and carefully.
To the point where you can see at a glance the eyes full of longing and affection for the lost child, trying to follow the traces of the past 10 years.


The first thing that came in was the child’s name.

Then, when the child entered the nursery school, the registered weight, height, etc.
at the time.

Seeing Cedric’s eyes redden again, Stefan cleared his throat lightly.

“Before I reported it, I also looked at it, but it is very similar to the lost lady.
Isn’t the timing especially the same?”

“… You know better than I do.”

At that time, he was away on the battlefield.

“In my opinion, I dare to say that this time it must be real.”

Cedric’s gaze slowly rolled toward Stefan.

It was tinged with a hint of rebuke.
He seemed to be asking why he wasn’t so confident when she first set foot in the mansion.

The butler, who understood his master’s will, hurriedly explained.

“All I was told by the guard was that the 10-year-old was holding something that seemed to have Maynard’s seal on it, demanding to see the Duke.
It was like a keepsake from the madam who disappeared together with the circumstances… If I’m proud of that alone, how dare I deserve to be your vassal?”

“You’re a good talker.”

However, the answer that came back was cold.

Indeed, his nature was far from affectionate.

When his agitated heart calmed down after meeting Lillian, Cedric’s nature, which had found the reason, was sharpened more sharply than ever.
The greater the agitation about the child, the more so.

“Sure, Stefan.
I trust you.
Because it was you who looked after the child while I was away.
But I cannot help but consider the possibility.”

“It’s a possibility,”

“Lillian, the possibility that this child is a fake who was lucky enough to pick up my child’s things.”

“Could it be possible? There has never been a child whose situation overlaps with the time of the disappearance.”

“It could be a coincidence.”

Cedric sharpened.
Circumstances similar to the story of his lost daughter could arise.
It was even more so when considering the possibility of coincidences even if they were not made intentionally.

He was afraid.
All the more so the more that Lillian’s presence, the certificate the child carried, proved that Lillian was his daughter.
All the more so because there were so many things that he almost fell for, and there were many more who would deceive him.

What if he took it as his child and lied to himself again this time?

As much as I was desperate to find my child, as much was the relief I heard when I thought I had found it was enormous.

At the same time, however, I felt that way.

“But if this child is the real child…”

It wouldn’t be enough even if I poured out all the things I couldn’t give for the lost 10 years, but I felt guilty for having such doubts.

Even now, I wanted to go to the side of the fallen child.
The moment Lillian collapsed in front of him, Cedric felt the world flicker.

I hated being swayed by that feeling.

Nothing was known about Lillian except that she had been brought into the nursery at about the same time as his daughter’s disappearance, and that she had brought a pendant with her.

What if you’re blinded by them and act like a fool like this, and later it turns out to be fake?

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