nt to find someone else.” 

“Don’t, don’t.” Liu Yang cried miserably.
“Brother, why are you so serious? I was just speaking without thinking.
I was just making a joke.”

The two of them were still messing around when Shao Mingwei’s phone rang, and the caller ID showed that it was Professor Xue.
Shao Mingwei looked apprehensive and connected the call.

Liu Yang knew that Professor Xue was his laboratory mentor, so he quietened down.

“Mingwei, ah.
Where are you now?” 

“I’m at school and I’m going to have dinner.
Are you looking for me?”

“Nevermind, let’s talk on the phone.
That… The last time I was in the office, I noticed that you and Zhao Sheng had a little conflict? ”


Shao Mingwei realized what Professor Xue wanted to say, but he remained calm and collected.
“It’s fine.
There’s no big conflict.
Did something happen?”

Professor Xue hesitated and said, “It’s like this.
Today I took a closer look at the two photos.
One of them happened to have captured the glass in a car, and there was a figure reflected on it.
I examined it closely, and it looked a bit like Zhao Sheng.
I remembered before that the two of you seem to be at odds…” 

Shao Mingwei didn’t answer, only giving an “en”.

Professor Xue wasn’t surprised when he heard him and thought to himself that most of his guesses were correct.
It was probably because Zhao Sheng wanted to retaliate against him because of his disagreement with Mingwei.
He sighed and said, “Such dishonest ways! Mingwei, you have to solve this matter as soon as possible.
If you have any difficulties, you can tell me, and I’ll talk to him.”

Shao Mingwei said, “Thank you, but I can deal with it myself.
I will take care of it.” Then he smiled.
“I’ve troubled you a lot, Professor.
You’ve worried so much for me.”

Unexpectedly, Professor Xue “humph-ed,” and said like an old urchin, “It’s not troublesome.
You can just honestly go to graduate school for me and no need to worry about me!” 

Shao Mingwei smiled helplessly, relenting, he said, “Professor… I will seriously consider it.”


Xue Tanqi hung up the phone, put the phone on the desk, took two steps to think about something, then walked back to pick up the phone and went out of the study.
His wife, Hou Bingyi, was sitting on the sofa in the living room, applying a facial mask and watching TV.
He sat next to her.
“Wife, do you have the contact information of Min Nan’s younger brother?”

Hou Bingyi’s hand paused.
“You mean Min Yu? What do you want his phone number for?” 

“There’s something I want to discuss with him.”

Xue Tanqi said vaguely.
Hou Bingyi was watching a Korean drama and was at a crucial point and was not interested in asking for clarification.
She pointed to the phone on the coffee table.
“It’s in the contacts.
Look for it.”

Xue Tanqi closed the door of the study, looked at the phone number on the screen, hesitated for a few seconds, and pressed the dial button.

It didn’t take long for the call to be put through, and Min Yu’s voice came over.
“Hello, may I ask who this is?” 

Xue Tanqi: “Hello, I’m Xue Tanqi.”

Min Yu was stunned for a moment, and then greeted, “Hello, Professor Xue, why did you call me? How is Sister Hou recently?”

Thinking of his wife, Xue Tanqi smiled.
“She’s doing pretty good, shopping and traveling.”

Min Yu smiled and said, “That’s good.
My older sister often tells me that she envies Sister Hou’s leisurely life.
Qingqing went abroad early, unlike her who had to worry about Jingchun’s academic performance all day long.” 

Xue Tanqi and Hou Bingyi have a daughter named Xue Qingqing, who inherited her father’s rigorous and serious temperament.
She has good grades and was studying abroad for high school.

Xue Tanqi shook his head.
“The child is not around, and your Sister Hou is not too worried, but we still go and visit her now and then.”


Min Yu: “Yeah, now that the communication functions of phones and transportation have developed, it’s easier to have contacts.
Oh right, is there anything you wanted to talk to me about today?”

Xue Tanqi thought of those two photos and said, “I want to talk to you about Mingwei.” 

Min Yu paused, then smiled and said, “You can tell me.”

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