Shao Mingwei thought when Min Yu said about having a meal together it would only be the two of them, but when he got out of the school gate, he saw Shao Rong sticking out her head from the back seat of Min Yu’s car, waving to him across the road.
He smiled and waved back at her. 

Sitting in the passenger seat, Shao Mingwei asked, “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

Min Yu smiled softly.
“Rong Rong and I just arrived. Peng Rui and I ate Cantonese food from their family’s private restaurant before.
It’s pretty good.
Let me take you there to try it.”



“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Before Shao Mingwei finished speaking, Shao Mingwei and Min Yu briefly exchanged glances in the rearview mirror.

He seemed to feel that Shao Mingwei would look over, and he really did look over.
The moment their eyes met, it seemed like they were silently conveying something with the use of their eyes right in front of Shao Rong.
Min Yu smiled bashfully at him.
After a moment, he looked away. 

Shao Mingwei coughed and looked elsewhere.
He unintentionally saw Shao Rong looking at him and Min Yu with her round eyes.
Only then did he realize that Rong Rong, who was usually chirping, hadn’t said a word today, like a small gourd that had its mouth sawed.
He showed a mischievous smile and looked back.
“Why did the little sparrow talk so little today? What motivates you to shut up?”


Shao Rong saw the whole scene of her brother and brother Xiao Min exchanging flirty glances when he got in the car and found out in despair that she was as bright as a 100,000-watt light bulb.
She didn’t have the nerve to speak, so she pretended that she didn’t exist, for fear of disturbing the two of them.
Seeing that he finally noticed her, she silently roasted him for just remembering her now, then also sadly thought that she didn’t expect her brother to be such a person who would forget his sister.
She sighed with grief as she felt in her heart that it was considerate of her to take the initiative to leave space for her brother and his brother’s wife.
She can be called a good modern sister… Countless barrages floated in her heart, Shao Rong made a face at Shao Mingwei and didn’t want to pay attention to him, so she put her hands on the back of Min Yu’s seat and began to pull Min Yu to ask questions, completely different from the quietness just now.

Shao Mingwei didn’t know where he had offended the little girl, so he could only shake his head in amusement and then look at Min Yu who was earnestly chatting with Shao Rong and patiently answering her questions.
His heart was filled with warm gratitude.
Shao Rong has always felt that she was a burden to her brother ever since she got sick.
In addition, the pain tormented her, making her much quieter and more sensible than her peers, so much so that her obedience all the time made him feel distressed.
He wanted Shao Rong to let go of the burden in her heart, but he was at a loss.
His part-time work and studies took up most of his time and energy, and he could not accompany Shao Rong all the time.
On the other hand, Shao Mingwei had to admit that he was not very good in some areas.
There were many times when he couldn’t notice his sister’s emotional state, and even if he noticed, he didn’t know what to do about it.
Later, Min Yu came.
He was attentive, gentle, considerate, and patient.
Slowly, Rong Rong became lively and bold, and she also had the energy and willfulness that a teenage child should have.


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Min Yu said this was a double celebration, and asked for a bottle of wine for himself and Shao Mingwei then ordered a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice for Shao Rong.


During the meal, the three of them chatted and laughed, the family of three joyous and harmonious.
Shao Mingwei and Min Yu were drinking with each other, and before they knew it, a bottle of wine was already bottomed out. 

Shao Mingwei just drank a little and was only tipsy.
He asked Shao Rong with a smile, “Are you nervous about going back to school?”

Shao Rong smiled, and her eyes, which were somewhat similar to Shao Mingwei, seemed to be full of stars.
“A little, but I’m still excited and looking forward to it.”

Shao Mingwei’s eyes were filled with gratification and love, and he said in a gauzy voice, “You’re restarting your high school, so you’ll have new classmates.
You can communicate and chat with others more and make more new friends… Brother won’t ask you to study well, just be healthy and happy.
Don’t tire yourself.
Eat better at noon, you don’t have to save money for brother’s sake.
Remember to eat fruit every day.
Aunt Jiang said that sometimes you refuse to eat it.
That’s not good…”

Shao Rong’s heart was warm.
Her face was a little embarrassed to make an expression of disgust or joy.
“I know, la.
You have said it many times and I also go home every day.” 

Min Yu on the side said softly, “Rong Rong is so sensible, she will remember it.”

“Yes!” Shao Rong nodded in agreement.

Shao Mingwei turned his head to look at Min Yu next to him.
Under the light, Min Yu’s face was red from drinking wine, and his eyes were moist, reflecting a beautiful luster.
He was smiling as he talked to Shao Rong.

It was unknown whether it was because of the alcohol or Min Yu’s gentle eyes that infiltrated Shao Mingwei’s heart.
An impulse suddenly surged in his heart, and he called Shao Rong without much thought, “Rong Rong.” 

“En?” Shao Rong was chatting with Meizi on WeChat.
She bowed her head and was typing on her phone.
Hearing his voice, she raised her head from the screen and gave Shao Mingwei an inquiring look.

Shao Mingwei took a deep breath and cleared his throat.
“I want to tell you something.”


Min Yu originally drank the wine and was on Shao Mingwei’s side, so he let his mind relax with peace.
However, at this moment, he immediately knew what Shao Mingwei was going to say to Shao Rong.
He subconsciously took Shao Mingwei’s hand under the table and said with hesitation, “Mingwei…”

Shao Mingwei patted his hand and continued, “I’m dating someone.” 

“Eh.” Shao Rong’s expression was somewhat blank.
She knew that her brother would definitely tell her, but she thought he would hide it for a while, so she pretended not to know according to her brother’s wishes.
Now that he told her so suddenly, Shao Rong didn’t know what expression to use to face him.

Shao Mingwei glanced at Min Yu.
“The person I’m dating is your brother Xiao Min… that is to say, he is my boyfriend.”

After speaking, the private room sunk into a strange silence.
Min Yu didn’t interrupt, just holding Shao Mingwei’s hand, letting the brother and sister resolve it by themselves.
Shao Mingwei and Shao Rong both stared wide-eyed at each other.
Neither of them said anything.
After a long time, Shao Mingwei said, “I know it’s not very easy for you to accept it in such a short time…”

Shao Rong opened her mouth and interrupted him, “I’ve accepted it… I already know.” 

This time, even Min Yu was a little less calm, and said in unison with Shao Mingwei, “You know?”

Shao Rong saw that the two of them were both astonished, and couldn’t help laughing.
She no longer felt uncomfortable and said as if it should be by rights, “Of course, when the two of you meet, your line of sight always collides with each other, like lightning and thunder, crackling and rattling.
Unless I’m blind, it’s not that difficult to notice.” While speaking, she stretched out her two index fingers in a teasing manner and swayed them in the air like lightning.

Shao Mingwei and Min Yu were speechless.
They glanced at each other and saw the embarrassment in each other’s eyes and the embarrassment of grownups–they thought they were hiding it well, but they didn’t expect to be seen through by the little girl.
In this way, Aunt Jiang must have also known.
It’s just a matter of seeing through but not breaking through.

Shao Rong saw that Min Yu’s cheeks were visibly red, and her heart began to ripple again–brother Xiao Min is good-looking and gentle, brother is indeed fortunate.
Holding her glass of juice, she reached out to Shao Mingwei and Min Yu’s wine glasses that had been placed on the table, and said playfully, “I wish my brothers to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss.” 

Shao Mingwei sighed with a smile and drained the wine in the glass with one gulp.
Min Yu touched Shao Rong’s head, and said lovingly, “You little clever ghost.”

Probably because of the smooth confession with his only relative, Shao Mingwei had finally let go of the big matter in his heart and was now relaxed.
He even drank another bottle of wine intermittently.
His alcohol tolerance was not too good.
After the meal, he was dizzy from drinking, and he couldn’t stand still.
He got into the car with the help of Min Yu and Shao Rong.

Min Yu was also drunk, so he called his driver, Old Sun, to drive.

Shao Rong sat in the passenger seat while Min Yu and Shao Mingwei sat in the back seat of the car. 

The bright and warm light of the street lamps reflected on the glass windows of the car.
It was full of brilliant lights and vibrant colors.
The car was very quiet, and Shao Mingwei’s occasionally vague drunken ravings could be heard.

Shao Mingwei rested on his shoulder so Min Yu could clearly hear his ramblings.
“Min Yu, I’m happy, so happy… I love you…”

That sentence was repeated over and over again.

Min Yu looked at him tenderly.
His heart softened as if being soaked in warm water.
He lowered his head and kissed his half-closed eyelids and responded in a low voice.
“Me too.” 

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