Min Yu said with a smile, “I asked him, and he said he would listen to me.
But I want to wait until he graduates from college.
Bring him back for you to see.” 

“Alright, he’s still young, anyway.” The old lady nodded sensibly and was relieved when she heard that her son’s partner did not seem to resist meeting the parents, but she still warned, “Son, mom hopes that you can find someone you like that can make you happy, but I also hope that you will love yourself the most, so don’t be stupid in this regard.”

Min Yu was moved by his loving mother’s thoughtfulness and care, though he also couldn’t help but find it a little funny.
He couldn’t help but coquettishly say, “Mom, just where were your thoughts wandering to? I am very happy now.”


Mother Min had a smile on her face as she stroked his cheek.
“That’s good.”

In the afternoon, the company had a meeting with Chiwei’s personnel, and Xiao Luoyuan was among them.
Min Yu found it a bit strange to see him in the company because with his position and Xiao Luoyuan, there was no need to attend this kind of meeting.
But he didn’t think much about it, he just thought that Xiao Luoyuan attached great importance to the cooperation with Huaining or had nothing to do. 

When it was time to get off work, Min Yu remembered that Shao Mingwei said he would come to the company to pick him up, so he quickly packed up his things, informed Ren Yiqing, and left.

He walked on the front leg, while Xiao Luoyuan that knocked on the door of the secretary’s office was on the hind leg.”Secretary Ren, what about your president?”

Ren Yiqing glanced at the exquisite gift bag in his hand, and said with a professional smile, “Our president Min had left just now.
Maybe he’s still in the elevator.”

“Thanks.” Xiao Luoyuan left like a gust of wind. 

He walked to the entrance of the exclusive elevator but saw that the number on the display screen on its side was decreasing.
It happened that the door of another elevator next to him opened, so he hurriedly walked in.

Xiao Luoyuan glanced at the gift in his hand and wanted to sigh a little.
He had a good impression of Min Yu the first time he saw him.
He could feel that Min Yu had the same sexual orientation.
After meeting a few times later, he discovered that Min Yu did have many advantages, gentle and beautiful, good-tempered and charming, serious and attentive at work, and most importantly, he likes him.
However, whether Min Yu is good or not, it can’t be denied that he puts some distance between people.
Although he is polite and gentle on the surface, he seems to not understand or deliberately pretends to not understand, so this invisible layer of estrangement between them can’t be erased.

Xiao Luoyuan has always been successful in the field of love, but this time he began to doubt his charms.
But he is not someone who gives up easily, and Ma Jialiang vowed to guarantee him that Min Yu is a single person, so he still wants to try.
Xiao Luoyuan wanted to ask Min Yu out on his birthday earlier, but he didn’t expect that the other party had already made an appointment.
Xiao Luoyuan thought it would be great to meet and give him a gift that would please him.

Just thinking about it, the elevator’s door to the parking lot to the second floor opened.
Xiao Luoyuan walked fast and then saw Min Yu in the distance.
He immediately followed behind, but before he could get close, he saw Min Yu trotting into the arms of a tall man who had his arms open.
Just by the looks on his back, you can figure out how happy he is. 

Xiao Luoyuan’s footsteps paused.
He turned around and hid behind the pillar next to him, slightly stretching out his head to look.

He recognized the person hugging Min Yu.
He had seen him next to Min Yu’s side in the hospital twice before, but he didn’t care much about it.
He saw Min Yu stretch his body, raised his head, and kissed the boy’s lips, then the boy said something and Min Yu buried his head into the boy’s arms in embarrassment.

Where can you see the polite estrangement? You can only see the happiness and squeamishness of being passionately in love.

Xiao Luoyuan mockingly thought to himself: It turned out that it was not that the person didn’t understand, rather because it already had an owner, and no matter how good it was, it belonged to someone else.
He saw a trash can next to the pillar, shook his head, and threw the thing in his hand.
He put his hand in his pocket and pretended to be open-minded.
He whistled, turned, then left. 

Shao Mingwei opened the door of the co-pilot seat then looked in the direction of Xiao Luoyuan with some sense of recognition as he saw a vaguely familiar-looking figure passing by, then he thought pensively.

Min Yu asked curiously, “Mingwei, what’s wrong?”

Shao Mingwei came back to his senses and smiled.
“It’s nothing.”

Translator’s corner: *from discord announcement* @TE Hiya loves! Due to my really hectic schedule, I have to update The Escort once a week instead (every Friday).
I don’t know if I can go back to updating twice a week since school is really demanding rn.
And for the bonus chapter, it’ll be up on Monday (eheheh it’s a little long I almost vomited blood).
Anyway, hope you understand.

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