Chapter 38

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Shao Mingwei had the key to Min Yu’s house.
He opened the door and walked quickly into the bedroom.
He saw Min Yu lying on the bed, half of his face buried in the quilt.
It was unknown whether he fell asleep or not.
He took off his cold coat and put it aside, then rubbed his hands a few times and then went to boil water.
He poured a cup of hot water, then put it on the nightstand and waited until his body didn’t have any traces of coldness before sitting down by the bedside and pulling up the quilt to Min Yu’s chin.

Min Yu frowned slightly.
His eyes were slightly closed and his face was pale, but his cheeks were flushed, his lips dry.
The whole person is pitifully resembling a wilted flower, which is not at all different from his usual mental state.



Shao Mingwei was so distressed.
Touching his hot face, he whispered to him to wake up.

Min Yu’s drooping eyes opened, and when he saw him, he stretched out his arms under the quilt for him to hug.
Shao Mingwei immediately embraced him, gently stroking his back up and down.
He looked at him and asked, “So uncomfortable?” 

Min Yu buried his face in his shoulder, nodded, then whimpered.


His whole body was piping hot.
Shao Mingwei slid his hand under Min Yu’s armpits to make him straighten up.
He rested his forehead unto his forehead for a moment, kissing his hot eyelid, he said in a comforting tone, “Wait for a moment and take a fever-reducing medicine, then go to the hospital and let the doctor check you up and you’ll be fine.
Come, drink some water first.”

Shao Mingwei let Min Yu lean against his arms, holding the hot glass of water for him to drink.
Min Yu was burning from fever, making him so thirsty.
He drank the large glass of water quickly, some of its content leaking from the corner of his mouth.
The water that leaked ran down his neck, wetting his collar.
Shao Mingwei helped him wipe it dry with tissue paper and tuck him back to bed.
He brought a thermometer to Min Yu, put a quilt over him, and said gently, “Take your temperature first.
I’ll cook you some congee to fill your stomach before you take medicine.”

It was about Shao Mingwei’s arrival that gave him confidence and peace of mind.
At this time, he buried his chin in the quilt, his eyes drooping, the corner of his eyes slightly red.
He obediently hummed in agreement.


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Shao Mingwei chuckled.
“I can’t help it.”

“39 degrees.” Shao Mingwei took out the thermometer between Min Yu’s armpit and looked at it carefully.
He put away the thermometer, brought the plain rice congee, scooped a spoonful, and blew it, bringing it to Min Yu’s mouth.
“How much can you eat? After taking the medicine, we’ll go to the hospital.”


Min Yu didn’t want to go to the hospital, so he swallowed the rice porridge in his mouth and said coquettishly, “It’s just a small cold.
Just take medicine.” 

Shao Mingwei glanced at him, unmoved.
“You’re sick now, aren’t you? Soon it’ll burn you silly.”

“Isn’t it enough to take medicine…” The sick Min Yu was not as self-willed as him but still, put up a last-ditch resistance.

Shao Mingwei would not be swayed by Mr.
Min selling cuteness; it’s a matter of principle.
He imitated Min Yu’s tone and teased him, “If you don’t go to the hospital, I will kiss you and then I will also get sick.
Then both of us can’t go to the hospital.
You figure it out yourself, ba.”

Min Yu’s bitter face couldn’t help but show a smile.
“Okay, ba.
But when I go to the hospital, you have to kiss me.
Not on the lips, but the face.” He then stuck out his face in front of Shao Mingwei. 

He actually had a fever that made his body weak, but when he saw the smile on Shao Mingwei’s face, he couldn’t help it, so although he was limp, he still had the energy to tease him.

Shao Mingwei kissed his cheek and praised him, “Good boy, here’s your kiss.”

After drinking most of the bowl of congee, Min Yu lost his appetite but his spirit turned a little better.
Shao Mingwei didn’t force him, finishing off the rest of the congee quickly and effortlessly.
He brought hot water for Min Yu to take medicine.
After washing the pot and bowl, he looked for thick clothes in Min Yu’s closet.

He rummaged in Min Yu’s frequently used closet and found only two thin long trousers.
They were the ones he took out when he repeatedly told him to wear them when it just went cold.
Shao Mingwei remembered Min Yu’s uncomfortable voice when he called him in the morning.
He rarely gets a little angry at him: this man doesn’t take care of himself at all.
But he didn’t say anything, he just continued looking for clothes with a blank face, and finally found a few new pairs of warm trousers in the deepest corner of the closet. 

Shao Mingwei felt his anger rising slowly.
Such new pants proved that Min Yu had not frequently worn them, and probably he would get sick several times every year.
Of course, he wouldn’t be so arrogant as to think that when Min Yu had gotten sick before without him, no one would take care of him.
Min Yu is living well, but he was angry at Min Yu’s willfulness and indifference to the matter.
After all, there was a sick person in his family all year round.
Therefore, he is very sensitive to illness.
He always feels that having an illness once will not only make the body uncomfortable for several days but also hurt the body’s foundation, not to mention that Min Yu is not young.

Shao Mingwei handed the warm trousers to Min Yu with a sullen face.
When Min Yu saw the expression on his face, he felt a little guilty, and while dressing up, he defended himself weakly.
“The company and the house are very warm.
The car also has a heater, so the cold is only for a while, and wearing a lot makes me feel bloated and uncomfortable.”


Shao Mingwei glanced at him, pursed his lips, and said, “Then why are you sick?”

“This…” Min Yu hesitated for a long time and said without confidence, “This is just an accident.” 

Shao Mingwei didn’t listen to his sophistry.
He helped him dress up, putting on the warm trousers and over pants, then he let him sit on the edge of the bed and put on the thick socks for him.

Min Yu sees that he’s ignoring him.
He’s originally in a low mood because he was sick, and now he is even more annoyed and aggrieved.
He knows that he’s always been lucky, but in any case, every time no one is supervising, he doesn’t know why he doesn’t feel like wearing it.
He’s being unreasonable, but he can’t help but have the logic of ‘Shao Mingwei ignores him.
He’s not happy.
He’s wronged and demands to be coaxed’ from appearing.
In ordinary days, he made trouble without reasons but being sick seems to have taken off his gentle and considerate temperament, his mood going up and down, but not entirely because of happiness.
However, although Shao Mingwei was angry, he still put on his socks for him meticulously and his touch was gentle.
Min Yu was a little happy, he pouted his lips and slowly said, “If I wear thick clothes every time, my hands won’t be cold when we meet for the first time and you won’t buy me warm babies and hot chocolate milk so I won’t like you anymore.”

Shao Mingwei stopped for a moment and helped him put on his socks properly, then brought comfortable sneakers for him to wear.
His face was calm, but inside he was a little surprised that this sick childish Min Yu was the same as usual.
He finds him cute.
His heart softened, and most of his anger dissipated.

Min Yu then continued in a whisper, “Then you won’t have a boyfriend like me.” 

Shao Mingwei tied his shoelaces, eyes not looking at him, but his mouth said, “There will be.”

When Min Yu heard him finally speak and speak so nicely at that, he immediately forgot the inexplicable grievances and became happy.
His whole person was weak and soft, his movements were slow, his arms from behind wrapped around Shao Mingwei’s shoulders as his mouth was saying some silly and jumbled words as if he was intoxicated, “Mingwei, why are you so good? Like an older brother…”

Shao Mingwei’s body turned stiff, not replying.

“Why don’t I call you older brother, ba?” Min Yu rested his chin on his shoulder and was quite satisfied with his analogy, not at all ashamed of saying it although he was so much older, only laughing madly. 

Shao Mingwei’s face turned red, his face stiffened in response to his words, and he muttered, “Dress properly, let’s get dressed and go, ba.”

He stretched his tone, unconsciously teasing Shao Mingwei.

Shao Mingwei paused, turned to look at Min Yu whose arms were clinging on his back.
Their faces were very close and their breaths were intertwined.

Min Yu repeatedly blinked his eyes, and Shao Mingwei suddenly tilted his head and kissed his lips. 

Min Yu was caught off guard by the attack, so he could only cover his mouth with his hand.
“Not allowed to kiss.”

Who knew that Shao Mingwei’s rationality would be swayed by his ‘older brother’? He stared at him, the emotions in his eyes deep.
Without saying a word, he held Min Yu’s two wrists with one hand to pull it down from his face, making Min Yu unable to break free.
Shao Mingwei captured his lips in such an awkward position, kissing him deeply for a good while.

After being released, Min Yu panted and said unhappily, “Let’s see what would you do if you get infected.”

At this time, Shao Mingwei’s lips and tongue were satiated.
He was like a big wolf-dog who had been appeased and domesticated.
While listening obediently to his teachings, he helped him put on a thick overcoat and a big furry bucket hat and helped him put on a mask. Then he hooked his arms around Min Yu, who he tightly wrapped into a bundle, and lightly pecked his lips on top of the mask to stop his babbling, and said gently, “I’m sorry I was wrong, but who let you tease me? Moreover, if you don’t take care of yourself properly and get sick, I would be very distressed, so can we call it even?” 

Min Yu with only a pair of eyes exposed, looked at him without blinking, not saying yes or no, his face red from sickness and shyness.
He followed behind Shao Mingwei out of the house with his head down.

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