Inside the conference room, Min Yu glanced at the screen of the phone that lights up on the table.
It was a WeChat message from Shao Mingwei, saying that he had arrived at the company and was now downstairs.
Min Yu slightly straightened up his back on the chair, and a smile appeared on his originally expressionless face.

The young employees who were speaking in front of the projection screen had rarely seen the big boss, and so they were quite nervous.
They were always paying attention to Min Yu’s expression.
And when they saw his movements, they hesitated for a moment, their voices slowing down.



“It’s alright, you continue.” Min Yu raised his eyes, his voice soft, then raised his hand signaling Ren Yiqing to come over, and gave a few words of instruction in a low voice.

Shao Mingwei was sitting on the sofa in the lobby of the first floor.
Waiting and discreetly observing the interior of the imposing building.
It was his first time coming to Huaining’s main office, and he was a little curious.
The interior decorations were low-key, but the stylish look wasn’t missing, and the staff who came and went were also dressed in formal clothes.
They look neat and cultured. 

Shao Mingwei was wearing a casual sports jacket with no discernible brand and jeans that were suitable for all seasons.
He looked like a young student, but his hand holding a simple insulated lunch bag looked somewhat abrupt.
Fortunately, Huaining cooperates with major colleges and universities.
From time to time, there will be corporate tours and intern programs, so oftentimes there will be college students like Shao Mingwei around the company and he’s not too conspicuous.
Shao Mingwei is not a person who undervalues himself and feels embarrassed because he lacked material things and is financially constrained, that’s why he didn’t think too much about it and doesn’t feel uncomfortable when he was a little incompatible with the place, but he can’t help but think of the gap between himself and Min Yu and the promise he had made.
The overconfident promise once again brought back the matter of taking postgraduate studies or not.


Shao Mingwei has always understood that money doesn’t represent everything, nor can it prove his strength, but now he has someone he cares about, but he has too many weaknesses and flaws.
Just like a courting male peacock, eagerly looking for a medium that can show his charm and prove his maturity, to the point of even becoming blind.
He wants to step into society as soon as possible, have a stable job to pay off his debts, accumulate wealth, become a protector by the side of a powerful older lover.

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Ren Yiqing smiled and stretched out his hand.
“Hello Mr.
Shao, I’m Ren Yiqing, Mr.
Min’s secretary.”

Shao Mingwei shook hands with him.
“Hello, Secretary Ren.
You don’t need to call me Mr.
Just call me by my name.”


Ren Yiqing is willing to accept good advice and immediately change his address.
“Mingwei, Mr.
Min is still in a meeting.
He instructed me to take you to his office to wait for him.” 


Shao Mingwei followed Ren Yiqing inside the exclusive elevator for Min Yu.
While the elevator was going up he suddenly said, “The twelfth of next month is President Min’s birthday.”

Shao Mingwei had spaced out for a while, before realizing that Ren Yiqing was reminding him.
He turned to look at the other party while Ren Yiqing was looking at him with all smiles.
He smiled and said politely, “Thank you.”

Ren Yiqing pointed out.
“If you have any questions about gifts, you can ask me.
After all, I always have to give gifts to my girlfriend, which is considered an experience.” 

Their eyes met, and Ren Yiqing’s seemed to have seen through the emotions and words hidden in his eyes, which made Shao Mingwei a little embarrassed.
He was not uncomfortable because Ren Yiqing was very clear about his relationship with Min Yu – it would make people feel strange if he didn’t know, but the other party seems to be aware of the speculation and hostility he once had against him, and he has been especially obscure when clarifying things.
This made Shao Mingwei feel embarrassed about his foolish and cautious thoughts.

But the young man’s expression did not change, only saying: “Then I will trouble Secretary Ren.” He rarely evaluates others secretly, but at this rare moment, in his heart, Ren Yiqing was the same as a smiling fox.

Seeing that Shao Mingwei immediately understood what he meant, Ren Yiqing explained, “Mr.
Min distinguishes between work-related matters and personal matters very clearly, but in recent months, he has sometimes exchanged matters like emotional issues with me… This is really rare.
I think he has met someone he had hoped for a long time.
Min has always been an excellent boss.
I respect him very much, and I also wish that he can be truly happy, but Mr.
Min has always been alone for many years.
Although he doesn’t say it, I would occasionally see his loneliness.
After meeting you, he has changed a lot…” Ren Yiqing looked at Shao Mingwei with a sincere expression.
“So I hope that you two won’t have the slightest possibility of having a misunderstanding because of me.” He joked, “Although what I said just now sounds sentimental or transgressing, I just really don’t want it to happen.”

Ren Yiqing’s tone was sincere, and he could tell that he cares about Min Yu, and Shao Mingwei unconsciously became serious, assuring him, “It won’t happen.
I will definitely work hard to make him happy.” 

Ren Yiqing nodded.
“That’s good.”

Shao Mingwei organized his words and said, “It’s just that I’m curious.
How do you know…”


Not waiting for him to finish speaking, Ren Yiqing winked at him and smiled slyly.
“I saw you when I was with Mr.
Min in the department store.
I recognized you just now.
I thought that you probably saw us, too.”

Shao Mingwei was suddenly enlightened that he couldn’t help shaking his head while smiling. 

Ren Yiqing smiled and said, “If you didn’t understand what I meant just now, I wouldn’t talk too much.
However, I guessed right, you really saw us, and you’re even thinking about it.”

Shao Mingwei touched his nose and remembered that earlier, his mood seems to have gone up and down, and he did not deny it.

Ren Yiqing sent Shao Mingwei to Min Yu’s office, saying that the meeting would end soon, and asked him to wait for a while.
The two exchanged contact information, and Ren Yiqing went out.

In the habit of politeness, Shao Mingwei didn’t look at Min Yu’s office too much and only sat on the sofa quietly, waiting without looking sideways. 

About ten minutes later, there were movements outside the door.
Shao Mingwei stood up and looked at the door just in time that Min Yu pushed the door in.
His face was cold.
Behind him followed the two anxious middle-aged men.

Looking up to see Shao Mingwei inside the office, Min Yu’s eyes softened instantly.

Shao Mingwei was afraid that it would be inconvenient for Min Yu that he was inside the office, and when he was just about to say whether he should go out first, Min Yu quietly smiled at him with his back to the two, and said softly, “You sit down and wait for a while, I’ll be done soon.”

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