“I didn’t mean this, um… about other things.” 

“Recently, ah…” Min Yu thought about it seriously, and then said with uncertainty, “Probably because the company is going to cooperate with Chiwei soon.”

Seeing that Shao Mingwei turned somewhat strange, Min Yu explained, “Chiwei is a company in Hong Kong City.
Today you’ve met the CEO of Chiwei, Mr.
He’s been in touch with Huaining recently, and there’s a high probability of a business partnership.
If the cooperation is successful, Huaining will rise to the next level.
It is also my father’s wish.
So I should perform well.”

When he said that, he felt a little embarrassed, reflecting that he might have sounded complacent in front of Shao Mingwei.

Shao Mingwei looked pensive. 

He thought of the handsome man in the morning who was ingratiatingly unobtrusive and objectionable.

“Mingwei?” Min Yu sensed that there was something wrong with Shao Mingwei, but he really just wanted Shao Mingwei to accept the pen, so he went back to the topic without delving into it and said coquettishly, “You just accept it, ba.
I want to use this couple’s design with you…”

The underground parking lot was extremely quiet.
Inside the dim car, Min Yu looked at Shao Mingwei with gentle eyes, whispering softly.

Shao Mingwei stared at Min Yu, who was also watching him intently.
He was enchanting, having his unique gentleness and tenderness made him particularly charming.
Suddenly, he remembered Mr.
Xiao in front of the elevator who had completely ignored him.
He would be cooperating with Min Yu and he had an imperceptibly high sense of superiority. 

Shao Mingwei thought: I can’t be compared to others, I have nothing.

He was contradictory and frustrated, happy and lost, conceited and inferior, but as he lay his eyes on Min Yu, Shao Mingwei suddenly thought: But I have…

As if charmed by a little demon, Shao Mingwei suddenly approaches Min Yu.
Leaning very close, he kissed Min Yu’s lips softly and quickly.

Min Yu was frightened that he sprang up and leaned against the backrest.
Shao Mingwei regained his senses because of his movements and felt that he had become possessed by a demon.
Thinking that he had become extremely rude, he whispered, “I’m sorry,” and pulled back. 

“Don’t go.” Min Yu quickly put down the pen and wrapped his arms around his neck to prevent him from leaving, then urgently explained in a low voice, “You just frightened me, that’s all.”

Min Yu hugged him tightly.
The two of them were very close, so close that the tip of their nose was touching.
Their breathing was entangled, and in a quiet environment, they could hear each other’s violent heartbeats.
Min Yu’s face was flushed.
He was in a reverie because of the sudden surprise.
Although shy, he was delighted.
His voice even quivered under the influence of different emotions.
“Can… Can you kiss me again?”

Shao Mingwei looked at him quietly and deeply for a long time.
Then he suddenly lowered his head and kissed Min Yu’s lips deeply.

He rampaged gently and softly, like a warm fire melting Min Yu.
However, he is indeed a big boy who doesn’t have any experience when it comes to kissing.
It would only be like a dry wood that was separated from the fire by a thin line and could not really burn.
He could only rub against Min Yu’s lips fiercely. 

Min Yu chuckled, and gently stroked the back of Shao Mingwei’s head with his palm to appease him.
Then he loosened his jaw and parted his lips slightly.
The tip of his tongue stuck out and licked Shao Mingwei’s lips, tempting him to open his mouth and let out his tongue.

Shao Mingwei paused.
His tongue suddenly curled around Min Yu’s tongue, straightly invading.
He sucked Min Yu’s lower lip, entangled his tongue with the other’s tongue, licked his teeth, and swallowed his saliva, not leaving anything inside untouched.
Then he rummages inside again.


At that moment, a huge wave of water overflowed, reaching the sky and overturning all the ships on the sea.
Then a fire raged, igniting everything the eyes could see.

The two were short of breath, gasping, aching, and tingling.
They kissed for a long time, their lips and tongue entangled until their saliva ran out.
Shao Mingwei embraced Min Yu’s waist, holding himself to exert more force.
Shao Mingwei felt as if he was a thirsty traveler who had been walking for a long time and finally tasted the sweet, copious rain.
He couldn’t get enough of Min Yu’s lips and tongue.
Min Yu couldn’t continue to appease Shao Mingwei.
His thin white fingers could only clutch his back tightly.
He had a hallucination: he had turned into a small boat and was beaten by the waves on the stormy sea, and Shao Mingwei was like a wolf pup, a mass of flames, longing for him, burning him, and finally devouring him and consuming him.

Min Yu couldn’t help but cover up his moans.
He whimpered in a pitiful voice.

Their lips were glued together, entangled in a stalemate, and couldn’t be separated even for a moment.
The airtight car was filled with ambiguity that could make one blush and heart palpitate wildly.
There was the sound of water stains and Min Yu’s soft and tender voice that was like a small animal’s voice being bullied.

Shao Mingwei couldn’t figure out what had gotten into his head, but he really started to put it into practice: Min Yu likes me, and I like him too.
I would bravely and sincerely like him. 

In that instant, Min Yu’s flowers bloomed quietly.

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