The night was late so Min Yu couldn’t stay for long and he soon asked to go back.
He stood up and said goodbye to Shao Mingwei’s roommates while Shao Mingwei followed to send him out.

The two people walked downstairs.
They were standing under the shadows of the trees, so they were not attracting too much attention.
In the middle of the night at Q University, they’re like lovers who were reluctant to part with each other.



Shao Mingwei said, “I will send you to the parking lot at the back.
It’s so dark I’m afraid you’ll get lost.”

Min Yu poked his forehead with his index finger.
He smiled and said, “Have you forgotten? I also graduated from Q University.
Although it’s been too long and there’d been some changes, living here for four years, it’s unlikely to get lost.” 

Shao Mingwei wanted to say something, but Min Yu continued, “Two days ago, I asked my assistant to apply for a car pass from Q University.
I had already texted the driver to drive the car in.
It’s not that far.
It’s late, you don’t need to send me.
You go back and have a good rest.


Shao Mingwei was relieved, saying, “Then I will go back?”

However, even though Min Yu had already said “en”, he looked as if he didn’t want to leave yet.
He raised his head slightly and looked straight at him.
Those pairs of beautiful eyes were surprisingly bright in the dark.

Shao Mingwei felt a little strange.
“What’s wrong?”


Although Min Yu hesitated, there was an unconcealed joy in his voice.
“You just now were you… jealous?” His face was burning red, but fortunately, it couldn’t be seen in the dark.

Min Yu felt that he was thinking too much, but he just really felt happy and itchy that he couldn’t resist.
He couldn’t hold back the question in his heart of whether the kind of emotion the youth felt earlier was different from other simple emotions that could be explained by the words ‘care and like’.
In front of Shao Mingwei, Min Yu has always been honest, straightforward, soft, and warm.

He never conceals his love.


“I…” Shao Mingwei thought of his cautious eyes just now, and couldn’t answer. 

Min Yu didn’t get his affirmative answer, but the expression and hesitation on the youth’s face had already shown everything.
At that moment, he only felt that his heart was full of marshmallows.
It was sweet and soft.
He was so happy that he didn’t know what to do.

He could see Shao Mingwei’s youthful embarrassment and anxiety at the moment.
He loved and liked him so much.
How could he make him feel uneasy? He took Shao Mingwei’s hand hanging on the side and stood on tiptoe, then leaned close to Shao Mingwei’s ear.
His face turning red as he as he whisper, “I only like you.
I like you the most.”

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“I have always been like this in front of him.” Min Yu thought, “I'm really like this.”

But Min Yu felt no qualms about it.

He squeezed Shao Mingwei’s hand and smiled shyly.
“I only have you in my eyes.
How can I see others? So don’t ever feel… jealous.” 

No matter how confused Shao Mingwei’s mind was, he was able to sort out these threads of clues.
However, under the pressure and temptation of Min Yu’s tender affections, these traces of clarity is not enough for him to make a quick and correct judgment.

He only felt that behind him was a whole bottomless abyss, only he was one step away from jumping down willingly.


Shao Mingwei let Min Yu hold his hand and give a low “en”.

Before he could even react, the smell of faint perfume on Min Yu’s body suddenly approached like a wind.
Shao Mingwei’s vision flashes, then he feels a brisk warmth and moist sensation on his cheeks. 

After stealing a kiss, Min Yu retreated several steps back.
He pointed to his lips, then smiled and said softly, “I’ll wait for you to take the initiative to kiss me.”

Shao Mingwei subconsciously walked towards him.

Probably today’s shame has reached its maximum limit and Min Yu was completely embarrassed.
He quickly said, “The driver is here.
I’m leaving, bye-bye.”

Min Yu walked away quickly without waiting for Shao Mingwei to speak. 

Shao Mingwei gently touched the place where Min Yu kissed, then looked at his fingers.
He stood under the tree for a long time.


Shao Mingwei folded the hospital bill and stuffed it in his bag.
He looked around the empty beds and the luggage next to him, and asked Aunt Jiang, “Aunt Jiang, are you all packed?”

Aunt Jiang pulled the zipper of the last luggage, then smiled and said, “All done.
Let’s see if Ms.
Rong has left anything.” 

Shao Rong shook her head.
“All of my things were already packed.”

Shao Mingwei once again checked if all things were packed in luggage and said, “Then, let’s go.”

Just as he finished talking, there was a knock on the ward’s door.

“Please, come in.” Shao Mingwei thought it was the nurse who came to tidy up the hospital bed, but he didn’t expect that Min Yu would be the one coming in.
He was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled.
“Why are you here?” 

“I was afraid that there would be any complications after the operation.
I never had the chance to see your sister, but after I knew that she will be discharged from the hospital today, I decided to pass by and take a look and pick you up on the way.” Min Yu explained gently, handing over the exquisite and beautiful large paper bag he was holding to Shao Rong.
He smiled and said, “Hello, little girl Shao Rong.
I’m Min Yu, your brother’s friend.
You can call me Uncle Min.
This is our first time meeting, so this is my gift to you.
I wish you good health and a quick return to school.

Shao Rong didn’t know, but his brother seems to have become so… different after his friend arrived? She couldn’t tell where exactly and it’s not like her brother’s friend is her friend anyway.
When she saw the stranger she was a little shy but she still greeted him politely, “Hello, Uncle Min.” But instead of picking up the gift Min Yu handed over, she looked at Shao Mingwei.

Shao Mingwei touched her head and said with a smile, “The gift is yours.”

Shao Rong bit her lip and carefully took it.
“Thank you, Uncle Min.” 

“You’re welcome.” Min Yu laughed with familiarity, the tone of his voice kind.
“You open it and see if you like it or not.”

Shao Rong nodded, carefully opened the paper bag, and took out its contents.
A box of white fountain pens, a palm-sized purple crystal bear pendant, and a large ship jigsaw puzzle.
Although she had never received these kinds of gifts before, she could see that it was of great value.
Shao Rong was very astounded, but also a little worried. Aren’t these things so expensive?


Min Yu asked, “Do you like it?”

Shao Rong nodded vigorously. 

Min Yu smiled and said, “It’s good that you like it.
Then let’s go, ba.
There will be traffic jams on the road at night.”

Shao Mingwei and Min Yu walked in front side by side, then Shao Rong heard his brother whisper, “You don’t need to spend so much money.”

Min Yu laughed softly, then whispered, “The child was discharged from the hospital.
It’s only natural to receive gifts, and little girls like beautiful things.
Jingchun has a lot of them.
Xiao Rong is very obedient.
You should also pay more attention to her psychological needs.”


Their voices have even become lower that Shao Rong couldn’t hear them anymore.
She quietly looked at Min Yu, who had a good-looking face and an expensive dress, somewhat wondering: When did her brother have such a rich and familiar friend?

But she likes it too! Thinking like this, Shao Rong hugged the gift in her arms tightly.

Several people were waiting for the elevator.
When the elevator opened, it was going up and there were still a lot of people inside, so they waited for the elevator to go down from the top floor before entering.

Min?” The speaker’s tone was pleasantly surprised. 

Min Yu was talking to Shao Mingwei in a low voice, not paying attention to the people coming out of the elevator.
He quickly looked at the person who suddenly called, then smiled: “Mr.
Xiao, it’s a coincidence.”

Xiao Luoyuan had a pleasant surprise and was in a good mood.
“I didn’t expect to meet Mr.
Min at the hospital.
The two of us are really fated. You are…?”

At that moment, Shao Mingwei glanced at Mr.
Xiao several times.

Min Yu didn’t respond to Xiao Luoyuan’s “we’re fated”, and only smiled faintly, “Someone in the family is sick and will be discharged today.” He also politely asked Xiao Luoyuan, “Is Mr.
Xiao not feeling well?” 

Xiao Luoyuan quickly waved his hand.
“No, no.
It’s a friend of mine who drank too much alcohol and had gastric perforation.
He was hospitalized, so I’ll be visiting.”

Min Yu’s face showed a consoling expression.
“Alcohol is not a good thing and should be consumed less.”

Xiao Luoyuan agreed, “You’re right…” He secretly looked at the three plainly dressed people beside Min Yu.
He didn’t believe it was Min Yu’s family.
He was a little curious, but after all, he didn’t have much interest in anyone except Min Yu, so he didn’t ask much.

After the exchange of greetings, the elevator came down, Xiao Luoyuan knowingly said, “Then you go in ba, I will also go and find my friend.
Then Mr.
Min, see you later.” 

Min Yu nodded, then smiled and said, “See you.”

Before the elevator was completely closed, Shao Mingwei glanced at Xiao Luoyuan’s tall built, and straight face one last time.


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