Min Yu was startled so he looked behind him.
It was Shao Mingwei.
He looked at the chocolate-flavored milk in his hand.
He hesitated but still said, “This is…?” 

Shao Mingwei, who feels a little bashful, then explained, “Earlier, when I touched your hand, it was freezing.
I couldn’t find a hand warmer or hot water bottle for a long time so I could only buy this to warm your hands.
The air conditioner on the back is broken, so it’s quite cold.”

The young man was still lightly catching his breath and even with the cold weather, his forehead was soaked with a thin layer of sweat, his body emitting some heat.
He probably bought it in a hurry.
He also carried a plastic bag in his hand, but he couldn’t see what was inside it.



Min Yu curiously asked, “That’s?”

“Warm babies.” Shao Mingwei touched the back of his head.
The boy was quite shy but still patiently said, “I think you’re wearing too little, so I bought a few warm babies.
But…” He looked at Min Yu’s delicately tailored and slim-fit suit.
He felt a little annoyed with himself for being too careless and meddlesome.
“It may be a little troublesome, you don’t need to paste it…” 

“It’s alright.” Min Yu smiled while looking at him.
He saw the youth’s embarrassment, acting like he hadn’t seen it.
He thoughtfully and tenderly said, “Not troublesome.
I was feeling a little cold at the moment.
You came in time.” Looking like he couldn’t wait, he undo the button of his waistcoat.
He asked, “Will it be pasted inside the cloth?”


“En.” Shao Mingwei took out the warming sticker from the plastic bag.
“You can also put it directly on the body so it can warm you up easily.”

He opened a piece and said, “I’ll help you paste it.”

“Okay, thank you.”


Shao Mingwei helped Min Yu gently put three warm baby stickers on his shirt, in front and back of his waistcoat.
A while later, Min Yu’s body started to feel warm.
He sighed with relief, then smiled and said, “It’s very useful.
I feel a lot warmer.”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
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Llr wjccfg bo rqfjxlcu kjr ilxf atja bo j rqglcu ygffhf.

Vtjb Zlcukfl mbeivc’a tfiq yea ufa mibrf ab jcv rjlv, “Lbcfrais, sbe’gf vgfrrfv-eq abb ilaaif.”

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Coafgkjgvr, tf ofia j rqfmx bo fwyjggjrrwfca jcv tfiqifrrcfrr, atfc tf ktlrqfgfv lc j vfilmjaf nblmf, “Qfjglcu atlmx mibatfr wjxfr wf offi qiewq jcv ecmbwobgajyif.” 

Before Shao Mingwei could even react, Min Yu immediately looked like gentle elder once again, so he could only say, “But it’s really bad for your health.”

Shao Mingwei faintly felt that the tone of his voice was strange, so to stop himself from speaking more strange words he smiled, then stop talking.

Later on, the headmaster’s speech came to an end.
Shao Mingwei looked at the program’s schedule and checked on Min Yu’s turn and said with regret, “Mr.
Min, it’ll be your turn on stage soon.
I have to leave first and take care of some matter.
Please wait here for a while.”

Min Yu understands, so he replied with a good-temper, “It alright, you go first, ba.” 

Shao Mingwei apologized to him once again, said goodbye, then left the backstage.

That day when the other party wore a black jacket, his tall and straight figure gradually overlaps with the good-looking figure of the youth in a white T-shirt.

Min Yu looked at the young man’s back with a bit of fascination, slowly sinking into his memories.

After that afternoon in the early spring, he did not see Shao Mingwei again.
After the lecture, Director Cheng and several professors invited the headmaster and Min Yu for a dinner.
Min Yu has been intentionally or unintentionally being subtle on inquiring about the tall youth, seeming to be casually asking Director Cheng where Shao Mingwei had gone to. 

Director Cheng responded, “At this time, Mingwei’s probably at work.”

Seeing Min Yu’s face expressing some doubt, Director Cheng sighed and said regretfully, “This child is really unfortunate.
His condition at home is not good.
Back then, he took a year of leave from school and when he came to enroll, he applied for a scholarship.
He attends his classes regularly, then goes part-time jobs right after.”


Professor Cheng was vague with the details.
Although Min Yu wanted to ask more questions about Shao Mingwei, he decided to not ask too much, then talked with Director Cheng about some other matters.

After that event, Min Yu hesitated for a long time, but finally did not let anyone inquire about Shao Mingwei’s things.
He can’t see the other party’s sexual orientation, but he’s probably straight.
Although he had a good impression of Shao Mingwei, he doesn’t know when will they met each other again or where can he possibly start, and except for money, he doesn’t have anything else that can attract the other party, let alone a straight man. 

He hasn’t felt these emotions for a long time, and his heart has been languid for so long.
Although he wanted to be in a romantic relationship, he couldn’t help but always think negatively.
Therefore, he concluded that these good feelings would probably just fizzle out, so he choose to not sink himself deeper into it, and forced himself to control his heart that would leap and frisk at the mere thought of the youth.

He thought that time would possibly calm everything.

But Min Yu did not expect that in a boring invitation that he couldn’t get rid of, he would meet Shao Mingwei again.

He was pleasantly surprised that when his ardent gaze landed on Shao Mingwei, who’s standing silently in front of the screen with indifferent eyes, the youth immediately sensed him and caught sight of him.
The moment their eyes met, Min Yu’s heart uncontrollably and frantically throbbed. 

However, at that moment, he saw the shock and panic in the youth’s eyes.

Min Yu took a lot of effort to make himself look calm and unperturbed.
Then interrupted Sister Zhang from her introduction, and tried to ask Shao Mingwei gently and comfortingly, “Is it okay if you sit beside me?”

The moment Shao Mingwei entered the room, Min Yu was closely observing him.
The youth looked different from the warm and considerate boy he had met at the university.
He showed a faint layer of arrogance as a protective barrier, indifferent and strong braced back, making him sharp and distinct.

But after Shao Mingwei sat down, Min Yu understood that he was still that boy at the university that day, but the overwhelming and complicated environment made him tense.
Min Yu couldn’t help but feel distressed.
He tried his best to prevent Shao Mingwei from feeling overwhelmed. 

Min Yu has seen so many people and experienced different kinds of schemes, but he firmly believe that Shao Mingwei came to work at Nights because he no longer had any other options.

He promised the other party that he would not let it get known to other people.
Right away, Shao Mingwei relaxed and Min Yu also breathe a sigh of relief.

Only that night, he played a little scheme.
He took the opportunity to nestle in the arms of the youth.
But on his way back home, he understood that he liked Shao Mingwei.
However, it’s a pity that the other party seems to only like girls.

Sure enough, starting the next day, Shao Mingwei started to avoid him.
Min Yu is gentle and kind by nature, but he doesn’t know how to coax a boy who’s younger than him.
He has been looking for Shao Mingwei for a few days because he’s afraid that the other party would feel embarrassed.
After the successive failed attempts, he could only give a pair of sneakers that the other party could use. 

Sister Zhang assured Min Yu that Shao Mingwei would not be able to return the sneakers because he refused to see him.
Only when Shao Mingwei really didn’t contact him afterwards, Min Yu felt an inevitable disappointment.

He doesn’t have a lot of dating experiences.
Sinking into this kind of impasse, he’ll naturally feel distress.
After tossing and turning restlessly for a few nights, he still couldn’t come up with a way and he also needs to go on a business trip for the company for half a month.
Min Yu wanted to meet Shao Mingwei no matter what when he came back, but he was not expecting that he would see him at his elder sister’s house right away.

The moment the youth came down, Min Yu had to admit that he couldn’t look away.
Like the last time, his heart pounded without control and his face gradually heated up.

Feigning calmness, he couldn’t help but repeatedly bring the topic back to Shao Mingwei naturally, but he was timid, so much so that he can’t even look at him.
He only dared to let the words “Xiao Shao laoshi” faintly leave the tip of his tongue, then between his lips and teeth. 

Recalling the scene just now, when a faint spot of redness appeared on the handsome face of the young man, Min Yu showed a brief but sweet smile, then a distinct amount of redness appeared in his cheeks.

He put one side of his cheeks on the cold window glass to cool it down, and couldn’t help but think that maybe he might still have a little chance.


Translator’s Corner:  Min Yu, why so cute ah~ 

This is the end of Min Yu’s POV, but don’t worry you’ll see more of Min Yu’s POV in the extras (lol that would be a long way to go) 

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