His fingers all at once let go of the tortured and dying tassels.

“It’s no trouble at all.” Min Yu’s eyes are curved.
He resembles that of a kind elder.
But those pairs of smiling eyes were filled with sweet and innocent joy mixed with shyness.
The middle-aged man’s beauty, coupled with his gentleness, created a lovely and vivid image.



Min Yu is truly beautiful, even though he had a few fine lines on his face, the blemishes did not obscure the jade's luster, so much so that it even looked like adorned flowers because it only enhances his charm and showcases his numerous achievements.

His pair of big eyes were round and delicate.
His eyelids also had gentle and soft curves.
The maturity of his face was reduced by a lot due to his thick lower-lids and rounded eyes.
Even the tips of his eyes looked mellow.
Min Yu’s eyes were truly the colors of a dragon and shades of an orb. 

Usually on public occasions, he always wears a gentle expression, but his eyes are indifferent and distant, which reduces the beauty of his eyes.
When people saw him for the first time, the first thing they’ll notice was his overall temperament, and then they would feel shocked by his status and wealth, and finally, those who were reminded of his talents would think that this Mr.
Min, whom everyone looked up to, seemed to be very good.
But it seems to be the least worth mentioning among all of his advantages.


But now, anyone that would be standing in front of Min Yu won’t be able to ignore the distinct emotion in his eyes.
His face has suddenly become lively and breathtaking.
He looked a few years younger than his actual age, almost like a youth.

Even Shao Mingwei finds it breathtaking.

His fingers moved, unconsciously touching his nose, then he said dryly, “Then let’s go?”


Min Yu looked at Mrs.
Qi and said, “Sister, we will go first.”

Qi didn’t expect the development of things to turn out this way.
She was suddenly caught off guard.
She looked at her younger brother with a detached expression and followed his leaving back in a daze.
Seeing this, she had to say, “Then don’t forget to come over for dinner tomorrow.”

Min Yu was taken aback.
When did he say he was coming over for dinner? He looked at his sister subconsciously, but he didn’t expect the other party would meet his gaze with a resolute eye.
He had no choice but to look at his sister begging for mercy and said coquettishly, “I see, I will certainly come over tomorrow.”

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Qi sent them out of the door, and before closing the door, to show that she was as if displeased, she gently pinched Min Yu’s waist, then closed the door quickly. 

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“Qtja’r atf wjaafg?”

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“Pa’r cbatlcu.”

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Pa’r j ibk-xfs yijmx Nbinb. 

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Uegrlcu tlr ilqr, tf bqfcfv atf vbbg, atfc rja lcrlvf.

The interior of the car is exquisite and luxurious in all aspects, not being thoughtful of the passenger’s feelings at all.
Inside the car, Shao Mingwei, sitting alongside Min Yu, felt somewhat uncomfortable.
He subconsciously felt the inexplicable feeling of being out of place, even so that he began to regret not rejecting Min Yu’s offer of sending him off.
He’s not an excessively humble type of person, but at that moment, however, he couldn’t refuse.

He leaned on the comfortable seat.
He closed his mouth and looked out the window quietly.

Min Yu glanced at him sideways.
Holding the leather steering wheel, he gently rubbed it with his fingers. 

There was an awkward silence inside the car.

Min Yu broke the silence by asking, “Are you too busy? Is your final examination done?”


Shao Mingwei turned his head to look at him.
Min Yu’s sleeves were neatly rolled up to his elbows.
His complexion was fair, and the black steering wheel made a contrast to his slender and delicate hands.
He really looks good and his wristwatch matched him very well.

He briefly replied, “It’s fine.” 

Min Yu seemed to notice his uneasiness and subconsciously licked his lips and stopped talking.
His brows wrinkled slightly, then he opened the window on Shao Mingwei’s side.

In fact, the car’s air-conditioner was turned on, so it was very cool and refreshing.
When the window opens, the warm air touches Shao Mingwei’s face.
The bustling noise on the road also came in, but the noise made him relax a little.
Even his stiff back turned soft.

Min Yu has been paying attention to him quietly from the corner of his eyes, so he was aware of his current mood.
When it seems like Shao Mingwei’s mood eases, he also felt his mood relaxing.
He didn’t try to speak anymore, and they reached the destination in silence.

Shao Mingwei was about to reach the car’s door to open it, but Min Yu seemed to have something to say to him.
He was looking at him with gentle eyes. 

Shao Mingwei had no choice but to ask, “Mr.
Min, is there anything else?”

Min Yu hesitated for a while, then said, “Why didn’t you wear… the shoes? They didn’t fit?”

He didn’t mention what pair of shoes it was, but Shao Mingwei instantly realized that it was the limited edition sneakers that Min Yu gave.

If Min Yu asked before when Shao Mingwei and he were in a tutor and elder relationship, at most, they would interact with each other in harmony, although they’re not really familiar with each other.
But right after Min Yu asked that sentence, the two immediately changed to a customer and escort relationship.
The air inside the car suddenly stagnated, and the atmosphere had become rather awkward. 

He didn’t want Shao Mingwei to feel uncomfortable, so he asked the sentence cautiously and timidly.

Shao Mingwei did not expect that he would mention the shoes, so he only whispered, “No, it fits.” He glanced at his shoes.
Although he scrubs it clean, it still looked old and was cheap, so he subconsciously retracted it.

“That’s good.” Min Yu didn’t see the movement of his feet so he could only sigh in relief, and then asked, “Then why are you…”

He couldn’t finish his words when the youth’s clear and bright eyes gave him a glance 

It’s rare for Shao Mingwei to show a diffident and embarrassed expression.
“I can’t wear such good shoes when going to school and part-time jobs.
And… I don’t look good on it, so I left it in the dormitory.”

He was referring to the clothes he wears.

There were dozens of clothes sold in every store, but he thought that selling tens of thousands of shoes is really inappropriate.

The tone of his voice when speaking gets smaller and smaller.
Shao Mingwei has never been ashamed of being poor, but at this moment, his pride as a youth had made him feel ashamed to admit his poor predicament.
He could face the disparity between him and Xi Zi calmly, but towards Min Yu, he did not know which course to follow. 

Min Yu didn’t expect him to say that.
While he was happy because the other party kept his gift properly, he felt a bit sour because of the boy’s self-deprecating words.
He looked at the other party’s clean but rough and frizzled edged T-shirt, and placated him like his dearly beloved child.
“I don’t know what boys like you are fond of.
My secretary was also a young man.
He said you might like sneakers.
After I bought them, I thought he was right because I can imagine right away… what you would look like when I saw those shoes.
It suits you… and it looks good on you.”

He showed a gentle smile to appease him.


Then he slightly lowered his eyes, feeling a little bashful and yet straightforwardly and sincerely praised, “You’re an attractive and handsome person.”

He said it not as an elderly person, but as a man. 

Shao Mingwei was stunned.
His handsome and youthful face suddenly turned a little red.

He felt that he shouldn’t stay any longer.

He couldn’t tell whether it was due to his survival instinct, but he told himself to leave as soon as possible.

Shao Mingwei opened his mouth and said, “I’ll wear it if I have a chance.
I still have something, so I’ll leave first.
Goodbye, Mr.
Min.” After that, he opened quickly the door and got out of the car. 

Min Yu somewhat regretted his hasty words just now.
And before he could stop the youth, the young man had already jumped out of the car.
He could only watch in a daze at his tall and straight back through the window.


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