I found it on a mountain by chance.
I got into an accident and then I found it, nothing much.”

“… you think I would believe that?”

“But my strength has already been proven, so I don’t see a reason why you don’t want to believe what I say?”

“It isn’t that I don’t believe you.
However, we struggled so much to erase his traces in the world.
We might have erased everything, but we made sure to get rid of all the big ones.”

Like Canon.

A powerful dark magician who existed 700 years ago, who was killed by dragons.

Without time to even spread the truth about the world.

“But I just found them on a mountain… that’s all.
It doesn’t matter.”

The way in which the power was obtained wasn’t important.

After all, it was true that this ruthless young man was the successor of Diablo Volfir.

She looked at Jamie and then the bracelet and said.

“That bracelet, it has been a long time.”

Pyro was looking at the ‘Perfect Cell’.

Diablo’s 3rd artifact.

She hadn’t met the dark magician more than a few times, but she remembered the 3 things he had.

Absolute Immunity- Perfect Cell.

Unbreakable Roar- All Might.

Killing God- God Killer.

“Quite annoying things, they seem to have found a way back into the world.”

Rubbing the Perfect Cell, Jamie asked.

“I know that my teacher was your nemesis.”

He is one terribly vicious man.
Luckily, I haven’t met him a lot, but Zenith, who fought the dark magician, was getting tired of it.
It was funny that Zenith lost each time.”

“Still you acknowledge me?”

“I do…”

Jamie thought Pyro would react harshly.

However, she didn’t say much, she was calm when answering him.

The Goddess of Mercy and Punishment cannot lie.
As it was a punishable sin and violated her own principles.

So, Pyro was the most sincere.


He knew that Pyro was different from other Gods, but not this different.

Pyro opened her lips.

“Diablo Volfir made everyone put their plans on hold, but it is probably because I haven’t experienced him myself, so I don’t have a good sense of everything.
Which is why I don’t really care about acknowledging you or not.”

“I see.”

“More than that…”

Crossing her legs, Pyro continued.

“I know that I am not in a position to cover up my situation.”

She knew what kind of situation she was in.

“So you need the power I have?”

“I am sure of what happened this time.
Not completely yet, but just a little more growth, and it will be fine.”

Pyro revealed her desires without hiding anything.

Since she didn’t lie, her honest words come out.

And Jamie wasn’t mentally young to not know that.

“I am the legacy of Diablo Volfir, his successor.”

“So what? Ah, I hate the 12 Gods, so I can’t hold hands with them.
Is that right? But it’s funny, you know.
The reason you mentioned Diablo Volfir is because you wanted to get in touch with me.”

Jamie’s eyes widened a little at her sharp point.

He never thought that Pyro had the brain to understand it.

As he was surprised, he thought of asking…

‘God is God.’

But if this God didn’t have this much insight, he would have been disappointed.

You don’t want to?”

“It is just that we don’t fully trust each other.”

“That makes sense.
If that is the case, just give me your faith.
That does it.”

“… what do you mean by that?”

“I don’t think it is a bad offer to be an honest, dark magician.

Having said that, Pyro started to laugh like a middle-aged old man.

Jamie looked shocked at the Goddess.
Among the 12 Gods, he was certain that this one had the most unique personality.

“So, let’s hear it.”

What she asked was over the top, but given her personality, he thought she wouldn’t say anything unreasonable.

And Pyro began to speak.

In the distance, the mansion of Marquis Bell could be seen.

[It was an arduous journey.]


Phillion and Venna.

They couldn’t even remember just how long they wandered in the Mirinae forest.

The forest was a mess, as if it was bombed, and the path disappeared.

And since the path disappeared, how could they find a way out? Especially from a forest which wasn’t visited by humans!

They tried to move through the forest, but for some reason she couldn’t transform like before.

Phillion said she wasn’t fully awakened, and it was a temporary ability granted to her.

Thanks to that, Venna burst into tears in the forest.

“I am tired.”

Venna squatted in front of the mansion and took a deep breath.

She stared at the mansion and then opened her eyes.

“Master is really bad!”

How could he not come for her?

When the fight is over, it is normal to go find people you are with.

Venna moved to the mansion.

“I need to transform…”

Since she couldn’t enter as a human, she turned into a pink squirrel.

[What is this form?]

“You- You too transform into something small.”

[Why should i?]

As Venna explained, Phillion sighed.

[My new owner is treating me like this…]

“I am sad too, but just transform.”

[It would be nice to fit your look,]

Phillion looked at Venna who was now a squirrel and made a popping sound.

A small blue scarf which could fit around the squirrel’s neck.

“Wow! Pretty!”

[Take a look!]

“Thank you!”

Venna smiled as she wrapped scarf around her neck.

And then smiled as if she was satisfied.

She jumped on the wall and entered the mansion.

But when she got into Jamie’s room, she saw the room empty.

“Where did the master go?”

She moved out, but couldn’t see much people in the mansion either.

It had been a few days, but she knew just how crowded this mansion was.

[Looks like they went out.]

“… went out.”

Venna’s eyes lit up.

She decided to sleep and then rage at her master once he returned.


“So cute~”

Someone came up.

Her head was dizzy as she kept moving around.

As Venna struggled, several voices came up.

“Isn’t that the squirrel that the young master carried around?”

The fur is pink.
So cute!”

“Crazy! Crazy! Look at the cute scarf around it.”

‘W-what now?

Venna turned to look around.

The maids were looking at her with shining eyes.

“A small ribbon on the head would be pretty too right?”

“Young master will like it.”

“Don’t you think it will be cute if we decorate the tail too?”

‘Oh no!’

Venna wanted to shout at the maids who were speaking.

“Let’s make it cute before they come back.”

“They will like it for sure.”

Venna screamed as they took her away, but not a single maid heard it.

Phillion sighed at the sight.

[So this is your master.]

He had an ominous feeling that the road ahead would be difficult.

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