a and holy power.
Just what was this power?!

‘My holy power is being scattered.’

Sable’s eyes trembled at the incomprehensible strange phenomenon.

A little while ago, when Beryl disappeared and reappeared with the artifact’s help, he wasn’t this flustered.

He had been through several fights, but not once had he been through such a thing or heard of this.

‘This is like the opposite power of the holy power?’

Sable didn’t know.

The power which Jamie was using.

It was a black mana called, ‘God Kill’.

“It is a power created to annihilate you!”

And now that power was being freely used because of Gremia.

Jamie brought out the black mana to the limit.

“Damn… it!”

Sable kept getting pushed back.

However, this attack was only pushing him back, not hurting him.

He lifted his foot, and slammed it hard into the ground.

And then he did the same with the other leg too.

The force pushing back was reduced.

Sable, who managed to take a deep breath, twisted his sword downwards a little.

“This much should be enough.”

His ability was already activated.

And the result-


The beam was lifted to the sky.

The powerful mass of energy reached an altitude and exploded, coloring the sky purple.

However, as soon as he saw the scene unfolding behind him, Sable’s face contorted.

“I told you.
You are late.”

Jamie, who was out of Gremia, smiled and said.

Having exhausted most of his mana, he leaned against a tree.
He couldn’t feel anything.

The half-corpse Beryl, Marquis Bell, a blind saint, a Holy Executioner and the Apostle of the Goddess.

All of them vanished.

“… it was meant to buy time.”

In extreme anger at what happened, Sable tried to calm himself.

Jamie thought that Sable would kill him right away.

Jamie sighed at that.

“Did you realize that escaping was impossible, so you teleported away all the others?”

No matter how much I thought, this was the only way.”

“So you decided to sacrifice yourself.”


Sable’s eyes narrowed at the unexpected answer.

“Are you going to risk your life like a crazed being?”

“Then what…”


At that time, Sable felt his side hurt.

Someone had stabbed him with a sword.

He staggered and checked his opponent.


The person who stabbed him in the side was the Holy Executioner Lars, who shouldn’t have regained consciousness yet.

He couldn’t feel the presence of anyone other than Jamie even now.

And he wondered why he didn’t feel it.

“You tricked me….!”

“Then why did you let yourself get tricked?”

Jamie smiled.

At that moment, Lars rushed back and kicked Sable’s hand with his foot.
The sword in Sable’s hand bounced off and got stuck in a tree.

And then, Lars drew his sword again.

“You won’t avoid it this time!”

A different situation from before.

Beryl didn’t have any strength to move let alone attack, but Lars was able to cut off Sable’s head.

“As if I would let you!”

Sable grabbed the incoming sword with both his hands.

Blood dripped from his palms, but he wasn’t seriously cut as his body was surrounded in aura.

Lars took out a dagger he was carrying just in case.

And stabbed.


Right side of the chest.

Pierced the lungs.

Somehow, they had a winning chance here.

The last chance which Jamie had created wasn’t wasted.

With bloodshot eyes, Lars used all his power.


He could hear the raspy sound of breathing from Sable.

Despite the fact that he was a Sword Master, even the head of the Seven Knights.
At this attack, he had no choice but to die.

“I won’t give you the chance to recover!”


A tired hand swayed through the air.

He wanted to stab the heart, but at the current condition of Sable, a couple moments and Sable would die.


That was the moment.

The struggling hand which was moving in the air, tapped Lars shoulder, then arm and grabbed the forearm.
The grip was weak, but due to the horrifying things which kept happening, Lars was flustered.

Sable’s eyes moved backwards.

He clenched his teeth and cried out.

“… Ahhhh!!!”

Crack- came the terrifying sound.

Lars' arm broke.

Clearly, this man couldn’t have the power to break bones.


Lars tried to heal the broken arm by supporting it with divine power, but the more he did, the stronger the grip on his arm.

“Like I… could… die…”

Despite being pierced in his lungs, he was able to move his body.

Sable pushed himself.

And Lars began to get pushed back.

“N-No way!”

This was the same as fighting a monster.

Lars even thought that he was an immortal who was unable to die.


The sword was broken.

The hand holding the blade of Lars’ sword began to recover.

The fading holy power of the war god began to rise.

Sable grabbed the dagger which Lars had stuck him with and pulled it out.

Blood gushed out at the action.

“I will not die.”

He seemed fine enough to be able to move.

Sable picked up the broken blade which fell down.

Lars was down on the floor with a look of despair.

A spear of thunder flew right in, but it didn’t work on Sable anymore.

“… won’t fall for it.”

The thunderbolt was created by Jamie using all his power, but it didn’t even work.

And now he was so drained that the whole body breathing method was taking time to gather mana.

Sable passed by Lars and walked forward.

“A great enemy.”

Honestly, Sable was shocked.

The fact that he was driven to the brink of death.

And that all of that was designed by a 7 year old.

If the kid was a little older, it even crossed Sable’s mind that he would have been the one to die.

Just imagining that made his neck ache.

“I am so glad that I get to kill you here.”

A boy with such dangerous potential was more terrifying than the Apostle of the Goddess.

Jamie looked at Sable with tired eyes.

The purple sky changed and the bright sun began to touch the ground.

Thanks to that, Sable’s face was shaded, and created a more grotesque atmosphere.

“I don’t like you.”

The broken blade moved for Jamie’s head.

‘… for my end to come in a place like this.’

Jamie closed his eyes.

An opponent who cannot be defeated by any means.

At the bitterness of this truth, he could feel his heart crush.

However, the sword didn’t reach him.

That time.

When he first arrived in Apton, Marquis Bell had given him a necklace, and that one was shining now.

‘This is an artifact which will be of great help to you once.’

The words of Marquis Bell echoed in his head.

Sable’s eyes widened.

The moment he thought of it, an unexpected miracle happened.

In front of Jamie's eyes, a woman very similar to Sears, but different at the same time, appeared.

The woman looked at Jamie in the most loving way and nodded.

That was the last thing Jamie remembered.

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