like that.

Even after Canon, there were humans who reached the highest level of a magician.

“But it was never made public.”


“Because there was nothing to do.”

“What couldn’t you not do?”

“I don’t have enough time to tell you all that.
But, you will find out someday.”

The same as what Beryl used to say.

Armion continued.

I had a special relationship with Isis, but I wasn’t part of Frontier.
I just followed a request she had.”

“It was a request to take care of Gram?”

But I’ll say it.
The Gremia wasn’t made to store Gram.”

Gram was just a bonus.

“It was made for someone I was waiting for.”

For someone?”

Jamie could guess who he was talking about.


You who is now in the form of a little boy.”

Armion’s eyes shined.

Jamie narrowed his eyes.

Was the old man saying that he waited because he knew something about Jamie?

What was the intention?

“Doubting me? Of course you will.
But I just want you to understand, and I don’t have the time to explain.”

“Why did you wait for me?”

“To be precise… I was waiting for someone with black mana.”

The old man could have known that because Jamie had used black mana in Gremia.

But Armion pointed at Jamie’s black mana and said that.

Considering that Jamie came here with Venna, the old man wasn’t waiting for just a dark magician.

Armion raised his brows and said.

“Mana with the power of God Killing, I have been waiting for someone to handle it.”

Jamie's eyes widened at those words.

He could understand the deal about black mana.
However, he could believe that the man was talking about the power of God Killing.

After the era of Diablo Volfir came to an end, a new history was created and the past disappeared from everyone’s memories.

It was information which no one at this time should have known about.

‘Canon only knew about the existence of Diablo Volfir, not about God Kill.’

All Jamie saw was a record in the diary, and the dairy only spoke about what Canon did.

However, Armion was speaking about God Kill.

Jamie’s eyes were purple and fearing energy came out.

“… how did you know?”

“It truly is a formidable power.
It isn’t fully mature yet, but it’s fine.”

“Answer my questions.
If you use the excuse that you don’t have time one more time, I will destroy it with my own hands.”

“You must be sensitive about this, yes.’

Armion nodded as if he understood Jamie.

He smiled and said.

“There were traces about him left in the world.
I didn’t find everything, but I learned an ancient language in the process.”

The ancient language was written on the doors and pillars of Gremia.

But right now, Jamie didn’t care about it.

In a trembling voice, Jamie asked.

“… traces of Diablo Volfir?”

“Is that his name? Haha.
I have been looking for him all my life, but I was never able to find out his name.
and the young boy knows a lot more than me.”

“Stop talking nonsense! The traces of him!”

Didn’t it exist even till a while back?”

The Leviathan which was protecting the demon egg and providing it with nutrients.
It was also a trace of Diablo Volfir.

“Well, that is true.
I am sure there are other people also looking for traces of him besides me.
But I managed to find traces of him and then obtained the mana of God Killing.”


“It doesn't matter now.
One of my arms is already fading.”

Armion smiled as he waved his half-transparent left arm.

Jamie was confused, but now wasn’t the time to sit and sort out his thoughts.

“… well, yeah, great.
You were waiting for me?”

“Finally we get to the point.”

“What is this point?”

“Actually, it might not be a huge thing.
I don’t know, but maybe it's my own greed.”


“Gremia is my arrangement for that day.”

As Armion raised his hand, the space began to expand endlessly.

Jamie couldn’t keep his mouth shut at the sight.

“The space…!”

Changed in many forms.

Huge aerial fortresses, large mansions, splendid castles and huge cannons!

What was surprising was that not a single one was of simple shape.

The weapons on fortresses could be bombed, and the mansions and castles were grandeur which made it look impossible to use, and the cannons had power to destroy a mountain.

And they were all a few examples.

“Gremia is a ‘shape building artifact’ a piece with infinite potential that can take any form and be used at will!”

The huge cannons contracted at a tremendous speed and turned small enough to be held in one hand.

The speed of that was also fast.

As Armion said, the proof that it worked according to the user's will.

Jamie’s head went blank.

He didn’t know that such a function existed even when he was the submaster.
He thought that it was an artifact in the form of a building.

Even Theberon must have had the same thoughts.

“What kind of ridiculous artifact…”

This was one of the things that couldn’t be made even when a person reaches the ultimate end of magic engineering.

And Jamie had to acknowledge the skills of the old man.

Gremia was equal to or could even be higher than the three artifacts he had created.

Armion smiled.

“I will hand this over to you.”

“… why to me?”

Armion answered it right away.

“Because you have the potential to bring salvation to the world.”

Gremia transformed into a polyhedron which couldn't be seen with the human eye and then seeped into Jamie’s body.

With that alone, Jamie felt his mana overflowing and the vitality of his body was back to normal.

Despite the orb being used, his body seemed to be charging up.

Jamie surrendered himself to this feeling of fullness which he had felt for the first time since reincarnation.

“I request you.
I could do nothing in my time, but I hope you can save this absurd world.”

With that, Armion disappeared.

And Jamie’s eyes began to close with his consciousness fading.

And when he woke up again.

“Jamie! Jamie!”


“Jamie! Are you alright?”

Beryl was shaking him with a worried expression.

But, this amount of shaking was too much.

‘… I feel like puking.’

Dizziness coming up with motion sickness.

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