overed him from behind and followed closely.

Jamie ordered the Lich.

“You take care of the new guy; I will deal with that woman.”


Lich moved to the monster.

Jamie left Nebro and looked at Kana.
He was a bit shocked when she called herself Seven Knights.

He knew that she was strong, but he didn't think that she was one of the strongest powers of Zenith.

‘I need to capture her alive.’

He had to figure out why Zenith was in connection with a Demon’s egg.

He could already expect a few reasons, but he wanted to be sure and hear it from her mouth.

And if he could subdue her, he was confident that she would tell him everything he needed to know.

[Battle Sanctuary]

Kana screamed as she hit the ground with her mace.

Holy light covered the ground where they stood.

A sacred battlefield used by Bishop Lincoln in the past.

However, Kana’s holy power was stronger, and her blue hair fluttered inside the region.

‘This is different from back then.’

Bishop Lincoln’s Battle Sanctuary could be easily destroyed.

But since the woman was a part of the Seven Knights, the story was different.

Facing it head-on couldn't be done.

[Dark Dimension]

Darkness covered the sacred battlefield.

Kana frowned as he watched the light fade.

“Disgusting! Be purified!”

The light of purification emanated from the mace.

But Jamie’s black mana was still there.

Kana, who noticed it, was shocked.


It was normal for black magic to kneel in front of holy power.

Instead, the darkness was eroding holy power.

Kana hesitated at the sight.

Jamie smiled and reached out.


Darkness fell from above.

Kana avoided the darkness and swung her mace.
The holy power which was touched by the darkness began to get devoured.

Her eyes widened.

Her power was obviously superior, so why was her power being the one taken down!?

“As long as I have reclaimed Leviathan, you have no chance of winning.”

Jamie walked towards her.

The black mana moved as if it had its own ego.

Kana gulped, seeing that.

She somehow was resisting, but the difference between the two was clear.

“Why is it like this?”

There was no way she would win.

In reality, escape was the only answer.

Leaving the place after making up her mind wasn’t a huge deal.
The problem was that she was assigned this task.

'If I fail, then it is over for me.'

The Seven knights would never forgive her.

She knew better than anyone just how fearful they were.

‘I need to break through.’

Kana, who made her decision, shouted at the monster.

“Break through!”

The monster looked at her.

And he knew what she was saying.

He saw the Lich constantly throwing a psychic wave.
A wall of darkness had surrounded them.

“Daddy is coming!”

Madness filled in the monster’s eyes.

He brought out as much Magi as he could to protect himself.
The more he did, the uglier he became, but he didn’t care.

The monster ran.

[Crazy bastard.]

Nebro gathered darkness and shot it as a beam.

He had a knack for dark magic in his life.

However, he couldn't catch the movement of the monster, which was moving pretty fast.

The monster broke through the darkness.
Its skin was melting, and its head was throbbing in pain, but the monster didn’t stop.

“Nebro! Don’t let it go!”

“You need to stop me first!”

Jamie saw a mass of holy power rushing towards him.

It was Kana with holy power all over her body.

Even when backed into a corner, she chose to move forward.

She had the spirit to cut your flesh and break the opponent’s bones.

The problem was that it wasn't the opponent's bones that would break.


Jamie unfolded the shield and devoured Kana’s holy power with Gluttony.

But the holy power was quickly replenished.

Kana laughed and pushed in.

A small body floated to the surface with tremendous power.

Jamie flew straight up and spread ‘Curse of Bondage’ but couldn’t break through the holy power which surrounded her.

Kana speeded up.
At the same time, she threw the mace somewhere, and there was Nebro.


Nerbo was hit the mace.

The reason for such easy attacks was simple.

“Damn it!”

To buy some time.

And if the monster was fast enough on its legs, it was enough time to widen the distance with Nebro.

Jamie calculated the space.
It wasn’t an easy task as they were in a forest with trees around.

Jamie jumped out of the space and appeared right above the monster’s head.

Gravity crushed the monster.

“I feel like you are the key.”

Jamie used the Ruin’s Second Master authority.

“I can’t let you get out.”

The ground split open.

The monster’s body was about to fall into it, but something quickly flew towards the monster.

And then snatched the monster which was just about to fall and threw it to the side.

At the same time, she moved away.

Kana jumped and threw herself at Jamie.

“What are you doing, woman!?”

“What the hell are you doing! You keep interrupting me!”

Kana hit the tree where Jamie was standing.

The tree split into two.

Jamie frowned and looked at the now bloody monster and then smiled.



Nebro, who was chasing behind him, used all kinds of magic on the monster, which had started running again.

A Lich’s magic with its power at the edge of 6th class was nothing more than an exploding carpet.


Amidst that bombardment, the monster screamed.

Its sides were torn, and joints hurt.

His right arm looked destroyed beyond recognition.

But the monster did not stop running.

‘My child.
I have to protect my child.’

The egg was the only thing which could make his dreams come true.
In other words, the child was more precious to him than his own life.

As he ran in pain, he was getting closer to the egg.

The monster stopped in front of the egg.
And with shocked eyes, he saw a bigger egg.

A beating demon’s egg.

“Why did it grow?”

It was at the state just before hatching.

It would take ten hearts for the egg to grow to this size.
Did someone feed human hearts to this?


The monster saw enemies coming to stop him.

The Life Forces in the battles!

The egg was slowly absorbing it!

“Haha! Hahahaha!”

For something like this to happen.

The monster smiled and opened the cloth pouch.
And as it was about to take out the hearts.

A ray of darkness pierced the monster’s back.

The monster fell to the floor, and the hearts rolled on the dirt.


Not at the end!

It was then.


The egg began to wriggle more.

Something like this had never happened.

The monster looked up and saw the egg.
Dozens of tentacles popped out of the egg.

The tentacles began to eat the hearts on the ground.

The monster’s face brightened.

“Yes, yes! Enjoy this, my baby! Eat it! That is your father’s wish!”

The egg was eating the hearts on the floor.

And its size increased.

The monster staggered as it stood up.

And smiled as he looked back.

There stood Nebro and Jamie.

He couldn’t see Kana, meaning she was defeated.

“Uh, what about that bitch? No, it doesn't matter.
It doesn’t matter what she wants anymore.”

The monster bled and spread his arms wide open.

“You are all done.
It is over… kuak!”

The tentacles which came out pierced through the monster’s heart.

Jamie looked at that and shook his head.

“Demons never live up to anyone’s expectations.
Like right now.”

A terrible magi emanated from the egg.

The demon was finally hatching.

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