He couldn’t decide what to do with emotions, but he decided to concentrate on magic.

‘I will open a new path.’

Methods that led to failure wouldn’t be used again.

He wasn’t sure how the relationship between the Gods changed, but compared to the past era, the present time was advantageous to the 12 Gods.

Humans have already been reduced to slaves.

‘So I need to develop further.’

The battle with Beiryl helped a lot.

‘But what kind of relationship does he have with mother?’

The Sword Master and his mother seemed to have known each other for quite some time.

And Beiryl’s expression lingered on his mind.

‘That bittersweet expression.’

Jamie thought about it.


As the bed shook, Venna woke up.


“I am going for a walk.”

He left Venna behind and went outside.

The Marquis mansion was larger than the Welton mansion.

Apton was the land given to the first Bell from the king himself when the Seldam Kingdom was founded.

As a historical place, it had a tremendous amount of land and power.

Jamie walked through the garden in the middle of the night.

The beautiful flowers have been carefully taken care of.
Indeed, the garden of the Bell family was fantastic.

“Smells good.”

The night gave out a soothing scent.

Jamie walked a little further and found a lake.
He sat in front of it.

The calm water reflected the moon perfectly.

“You seem to know how to enjoy the night.”

At that moment, an unknown voice came from behind.

Jamie sighed as he turned his head.


Not a friendly tone.

The silver-haired man smiled at the hostile voice.

The smile was rather cold, making Jamie feel uncomfortable.

“Well, I didn’t introduce myself.
I apologize to the precious person.
Please forgive me.”

“I asked who you are.”

Jamie lowered his voice and asked.

“I am Sable.
The aide to Marquis Bell.”


That is right.
I’ve heard that the Welton family was coming but I was busy with work, so I ended up greeting this late.”

“How did you know I am Welton… ah.”

Jamie touched his head.

Emerald, the color of Welton.

He looked at Sable.

‘I don’t think I felt his presence behind me.’

No matter how comfortable he was, he wasn’t the kind to lower his guard.

Sable completely managed to stay hidden.

With this level of stealth skills, the man could be a high-level assassin.

‘Is it normal for an aide to have such power?’

Jamie felt his hands sweating.

It was hard to compare with Beiryl, but Sable had great talent too.

Sable smiled, seeing Jamie raise his guard.

“You don’t have to be so alert.
I swear I am a faithful servant of Marquis.”

“And you know my name?”

“I am the Marquis’ aide, shouldn’t I know the basics?”

Made sense.

Jamie, half-alert, turned back to the lake.

Sable walked beside him.

“Do you enjoy walking at night?”

“I like it.”

“I like this place too.
It puts my mind at ease.
Can I sit next to you?”


If the man was Marquis Bell’s aide, then Jamie couldn’t treat him harshly.

And since the land wasn’t his, he couldn’t tell him to leave him alone either.

He was on guard, but he didn’t hate or like the person.

“I heard that you are a great magician.”

“Not great.”

“You will be great?”

He asked again.

When Jamie didn’t answer, Sable chuckled.

The two looked at the lake without saying anything.

It was then.

Water in the form of thorns rose from the lake.


A translucent veil unfolded in front of Jamie.

Without being shocked at the attack, he used Mana right away.

He detected the giant creature under the surface of the lake.

[Increased Pressure]

Jamie clasped his hands.

Part of the lake began to curl into a circle.

“It is a Tolke!”

Jamie’s eyes widened at the name Tolke.

Water, which should have crushed it, moved away.

Jamie avoided being hit by water.


The trees behind were smashed.

“Tolke means…”

Jamie thought of a very ferocious fish-type monster.

Tolke, which lives in freshwater, was said to hold water inside its body and spit it out like a cannon.

They were B class monsters because they changed the shape of water and attacked.

“Why is a Tolke in this place?”

A small lake in the front yard of the Marquis mansion.

Not caring whether Jamie was shocked or not, the Tolke’s attack continued.
The giant fish stuck its head out and spat water without mercy.

Bang! Bang!

The garden became messed up.

Jamie frowned and decided to blow up the crazy fish.

Everything that lives in water is weak to electricity.

The same would go for a Tolke.

[Lightning Thunder]

He was about to shoot the golden bolts, but something moved.

A thin stream of water rose above the surface.

Water poured down like rain, and then two huge clumps fell to the ground.


A silver blade flashing in the moonlight returned to its sheath.

Sable asked Jamie with a smile.

“Are you alright?”

As he smelled the scent of flowers, Jamie thought.

‘This man is definitely not suited to be an aide.’

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