Gav had a hard time trying to come back to his senses.

The most powerful explosion hit his face.

His shield was spread out according to survival instincts, but the explosion had nevertheless destroyed it.

‘Still, if it wasn’t for the shield, my brain would have been blown out.’

His entire face contorted at the burning pain.

He wanted to grab his face and scream out loud, but Gav was a Curse Master.

Curse Masters experiment with all kinds of curses on themselves.

As he had been through situations worse than this, the countless experiences he’d been through helped him endure the pain.

“You have a good grasp of your mind.”

Black flew into the air and caused strong gusts.

Jamie felt his head become clear.

Gav, who was staggering because of the hit, somehow managed to stay focused.

[Air Press]


Gav’s body floated back and fell to the ground.

[Stone Bridge]

The sunken ground soared high.

A pillar fell from the ceiling and crashed into Gav's chest, making him bend like a shrimp.


[Stone Breaker]


The Stone Bridge exploded.

Rubble was scattered out in every direction.

The Air Press was deployed all over again on Gav’s bloody body.


A path of blood was drawn on the floor where Gav laid.

Jamie walked towards Gav, as his body started to recover.

Without stopping, Jamie kept using magic spells.

[Magic Arrow] was being used nonstop.

Gav was now nothing more than a crumbled body.

Jamie’s spells never missed their aim and kept hitting the target.


Gav struggled to raise his hand and unfold a Curse when darkness flew in and hit him on the shoulder.

His shoulder got completely twisted with an eerie sound.

The eyes that had lost focus were looking elsewhere.

“Being careless is scary.
One mistake is all that is needed.”

Gav was shocked.

He had used the maximum damage-inducing Curse.
However, unfortunately for him, Jamie had the Absolute Immunity artefact.

“The world is inherently irrational.”

[Dark Cube.]

Eight black dots were drawn around Gav and then slowly connected with each other to create a cuboid.

It then started to shine.

Jamie made the cube float in the air.


Black, who kept assisting Jamie, landed on his shoulder.

“Honestly, you were never our opponent.”


Black nodded in agreement.

An old dark magician who couldn’t even reach the 7th class.

For Jamie, he was pathetic trash.

So he ignored him.

“But you were good.”

Jamie was shocked when he received the Curse.

No matter how good the skills were, it wasn’t an easy task to reverse use the opponent's magic as it would need a lot of time to understand the method.

It was only possible since the old man devoted all of his life to curses and mind magic, so Jamie did admire that.

“I thought that the title Curse Master was a bluff, but I was wrong.”

The [Aesthetic of Slow] was a shock.

If it wasn’t for Perfect Cell, Jamie would have been defeated.

“It was great.”

Gav’s entire body shook.

His body was terribly hurt, and his face seemed swollen.


A hoarse voice.

Gav wanted to ask just one question before dying.

“How did you stop the Aesthetics of…”

Did he do something wrong while casting?

There was no way he could have made a mistake.

Did the kid master the [Law of Destruction]?

Even the greatest magician in the world wouldn’t be able to use it.

Jamie held up the Perfect Cell.

“Absolute Immunity, Perfect Cell.”

“… Absolute Immunity? There is no such….such thing!”

Even the dragons could be cursed.

Gav’s words were wrong.

He just didn’t know how great the dark magicians of the past were.

“D-damn it!”

Gav’s head dropped.

The strength left his body.

king of the world…”

How great was the goal he set when he met Venna for the first time?

She had finally awakened, only to send him to death.

A tragic fate.

He thought that he could finally climb up the cliff.

And now his vision was turning blurry, his ears were turning muffled.
He couldn’t even feel himself gulping.

“Are you dying in peace?”

It was then.

Gav’s eyes met the huge purple eyes looking down on him.

[You! Are you thinking of dying peacefully?] Was that what those eyes were asking?


Chains emerged from within darkness and bound him.


Chains with thorns fiercely bound Gav.

A sin committed by greed.

As the owner who sowed the seeds of black magic, Jamie was going to clear them.

Gav felt like his mind was going to burst.

He had used all kinds of curses on his body, but he couldn’t help but feel vulnerable to the current pain that devoured his mind.

He was now going to exist as a sinner who could neither live nor die.

‘Please kill me!’

‘Let me leave this world in peace!’

Gav wanted to cry out.

But his voice wasn’t coming out.

He was going to become an immortal, a servant who faithfully obeys Jamie’s orders.

The chains dug deep into the skin.

His heart was pounding.

He felt something detach from his body.

A translucent thing that had the same shape as him.

‘My soul!’

The moment he saw it, he knew.

Gav wanted to resist, but each movement made his skin rip.

At that moment, a purple spear came out of the air and crashed into the soul’s chest.


‘You will be my subject forever.’

Gav looked into the air with a blank expression.

The Gate opened with a creak, and black hands appeared from within.

His future.

The black hands dragged Gav’s soul into the iron gate.

Gav’s body was destroyed.

Jamie looked at the creature kneeling in front of him.

A bright blue eye gleamed in the pure white skull.
The robe fluttered with the slightest wind, and the bones revealed themselves.

A heart shining like a red jewel and still beating against the ribs.

“Introduce yourself to the Master.

At Jamie’s command, the boney body raised its head.

[I greet the great being.
I am Nebro.
The first Lich you have ever created.]

Jamie slowly turned to the pink-haired girl standing behind.

“What do you think? This one is the person who made you lead a hellish life for the past 10 years.”

“… I don’t know.”

By the time Venna came to her senses, Gav had lost everything and became a lich called Nebro.

A subordinate, neither alive nor dead.

“What do you want to do?”

Jamie turned and asked Venna.

She looked at Nebro with a confused face, turned to Jamie, and opened her lips.

“I can’t think of anything else.
Please accept me as a disciple!”

From the beginning till now, her thoughts hadn’t changed.

“I want to see, feel and learn a lot more by staying by your side.”



Jamie’s refusal was resolute, and Venna was expecting it.

“Because you are a Valkyrie.”

“What is a Valkyrie?”

Gav said that she was a valkyrie, too.

She didn’t know what Valkyrie meant.

“They are fairies that had existed in the distant past.
They are valiant, never drawn down, and a doomed race who had always tried to prove themselves as the right ones.
However, they had lost.”


“You are their descendant, I have no idea how you got their blood, but you are the only descendant of the Valkyrie.”

“Why does that make you refuse to take me as a disciple?”

“Valkyrie have no talent for magic.”

“… Sorry?”

Valkyrie were strong fairies, but unlike elves, who were fairies themselves, they couldn’t use magic.

There were attempts to learn magic, but none were successful.

The race was born without magic.

“So, what use would you be as a disciple?”

Jamie hadn’t changed his decision.


Disappointed, Venna leaned against the wall.

“There are some things you can’t learn despite trying.”

At Jamie’s words, Venna turned even more gloomy.

“However, I am curious about you.”

“… curious?”

At the word ‘curious', Venna looked at Jamie.

Blushing, she asked.

“What kind of curious…”

Jamie frowned at that sight.

“Stop misunderstanding my words.
I am just curious because you are a Valkyrie.”

“Ah, yes.”

Venna’s face seemed disappointed again.

It was impossible for Jamie to be interested in her in any other way.

Jamie shook his head.
The girl didn’t look like a Valkyrie at all.

“Anyways, teacher and disciple won't work.
However, if you want to come with me, I don’t have a reason to refuse.”



In the past, their purpose was the same, but their means didn’t match, so Jamie couldn’t work alongside the Valkyries.

Just thinking about the past made him sad.
If he had helped out the Valkyries, would they still be alive and well now?

In the end, both sides met their end.

It was different now.

‘I will mobilize everything.’

Having thought about it for a while, Venna answered.

“Thank you!”

She bowed, and Jamie smiled.

“… do I really have to transform?”

Venna sighed.

It was nice to be together, but seeing how it turned out, she began to regret it.

“I am a pink squirrel…”

“Still, it doesn’t look like you have no talent in magic.”

“I am glad I am good at one thing.”

Currently, Venna has transformed herself into a pink squirrel.

She had to.

Jamie had a mother, a younger sister and then there was Ricky and Anna, Lars too.

“You will have to stay this way.”

“Do not worry.
I am confident in my transformation magic…”


Black flew teasing Venna, who was as small as it.

“yah! Stay quiet!”

Kik! Kiik!

Black blatantly disregarded her.

They were both acting like two kids.

Smiling at them, Jamie looked at Nebro, who was on his knees.

A high-ranking Lich was created for the first time.

‘Pretty hard.’

Jamie pretended to be fine in front of the girl, but he was on the verge of collapsing due to lack of mana.

He ended up drawing out a large amount to activate Perfect Cell.

Despite using the Whole Body Breathing method, it wouldn’t do much good when going against a 6th class dark magician.

‘I would have died.’

“Go back.”

The Gate opened behind Nebro.

Nebro got up slowly and entered it.

Venna looked at it without uttering a single word.

She remembered the first time she met him 10 years ago.

A person who provided a place for her to stay.

But had a vicious plan that she didn’t know about.

“Do you feel bad?”

he was the one who did all those bad things to me.
But I don’t feel relieved either.”

“Let’s go back then.
Black! You too.”


Black was summoned back.

Venna asked as they headed back to the mansion.


Jamie thought about it and answered with a smile.

“Woah! Cute!”

“Soft soft!”


The carriage was rattling.

He looked away from the squirrel being pulled by Anna and Sarah.

“How did you pick up such a cute squirrel?”


Jamie smiled at Sears’ words.


He looked out of the window, trying to ignore Venna’s complaints.

‘What a nice day.’

A clear blue sky was above them.

Another week passed.

The Welton carriage was approaching Apton.

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