33: It is fine (1)

[You know me?]

The voice of a goddess.

Jamie could feel his body turn hot in anger.
At the same time he questioned himself.

‘How did this one come down?’

It was just a voice, but one of the 12 Gods had descended on earth.

Gods couldn’t come down to Earth just because they wanted to.
As they were too powerful, it’d end up breaking the normal flow of power on Earth.

In order for a God to descend, conditions had to be met.

Of course, the conditions were difficult ones.
That’s why Jamie couldn’t understand.

It made no sense to think that the Goddess had come down to prevent Ricky from turning into an undead.

‘I noticed that the light from Ricky was Pyro’s holy power.’

Even if its level was unusual, considering it was natural for a priest to have that, it didn’t seem impossible.

However, it was absurd that a god decided to come down for the sake of one priest.

All the causality resulting from their acts would have to be borne by their servants.

[Can’t hear me?]

She asked, making Jamie’s head pound.

Jamie almost stopped himself from screaming at the rising emotions.

His enemies were the 12 Gods.
And every word that woman spoke raised Jamie’s anger.

Yet, he held himself back.

Had he exploded, things would be too difficult for him to handle.

‘For the sake of what I want to achieve.’

He still hadn’t even started.

“Because Ricky’s holy power was yours, I knew that… you.”

He hated the idea of talking to God so much that he’d rather die, but he hated his plans failing even more.

Jamie clenched his two fists.

[Nice intuition.
Although I don’t like that you are dealing with evil powers.
But it isn’t crude like the dark magicians.
Well… it feels a little familiar.]

Of course it felt familiar.

It was the power that had driven them into a corner a long time back.

Jamie almost said it out, but then closed his mouth.

[By the way.]

Pyro’s voice came again.

[Why did you want to turn mine into an undead?]

She seemed quite upset with the fact that Ricky was being turned into an undead.

“I don’t want him to die.”

Isn’t being an undead the same as being dead? Don’t you know that you people do, in the end, insult the dead?]

Pyro took a deep breath.

[Why do people like you not know the preciousness of life!]

She finished saying what she wanted.

Jamie, who listened to it quietly, could feel himself losing control of his mouth.

Don’t know the value of life?

He didn’t expect one of the 12 Gods to utter those words.

“Who doesn’t know about the preciousness of life?”


“Aren't you the ones who don't understand the preciousness of life?”

Pryo didn’t answer.

Who was talking about the value of life to whom?

Gods who subjected their own servants to sacrifice them for their own purpose.


Pyro’s voice trembled.

[I… I do not trivialize life!]


Her voice sounded a little guilty.

As if interrogating, Pyro asked Jamie.

What do you know? You speak like you know something?]

But then Pyro mumbled.

[People of this day don’t know.
How could a human know that!]


[No need.
You don’t need to know.]

Pyro hastily kept speaking.

A subtle warning that the topic didn’t have to be mentioned again.

Jamie couldn’t understand what was happening.

However, Jamie couldn’t forget what she just mumbled.

[Anyway, this child is my apostle.
So, if you try to make him an undead, I won’t forgive you.]


Jamie’s eyes widened.

Ricky was Pyro’s apostle?

He didn’t feel any holy power in Ricky so he thought that he was an ordinary child.
Even today, he thought that he awakened holy power only to a little extent.

What was the Apostle?

A kind of saint, but much closer to God than a normal saint.

The existence itself was like a pope-level being in the church, and if they knew how to fight, they would be the strongest paladin.

The most perfect candidate for a priest.

The God’s Apostle.

‘Ricky is an Apostle.’

An orphan boy who only cared about his younger sister had such potential.

No wonder Pyro’s voice had descended.

Jamie smiled.

Things were tuning out to be more fun than he thought.

Jamie held back his laugh as much as he could and said to Pyro.

“I am sorry.”


“The ‘memorization’ has already entered into Ricky.”


Before Pyro intervened, the spell was already gone into the body.

Unfortunately, due to her intervention, just the end was stopped, and Ricky was in a state where he could be called an undead to some extent.

[Do you even know what you just did!!]


It felt like his brain would explode at her screaming.

Jamie protected his body by activating the whole-body breathing technique.

‘Damn it.’

In the past he would have dismissed her scream as noise.

But now her scream was making him turn dizzy.

God is God.

And a young boy’s body couldn’t handle them.

Coughs, tears of blood flowed.
And his eardrums seemed like they would rupture.

However, Pyro’s voice could be heard regardless of the ears.

[You ignorant bastard! It seems like you want to die, so you made him like that.
Do you think I can’t kill you because you only hear the voice?]


A human being was an insect that can be crushed by the single finger of God.

Jamie laughed.

“That would be bad.”

[What a cheeky answer….!]

“If you kill me.
Ricky dies too.”


The fact that the undead has progressed to some extent meant that the connection was passed.

Surely the power of the Apostle was strong, so the entire process wasn’t completed, but Jamie wasn’t going to give Pyro the full information.

“You don’t want to lose an Apostle, do you?”

[Do you think that your threats will work?]

“You see, I know quite a bit.
The apostle is the most powerful weapon that a God can create, and at the same time, it is the only being that exists in single.
And if you lose an apostle, it will take a long time to find the next one.
But above all…”

Jamie made a final statement that would solidify his words.

“For God to descend on the earth without conditions, the existence of an apostle is essential.
Isn't it?”

[You bastard!!!]

Pyro’s voice trembled with anger.

It felt so nice to Jamie seeing how he offended her.

This was nothing compared to what he wanted to do to her, but still Jamie was enjoying the smallest revenge.

“Like I said, I don’t want to kill Ricky either.
He is my friend.”

[you are such a weird one, you work hard to survive.]

Jamie snorted.

That was one thing that any one would assume.

‘Why make an apostle?’

Apostles appear only when the church is in a major crisis.

So was the Pyro Church in crisis?

He knew that Pryo’s relationship with Zenith was bad.
In fact, they even used a chimera maker to snatch the holy power of Pyro.

Even so, he didn’t think that it was a crisis enough to create an Apostle.

An apostle was literally born when the church was driven into a corner.

With that, Jamie asked Pyro.

“But, doesn’t making an apostle mean that your position is quite dangerous?”

[I don’t need to concern myself with what you are thinking!]

As expected, Pyro wasn’t going to answer.

It didn’t stop there, she warned in a calm voice.

[If you care about all that, you shall truly meet the wrath of God.]

Jamie felt terrified.
He knew that her warning was real.

At the same time, he felt like she was warning just to hide something.

No, he felt something was weird since the first time she spoke.

‘She said that she doesn’t take life lightly,’

She only spoke about herself and not all the 12 Gods.

And the feud with Zenith.

Finally, the existence of the apostle.

‘I am not sure.’

How would she react if he asked her about the apostle once again?

She won’t kill.
But Jamie didn’t want to risk his life.

The goddess had the ability to shake his body with just shouting.

‘High risk to high return?’

Pyro was one of the gentle Gods.

However, despite that she was still a God.

If he made a mistake, then it might kill Jamie.

So, he would have to use the right words.

‘Damn it.
why am I even talking to her!’

If it was the past, the goddess would have run away from Jamie.

But Jamie didn’t know when he’d have another chance to talk to one of the 12 Gods.

He didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

He had to get as much information as possible.

“Why did you make an apostle?”

[You… You really want to die…!]

“Didn’t the 12 Gods unite to complete the system? For the sake of peace.
Was it?”

[You, how do you know that?]

“Then there is no need to make an apostle in this world.
This is a world which runs within the system created by the 12 Gods, right?”

Pyro was silent.

She didn’t seem to want to kill Jamie.

This was a risky gamble.
If the relationship with the 12 Gods had remained, she would have killed Jamie at once.

But seeing how she didn’t kill him, Jamie was able to draw one conclusion.

‘There seems to be infighting.’

Jamie thought that he was going to burst into laughter at the good news.

These Gods acted like they were going to stay together for the rest of their lives.

And look at them now.

‘Is this it?’

He wasn’t sure how many years had passed, but he knew that at least ten thousand years had passed.

And that had to be a long time even for the gods.

And it was enough time for a relationship to change.

At that moment.
Pyro, who was silent, said.

How the hell do you know that? It is impossible for today’s humans to know that.
Most of all, you will regret it if you speak out about this.]

A Goddess of mercy and punishment was giving advice to a dark magician.

“You are as kind as rumored.”

[What do you know about me?]

“The best of the 12 Gods.
A God who loves everything.
A God who loved things so much that you achieved the power to convert evil.”

[You bastard! How far do you know!]

Jamie wasn’t interested in what she had to say.

And he didn’t even know what kind of personality Pyro held.

But there was only one thing he had to check.

“Are you all alone?”


Again, no answer.

Because Pyro couldn’t lie.
By her standards, lying is also evil.
If she lied, she would go against her own preaching.

And in that case, she wouldn’t be able to maintain her Godly attitude.

This is what it meant to be a God.

‘The time will be over soon.’

Based on his past experiences, Jamie made a guess.

Before long, Pyro would return to heaven again and he wouldn't hear the voice any longer.

Now was the time.

Jamie decided to bring out the most important and dangerous ‘keyword’ he thought about.

“Do you remember the mighty dark magician who existed long ago?”

[… you have to be careful with what you spout.]

“You remember the man who fought against the system you were trying to build?”

[What are you? You are no ordinary human.
But… it doesn’t make sense.
This is ridiculous.]

“The strength was lent.”

[Strength to such a puny little…]

“Diablo Volfir.
What if it is his power that I succeeded?”


And then came her trembling voice.

[No way.
Volfir… He definitely!]

At that moment, the voice began to fade.

[Damn it.
At such a time!]


Although it was just the voice, Ricky wasn’t a complete Apostle, so there was no way Pyro could stay long in the real world.

Jamie smiled and added.

“Would you like to join me?”

[But I…]

“If you really care about life and don’t take it for granted! You will have to hold hands with me.”

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

At that, Pyro couldn’t say anything.


With that, she completely disappeared.

Pyro, who was disappearing, spoke.

[Come to Apton! We’ll talk properly….]

With that, Pryo disappeared completely.

This is pretty good.”

He wasn’t sure if it was right for him to bring out his true name, but seeing her reaction, it seemed like it was the right thing to do.

‘Pyro is the weakest of the 12, and is well worth taking advantage of.’

In particular, her tendency was frightening.

She wasn’t meant as the Goddess for mercy and punishment for nothing.

‘Hopefully, you will be a useful tool.’

Regardless of the means.

From the past till now, the thought to hurt the Gods didn’t change.

The enemy is an opponent who had to be dealt in such a sneaky way.

But he had no intention of doing the same thing he did in the past.
He already experienced one failure.

‘An alliance with God.’

He wasn’t sure if it was good.

At that time.

Ricky opened his eyes.

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