28: Executioner (2)

The doctor grabbed his spiky hair and screamed.


Everything was going wrong.

The intruders killed four Chimera.

He kept sending them, but as they were all ordinary Chimera, they couldn’t even earn some time.

“Should I bring out my treasure?”

They weren’t cut for months, so his rough and long fingernails were digging deep into his skin.

Even if he wanted to go up and kill all the intruders himself, they seemed to be strong.

It wasn’t like they couldn’t be killed, but it wasn’t going to be an easy task.

And if he got injured, then production would slow down.

“Lincoln! Lincoln! Linocolnnnn!”

Useless pig.

He treated the man like a bishop, and he treated the doctor like an idiot!

It was late now.

The production wouldn’t take long.
And if Lincoln was in the lab, it would be over right away.

The body which had to be transplanted had already come.

The doctor saw the boy sleeping on the table.

Was it Ricky?

“If we can use the holy power in him, it is over!”

The simulation would be perfect.

The previous kid had perfect holy power implantation, but the holy power evaporated in large quantities in the process of linking it into the body.

It was a problem with the brain.
If only the waves in the brain were a little adjusted, the holy power wouldn’t be lost.

He wasn’t sure how he could perfect it, but he was certain that huge amounts of holy power wouldn’t go to waste.

The problem was the absence of Lincoln.

Until he appeared, everything was incomplete.
But this time, he was sure things will fall into line.

He had data on how things had to be done.

That was all that he needed.

‘Come on.
If you come now, I’ll make sure to forgive you!’

The doctor held his hands and prayed.

He sent one of the ‘five’ that he had been saving up to the top.

“Damn those bastards!”

It was hard to kill, and the Chimera would definitely buy him enough time.

It was then.

“Sorry for being late.”


The doctor looked at the man with bloodshot eyes.

There stood Lincoln, exhausted.

“What is it? Why were you late?”

“A strange person appeared and suddenly attacked me.
I came late because of him.”

“Strange person?”

“Looks like the one who killed the Chimera Paladin.
I tried to capture him, but my hands couldn’t show mercy to him.”

“Damn it.
A few people broke into this place too.
They seem to be on that strange guy’s side.”


“We don’t have time to be surprised.
Come on, the body.”

Not interested in Lincoln, the doctor stood in front of the operating table and pointed his hand.

“There are intruders.
What if we start and they get in the way?”

“It’ll be done soon.
I sent one of my treasures up there.”

Lincoln’s expression darkened at the word ‘treasure’.

The doctor exclaimed in annoyance.

“What are you doing!”


“Damn it.
you are as slow as you look.”


When their plans were going awry, the doctor turned into a completely different person.

Without saying anything, he handed over a glass bottle.
Provoking the doctor further would only bring bad news to them.

The doctor chuckled and broke the glass bottle.
The bug in the bottle, he picked it up and placed it on Ricky’s heart.

“What level of Chimera will be born? What do you think?”

The eyes of the doctor glistened with madness as he looked at the bishop.

When he didn’t answer, the doctor groaned, clenched his teeth and asked as his neck protruded out.

“Why aren’t you answering me?”

“It must be stronger than filing.”


The long neck which protruded went back.

The doctor took out the syringe he had prepared and put the needle over the bug.

The bug struggled.

“Good, good!”

At the reaction of the bug, the doctor began to laugh as if he enjoyed it.

Truly a mad man.

He didn’t understand how he managed not to get caught.
Maybe he was the kind to return to a meek appearance once the task was done.

“You are happy too?”

“… is there any need to be happy.”


It was then.

The excited doctor’s voice subsided.

Lincoln looked at him with a puzzled face.

“What did you say just now?”

‘Did I make any mistake?’

No way.

He didn’t say anything wrong.

The doctor asked.

“Is there any reason to be happy?”

“It is all about making a Chimera, right? Is there any need to be happy?”

“Who are you?”

The doctor, who was too excited, calmed down.

He stared at Lincoln and asked again.

“Who are you?”

“What are you asking? Who am I? Lincoln, bishop of Haiss church of Zenith.”

“You are not Lincolnnnnn!”

Dozens of tentacles came for Lincoln.

No, for Jamie.

“The space is too small!”

“Two more in front!”

“One on the ceiling!”

Lars was stunned by the report of the Shadow Knights.

The number of chimeras was huge.
Even when they were killed, new ones kept rushing in.

It made him feel like they were in an endless pit of Chimera.


He cut a creature with the holy aura.

Fortunately, the Chimera weren’t strong.
If all of them were of a monster level, then it would have been Lars and the others' graves.



All of them had expert level skills, and the Shadow Knights had amazing skills.

The chimeras fell down like autumn leaves.

The ones who came in like waves were slowing down.
He wasn’t sure where all of the animals came from, but they had to hurry up and get to Ricky.

“Last one!”

The sword of the Shadow Knight pierced a pig-faced chimera.


With Lars in the lead, everyone went down the stairs.

It was then-


The wall on the right collapsed, and a Shadow Knight fell down with the wall.

Lars was shocked.

What appeared through the wall was a huge-sized black muscular arm.

Two Shadow Knights flew towards the arm at a ghostly speed.
It was so fast that even the moving sound couldn’t be heard.


The black sword ran through the black arm.

Blood spurted into the air.
However, the arm didn’t stop and kept moving.
The arm was so huge that it could cover three leaps at once.

“Sword of Judgement!”

Holy aura fluttered and showed the outline of the perfect sword.


The wall broke entirely, and a black-skinned monster appeared.

It was so huge that it couldn’t even stand properly in the hallway.

Lars quickly ran to the monster and swung his sword.

As a priest and a paladin of Goddess Pyro, for mercy and punishment, his sword was infinitely mighty against evil energy.


The sword of judgement cut through the monster.

The two Shadow Knights swung their swords too.

Three swords at once.


However, the overlapping light from the swords was destroyed by a roar.

Their ears hurt.
The sound stopped, and their ears started to ring.

Lars felt his legs go numb.

He couldn’t understand what was happening.

He hastily raised holy power and accelerated self-healing.

Faster than him, the monster came out.


The sword of two people pierced the monster’s arms.


It must have been painful.
The monster cried out.

“Are you fine?”

“Retreat, for now!”

It was the Shadow Knights who stopped the monster’s arm and supported Lars.

“Is everyone fine?”

“We have been trained for situations like this.”

They were the ones who guarded the Welton family from the shadows.
They were perfectly prepared for all kinds of torture and anomalies.

The noise and scream was nothing to them.

“The other one.”

“Discard him.”

Resoluteness to the point of being cruel.

But to them, it was natural.

When a colleague was beyond recovery, they would discard him and continue the mission.
If the mission fails and the chances of survival are slim, commit suicide.

That was how they grew up.

Even if they were together for a long time, grieving was only possible after resolving the matter.

“Our mission is to help Sir Lars.”

“Then break through.”

A Shadow knight rushed forward.

The monster kept rubbing the wounds on it as if it was shocked.


“I’ll be quick.”

The shadow knight turned his sword, pushed it into the wall on the side, stepped on it, and moved away from the monster.

Aura formed on the sword.

“Follow me!”

The remaining shadow knights held Lars.

“That knight…!”

“Everything is a choice for the best results.”

Lars was speechless at their sacrifice.

He always thought he had a rough life, but he must’ve been wrong.

He didn’t understand Count Welton, who trained the Shadow Knight.
No, any noble would surely have people like these.

But should we listen to them?

What was human life? As a worshipper of God, should he tolerate such a thing?


The stairs smashed, and the ceiling began to collapse.

A monster and a shadow knight were below piles of stone.


The monster’s arm was still out of the stones which fell on it.

Ignoring the falling ceiling, it began to crawl out.

And in the left hand was a shadow knight.

The monster threw the knight with all its might.

“You aren’t someone who can do that!”

Lars' body began to emanate holy power.

The dark stairs began to glow up.

“S-Sir Lars!”

“It is fine.”

It wasn’t too late.

Fix his nervousness and do things the right way.

‘I am the one who worships Goddess Pyro.
A holy executioner.’

[Sword of Judgement]

Cloak of light stretched out over Lars’s shoulder.

The shadow knights behind were shocked at what Lars was doing.


The light split the monster.


“You are running like crazy.”

The doctor clicked his tongue.

He saw a boy panting from the other side.

“I didn’t know that a little boy could impersonate Lincoln.
Are you a dark magician?”

The doctor said as he looked at the tentacles wriggling in his right hand.

Jamie sneered at the doctor’s words.

“You remodelled your own body?”

“Everything should be pursued for perfection.”


The area around the shoulder bones wriggled, and the bird's wing came out with a yellow fluid.

So did the leg.
Jamie wasn’t sure what kind of creature it was, but he had to run.

His arms were tentacles, and the eyes that looked normal a second ago, weren’t human anymore.

“I don’t know if you are really just a kid or someone wearing a kid’s costume.”

The doctor lowered his eyes.

Ricky was sleeping soundly.
The bug was already dead.

The content was in a syringe.
And with that, Ricky’s heart had to be stabbed.

“First, I will cut off your limbs.
I know that you will be a good test subject.”

The tentacles flew all over the place.

It was difficult to avoid.

However, Jamie had no intention of avoiding it.

“Let’s change places.”

“Who says you ca-”

“I say.”

Darkness rising from the floor enveloped Jamie and the doctor.

“Kuahaha! Is this all you have!”

“Is this all?”

“You are just trying to ruin the flow.”

The doctor tried to tear away the darkness.


He wasn’t able to tear it.

Although he was now a Chimera, the doctor was once a magician who reached 6th level.

Even if the darkness was black magic, if the caster was a child, then he had to be destroyed.

The doctor screamed in anger and was soon swallowed up in darkness.

And then was out again.

“… this kid.”

“It will be a bit difficult if we both get caught.”

Jamie smiled and spread his arms.

“Let’s just have fun running through the forest.”

“I will completely disassemble you and make you my servant!

The doctor’s arms opened, and a large number of tentacles came out.

Jamie smiled at it.

“Try it.”

Darkness rose from his purple eyes.

The two of them collided violently.


Ricky, who was asleep, woke up.

A strange light was flowing around his body.

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