Lars was secretly watching the church.

Although not as good as the Shadow Knights of the Welton family, he was able to erase his presence.

‘I can’t see him.’

The paladin.

He couldn’t see him since that day.
Did he go somewhere?

Not knowing about the battle that happened with Jamie, he had no choice but to think of all sorts of explanations.

‘If we can’t see it, then there is no reason to monitor.’

If he couldn’t see it for so long, then it was right to assume that the paladin had already left.

Lars left regretfully and returned to the mansion.

As he began to walk to the mansion, he saw a boy with a familiar face.


While monitoring the church, he would often see Ricky.

The boy would sweep the church three times a day with a happy face, but he didn’t see him today after lunch.

It looked like he was out.

Lars smiled and called.


“Ugh! Mister!”


When Ricky called Lars as Mister, his expression wrinkled.
There were better words like brother, but he used Mister (used to refer to middle-aged men.)

Lars was young and just turned 30.

“Call me brother.”

“Yes, brother.”

“… Where were you till now?”

“I went to meet Jamie.”


He went to the Count’s mansion.

No matter how generous the Welton family was, it wasn’t a place where commoners could simply go.

He felt sorry for the kid, but it was even more difficult if the commoner was an orphan.

I was asked to go out, but then I begged and held on, so they let me in.”

“I see.”

It was the mansion of a noble.
It would have been hard to get in.

Ricky could be called lucky.
If the person in charge of guarding the gate wasn’t a good person, he would have been beaten.

Seeing his face, it looked like he had a good conversation with Jamie.

“So, why did you go?”

I have been chosen by God!”

For a second, Lars thought he heard it wrong.


“I was chosen.
I will be leaving tomorrow.”

Ricky’s expression seemed bitter.

“It is a good thing.
When I think about the future of my sister and me, I shouldn’t be sad and do my best.”

That is good.”

Was it really good?

Lars was confused.

The selection was carried out in too short of a cycle.
Lars couldn't understand it.

Gods never called for their servants that fast.

‘That is right.’

He had been convinced since the beginning, but when he heard Ricky’s story, he began to feel anger rising in him.

What were these people thinking about the children's lives?

He wanted to run to the bishop of the church, grab him by the throat, and ask him all the questions on what they were up to.

Lars clenched his fist.

But in front of Ricky, he didn’t show anything.
He smiled and patted the kid’s head, trying to stop his hands from trembling.

“Go and do well.”

By the way, Miste… ah.
Brother, seeing that I met with you on my way here, good things will happen!”

Good things.
Good things!”

“Then I need to go! I have to pack bags.
I don’t know when it will be, but later in the future, I will come to my brother's place to play!”

“Sure you will! I hope you come.”

Lars looked at Ricky as he went away.

His expression turned cold.

He stomped on the ground in an instant and ran for the mansion.

The kid would leave tomorrow.

‘I will punish you all.’

The day was bright.

Many people gathered in front of the church.

All of them were there to bless Ricky.

They gave Ricky garlands made of flowers.

“Come back with Shino!”

“I will soon come there!”

“Be happy!”

“Thank you all!”

Ricky bowed his head.

Van, who was next to him, hugged Ricky and spoke in the loudest voice.

“Goodbye, my brother!”

Look after Anna.”

“Don’t worry.
Kuek, I will miss you!”

Van was more of a cry baby than Ricky thought.

Or were they close enough to cry?

Ricky saw his sister Anna sniffling.
He had to leave her behind.

It was supposed to be a good thing, but it wasn’t easy to walk away.
He asked the bishop if it had to be like this, and he said it had to be.

“Have fun and play until brother comes back.

“… uh.”

Anna’s voice was muffled, perhaps because she was trying her best not to cry.

They had never been separated till now.
And they never even thought they would go different ways.
To Ricky, Anna was a part of him.
The same was true for Anna.

This was their first breakup, and they couldn’t control their heartache.

“Listen to the priests and nuns.
If you need anything, tell Van.
I will be writing often.
Stop crying.
You are messing up your pretty face.”

Actually, Ricky was crying too.

Even if Anna couldn’t see, she knew from the tone of his voice.
But she nodded without saying anything.

“Be careful… you have to be careful.”

I will work harder than anyone else to become the great priest whom my pretty sister will be proud of.
So Anna, take care.”


The siblings finished their talks.

Ricky climbed into the wagon and waved to everyone.

The priest who was inside, smiled.

“All that remains is a future full of blessings.
So be determined and be like a man!”


Leaving for the main church.

It might take time, but if he controlled his heart and prayed, he would become a priest.

‘Because I was chosen by God.’

When the priest gave the signal, the wagon departed.

“Brother! Have a safe trip and be careful!”

Anna said.

Ricky sat and looked at her.

It wasn’t long after the carriage left.

Four people in light clothing emerged in the forest.

Lars, the man who stood amongst the swordsman, pulled his mask up to the nose.

“Let’s go.”

Lars and the 3 Welton Shadow Knights began to chase after Ricky’s wagon.


“He left.”

Jamie opened his eyes.

As Ricky’s wagon left, Lars and his father’s Shadow Knight went to chase after it.

They won’t stop the wagon.
They will go to the endpoint and see the evil deeds with their own eyes and subdue them.

He shook his head.

‘I know how long it will take.’

To follow the wagon, he would have to fly, which was doable for a short distance, but he couldn’t.

It was difficult considering Jamie’s current mana.

Even if he decided to fly, if he ran out of mana, what would he do if a fight erupted?

The Whole-body breathing method had limitations.

‘Yet, there is nothing more efficient than that.’

Jamie smiled as he raised black mana.

Black mana spread around in the air and began to take the shape of a certain building.

When he touched it, the shape of the building changed.

The church of Zenith, which was in Haiss.

A single light flashed inside it.

“It hasn’t moved yet.”

The black dot was the traces of black mana that had been inside the body of the Chimera Paladin.

The bishop had to be the one keeping it.

Why was it in the church?

In fact, it wasn’t strange if God really chose him.
But Ricky was going to be used to create a Chimera.

Since Jamie dissected the body a few days ago, he knew that the small body which Lincoln had would be needed.

In other words, Lincoln would have to go to the lab even if doesn’t want to.
But the wagon left.
So would he use a different carriage? No.

Jamie was sure.

‘A magic device connected to the lab exists inside the church.
And to implant Holy Power, a high priest is needed.’

Lincoln would have to go to the lab.

Because there were no other high-ranking priests in Zenith Church.

‘He will be moving by the time the wagon gets there.’

If the guess is wrong, it is alright.

The bishop was a nuisance.

He thought Lars and the Shadow knights should be enough, but if the enemy had one strong person, then they had advantage.

Jamie was patient.

Memorizing the necessary magic so he can respond immediately.

How many hours passed?

Jamie opened his eyes.

He smiled and looked at the building.


Traces of black mana disappeared.

Jamie headed for the church.

The time has come.

The bishop straightened his expression as he looked into the mirror.

Just before the experiment starts.
His heart was beating like a kid.

Although he was over 60.
He was the main character in his life.

What kind of face is he going to make?”

A child with despair more than anyone else would be brighter now.

Ricky’s eyes which looked at him.

Envy, admiration, respect, awe.
The boy considered the bishop as the God Zenith.

He said that he would repay the favor and never forgot to clean the yard.
He attended prayer and offered prayers a lot more than others.

Although it was a little over a month, Ricky was more devoted than others.

Ricky had no choice but to do so.

Actually, he had no intention of bringing the kid to the orphanage.
Even if he brought him, he didn’t pay much attention.

Thanks to Anna.
All thanks to her.
The kid managed to enjoy happiness for a month, all thanks to sharing the same blood as his sister.

But that was it.
It ended today.

The boy who overcame despair and was filled with hope, would now be betrayed by the world.

not betrayal, it is a blessing.”

Lincoln’s face twisted.

He was smiling, yet angry at the same time.

It showed madness too.

“An orphan who will be a paladin.”

Betrayed by the world.

With the exception of Anna, everyone else was there to become paladins.

Only those with excellent combat skills and born with holy power could become it.

However, a child with no holy power was being turned into such a great thing.
How could it be betrayal?


It is a blessing.”

His face regained composure.

And smiled.

He pushed the mirror with his palm, and ripples occurred.

“He will be a wonderful paladin.”

And he went in.

Then, looked at the boy who was bewildered by reality.

Ricky’s head turned his way.

He saw it.
He looked at it.
What despair would feel like.

‘Can he handle this!’

Just before he got close to Ricky.

“Come here, you pig!”

A black shadow pulled Lincoln’s neck.

A force he couldn’t resist.
He was dragged away from the lab without even struggling.


The doctor frowned and looked back.

Lincoln was nowhere to be seen.

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