After finishing his breakfast and taking Anna back to her room, Ricky started sweeping the yard.

A routine that’s been repeating itself every day but wasn’t boring.

The grace he received from God.
If he could repay it with such tasks, then he was willing to do it for the rest of his life.

“It is a gloomy day.”

The humidity was high too.

It seemed like it would rain.

It rained a lot in summer, so it wasn’t unusual.

He used to hate rain but couldn’t avoid it.
If he tried to escape from the rain by seeking shelter somewhere, he would be thrown out after they called him a beggar.

It was the same in Lival.
They never let others come in.
The only time they allowed it was when they used it for trashing others.

It rained as he stayed in the dirty alley with his younger sister.

Even if they could barely cover themselves with cloth, the cloth got wet, and so did they.

‘But not anymore.’

Ricky laughed.

Now he had shelter from the rain.

No one would hit him or bother him.

Everyone was happy and peaceful.

He loved it.


A nun called him.


“Bishop is calling you.”

Ricky tilted his head at that.

The first thing he thought was if he had done something wrong.
It was a habit since he was always scolded in the past or called if he did something wrong.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with that.

It was even safer now.


He did nothing.

And here, he wouldn’t have to make up excuses.

And even if he did something wrong.
The Bishop had never punished the children.
If kids did something wrong, he would only lecture them a little and tell them not to do it again.

Which was why Bishop’s call wasn’t scary.

“Hurry up.”

“Coming right away!”

Ricky moved.

He took the nun’s hand and headed to the office.

“Bishop, I am here.”

Our Ricky is here.”

Lincoln greeted Ricky with a friendly face.

Ricky turned beet red.



“Something to drink?”


At those words, the nun walked out of the room.

Ricky looked at the room with admiration.

Seeing that, the Bishop smiled.

“Is it your first time here?”

Coming here to see you…
It is the first time.
And it looks very nice.
Lots of books, soft carpet, and nice chairs.”

A miniature version of the huge chapel.

Ricky’s eyes twinkled.

Meanwhile, the nun came back with tea.

The Bishop sipped his tea and said.

“Are you happy with church life?”

“Yes! It is so good.
I have a place to sleep, not hungry anymore, and above all, I have parents like priests, nuns, and friends.”

“That is good.”

“It is all thanks to the Bishop.
Thank you so much.”

Ricky got up from his seat and bowed to Lincoln.

For him, Lincoln was a savior who brought him and Anna out of despair.
If the Zenith church hadn’t been started in the estate, they would have continued to live that hellish life.

“Everything is God’s will.
The fact that I found you and Anna, and you coming here, sitting here and us drinking tea together.
It all happened because God Zenith wanted this.”

God is great.

God is awesome.

God is omnipotent.

Ricky nodded.

Their savior was Lincoln, but in the end, it was because of God.

He didn’t promise to devote his whole life to God for nothing.
It was because they were given a fair chance at life because they experienced a miracle happen.

“I will be flesh and blood of Zenith.
I will become a priest who does his will.
And I will devote my life to living.”

“God Zenith will be pleased.”

Lincoln patted Ricky’s head.

“Why was I called?”

“Nothing much.
I was curious as to how you were doing.
I am glad you are doing well.”


Ricky laughed like a child.

Then he asked.

“Can I ask one thing?”


“I was wondering how Shino is doing these days.
Everyone in the orphanage talks about Shino.
How is he?”

In that place, he is praying for everyone.”

“I am glad.”

Shino was an orphan boy chosen by God.

He used to be jealous of him, but now he just wanted the kid to be fine.

“There will be good news tomorrow.”

“Good news?”

“You will find out tomorrow.”

Lincoln nodded with a friendly face.

‘If tomorrow comes.’

His eyes gleamed.

The next day was bright.

The morning passed, and the sun was in the middle of the sky.

Ricky, Anna, and Van were having lunch.

“Shino is doing well.”

“That is good.
But why were you called yesterday?”

Van asked, tearing his bread in half.
Yesterday he was out late as he went to do volunteer work, so he didn’t know what happened.

Dipping his bread in soup, Ricky answered.

He called as he wondered if the church life was okay.”



Anna opened her mouth and bit the bread soaked in soup.

Taking a full bite of the softened bread, Anna mumbled with the puffy cheeks.

It was so cute that Van kept staring at her.



“Don’t look at someone’s younger sister like that!”

“Damn it.
You idiot-for-your-sister!”

Tears welled up in Van’s eyes.

Ricky grinned and fed salad to Anna.

“Did you see the paladin who came at that time?”

Guess he went somewhere.
It has been a while since I last saw him.”

The children didn’t know anything about Paladin as they weren’t informed.

“He was so cool.”

It was the first time I had seen armor.”

“I also want to become a paladin later.”

“Isn’t the training really hard?”

“Even if it is hard, it is so cool!”

Van laughed.

If it is you, I think you can do it.
Because you are bigger than us and have good stamina too.”

Ricky saw Van as a boy of tenacity.

He wasn’t sure if the kid would ever become a paladin, but if he tried, he couldn’t.

At that moment, an announcement rang through the church.

[All priests, nuns, and believers staying within the church, please gather in the chapel after an hour.
All priests and nuns and believers staying within the church, please gather in the chapel after an hour.]

“brother, why?”

“I don’t know either.”

“What is up?”

The three of them lifted their heads from the plates at the announcement.

An hour later.

After some rest, they headed to the chapel.

Many people had come.

All sat down and waited for bishop Lincoln to come, who would sit at the podium.

Soon, Lincoln came up and greeted everyone.

“Did everyone have their lunch?”

“Yes.” Answered everyone.

Lincoln nodded and went straight to the point.

“I didn’t call for you for something major, but God Zenith has given me another oracle.”

The crowd whispered.

The last oracle was four days back, about choosing Shino.

You are right.
God wants someone again, this time.”

God wanted another one!

Everyone was shocked.
Who would it be this time? Was it them? Or someone else?

They didn’t say it out, but everyone wanted to be chosen.

Little ones who didn’t know anything, were brightly waiting for the name.

Even if they hate this, this is a blessing to them.’

Shino hated it.
but didn’t he become a paladin?

It is unusual for an orphan to become a paladin.

Although he was now a bug trapped in a small bottle.

‘He can be used again.’

That wasn't an important matter.

Lincoln’s eyes turned to Ricky, who was sitting at the corner.

He too, was looking at the Bishop with a nervous face.

The most desperate kid.

He was ready to do anything for his blind sister.

Lincoln opened his mouth.

“The one God Zenith wants is.”

He pointed his finger at Ricky.

It is you.”

That day.
The bells in Ricky’s head rang.

Jamie was watching the rain.

It had been raining since the day before.

It wasn’t unusual to rain, but why was it still raining?

“It is even turning cold.”


Jamie was sitting on his mother, Sears’ lap.

Sears rested her chin on her son’s head.

“It is a pity that we can’t enjoy the refreshments outside, but isn’t this day pretty too?”

“I like the smell of rain.”

“Your mom likes it too.
And it is even better when I watch it with my son.”

And she rubbed her cheek to his.

The situation, which he should have gotten used to but not used to till now, was painful for Jamie.


“Sarah is sleeping.
Is your magic training going well?”

“I read a lot of books.

“Indeed, my smart son!”

Sears hugged Jamie.

He felt like his body was going to explode!


“Ah! I hugged you a bit too hard.”

Realizing her mistake, she hastily let him go.

Jamie had turned pale.
Maybe it was because he didn’t have much tea time these days, so the expression of affection from his mother was intense.

“Which is why you need to have tea time every day with your mother.
Otherwise, your mother will be so lonely that she’ll act the way she did now.”

“… sorry.”

I am sorry.”

And Sears hugged again.

This time it was soft and pleasant.

But even that was uncomfortable for Jamie.

Then the butler came.

“Young Master, you have a visitor.”

“Hmm? Jamie?”

They referred to themselves as a friend… but a commoner.”

“A commoner friend?”

Sears looked at her son.

Jamie opened his mouth with a puzzled face.

“I don’t have anyone like a friend.”

None of the noble kids could be called his friend.

‘Ash Balle? Or was it Rebecca?’

Not the younger one, but Jamie was fond of the elder one.
However, they weren’t on the terms of friends.

They were the only nobles he knew, but a commoner…There was a friend once.

‘My friend died ten thousand years ago.’

“I thought so.
Then I will show them the way…”


Something flashed through his mind in an instant.

Of course, he didn’t think of him as a friend.
But the other person might have thought so.

“What did he say his name was?”

It was Ricky.”

“… he is my guest.”

“My Jamie has a friend! Mother is really happy!”

Sears patted his head.

Jamie felt uncomfortable at the touch and looked at the boy sitting across.

“G-Glad to meet you.
My name is Ricky.
I live in Zenith Church.”

“I see.
How did you meet my son?”

“Long while… back… night…”

“Wah! Mother, we want to play! Mother, you should leave!”

“Oh my? What is with you?”

As Ricky tried to tell the truth, Jamie screamed and pushed Sears away.

He pushed and pushed, but she wouldn’t move.

That is right, how strong can a 7-year-old be?

Still, he kept pushing.

“Hurry up! Quickly!”

Sears looked at her son with a puzzled face.

Even more shocking that Jamie was a son who has never acted like this?

Was it because he was in front of a friend?

After all, young kids share secrets with their friends.

‘But, 7-year-olds too?’

Do kids hit puberty at 7? Wasn’t that too early?

Sears' mind was confused, but could she ignore what her son wanted?

“Okay, okay.
Mother will go.
Instead, here.”

Sears pointed her finger at her cheek.

Jamie felt like he had been hit with lightning.

He looked at Ricky, who was watching them.

“… mother.”

“Hurry up and give me.”

My friend…”

“Then mother won’t go.”

Jamie was usually indifferent to it.
But not now!

He closed his eyes countless times.


“Indeed, my son’s kiss is the best.
If you need anything, tell me.”

Sears waved to Ricky and walked out.

Jamie looked at the ground with an expression that said he lost the world.

Ricky looked at Jamie and mumbled.

“I envy you.
You have a mother who loves you.”

Jamie glanced at him.

As an orphan, he didn’t know what it meant to be loved by a parent, and he could only try to understand it by looking at other families.

“I am sorry.”

He shouldn’t have shown such a scene in front of such a child.

If Sears had known, she wouldn’t have displayed such an expression of affection.

Jamie scratched his cheek.

I didn’t mean to say that.
I just wanted to see you.”

I didn’t care.”

He sat back and looked at Ricky.

What happened?”

Ricky was a commoner and an orphan.

At what Ricky said, bad-tempered nobles would resort to violence.
And Ricky should be mindful of the way he acted to nobles, especially those who would take up the title of next lord.

“Nothing much.
I thought I should tell you.”


“I was chosen.
So I will be leaving.”

Jamie’s eyes widened.

Chosen meant only one thing.

‘To become a chimera.’

Ricky’s fate was decided.

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