are not that sad?”

“Because I know everything.”

She didn’t show it today, but she knew Shiva had suffered so much.
Was it because he was a God that he had endured all this time?

Or was it because he didn’t want to give up until the end?

She always felt bad when she looked at him, but when he took his last breath, she felt better.

“My heart is a bit heavy, but I feel more relieved to think that he has been freed from the pain.”

“I see.”

“So it is your turn.
Follow the rest of what he gave you, and do well in the future.”

“That is burdensome.”

Isis spoke frankly.

Although she suddenly made progress due to her emotions, she became a God overnight, so it wasn’t easy to get used to.

Rather, it was burdensome.

She couldn’t immediately adapt to the change, and even though she had succeeded him, she would have to fulfill the will of the man whom she met for the first time today.

“It is not an easy task.
I get it.”

“Well, things will work out.
I’m not fighting alone.”

Now, she had colleagues beside her.
And among them, there were those who were ferocious too.

Compared to before, the situation has definitely improved a lot.
Even though the world was a mess, their chances of winning had increased.

Now that she had the confidence, she could try things again.

“Let’s go back.”

They had many things to do.

“I will put them in the subspace.
I will be with them during the funeral too.”


Isis expressed her gratitude for Mayatrey’s kindness.

Then she put her hand on Sarah’s head, who looked sad.

“Let’s go.
There is a lot for us to do.
You need to train a lot more so you can use what Shiva gave you.”

“So stop being sad.
Even Shiva wouldn’t like seeing you like this.”

How could a dead person feel sad now? But Sarah just nodded her head, and Isis led her warriors down the rocky mountain.

The water below was rough, with huge monsters appearing, but they were able to move forward without any glitches.

When they finally arrived on land, Mayatrey said,

“Since we are out of that place, let’s use Warp.”

The place where the rocky mountain was located wasn’t ideal for using magic like Warp.

It didn’t matter if it was magic similar to teleportation since it was as easy as breathing for the dragons, but Warp needed more accuracy even for the dragons.

“I will make the magic circle, so wait for a while.”

“Thanks to that, we can move comfortably, right? Sarah?”

“Ah? Ah, right.
We skip training!”

Sarah’s eyes shone.

It would take a lot of time to head back on foot, and then Isis would have trained her horribly all the way back.

Thinking that it was okay now, she felt relieved.

However, Sara felt something ominous in the way Isis laughed.


“W-Why are you smiling like that?”

“The faster we go, the more relaxed we move, and then… you roll on… no, train…”

She surely said roll.

Sarah tapped her ears, wondering if she heard something wrong.

“Let us go and train hard.
Doing it during break time is not to my liking.
Sweating from actual training is right.”

“Even when doing it at breaks, we sweat a lot.”

“Not enough.
It’s too short.
Do you understand Sarah? Stamina builds better when you keep going.”

Sarah felt her back become wet.

“I am ready.”

At that time, Mayatrey had completed the magic circle, and the coordinates were what Isis had informed her.

All the warriors stood on top of the magic circle.

She only had to activate it.
Mayatrey asked if everyone was ready.


When Isis was about to nod,

“Phew. I was almost late.”

A familiar voice pierced the ears of Isis.
And it wasn’t just her.
All the warriors turned to the spot where they heard the voice.

“I am glad that everyone is fine.”

“… Father.”

Hasyath smiled, looking at his daughter.

“Thank goodness you are back alive.”

“F-Father for real?”

Isis looked at her father in shock.

Her father faced Hungry Spirit all alone to save their race.
No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t go against a God, it was impossible.

She thought he was dead for sure too, so she couldn’t move.

Isis placed her hand on her sword.
The enemy could be deluding her.

It was purely an unwelcome situation, and Isis seemed heartbroken, but the safety of her people was more important.

“We need proof.
Prove that you are my father.”

“Look, Isis! That person is Mr.

Why are you doing this?”

A few warriors were shocked at her actions, but Isis didn’t care and looked at her father with cautious eyes.


Hasyath’s eyes widened in shock.
But he soon had a satisfied expression.

Rather, if you had come running, I would have been more disappointed.”


Proof, then this?”

Hasyath tapped the jewel on his finger.
The gem filled with light, and Hasyath’s aura glowed.

The power that Isis had seen and felt for a long time.

It was impossible for her to forget it.

Letting go of the sword, she ran straight to his arms.


It is me.
It is nice to see you again.”

“I thought you died…”

“I thought so too.
I got lucky.”

“I am glad you are alive.”

“Rather, a lot has changed.”

At a glance, Hasyath noticed the great power that Isis possessed.
She wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I have a lot of things to tell you.
Let us head back.”

Let’s do that.”

Normally they weren’t this friendly, but today they seemed to be the closest in the world.

Sarah, who watched this, recalled her old memories.
She wiped a drop of tears with her sleeve.

“Thank goodness.”

It was now time to head back.

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