Chapter 389 – New God (6)

Before Hungry Spirit surrendered to his instinct, Delphon’s power, Blood Explosion, was driving him hungry.

‘A-Am I really dying?’

The God’s red-stained body began to swell up as if it were about to burst.

They thought everything was over when the last explosion didn’t work, but they never thought there would be a trump card.

Hungry Spirit was suffering in agony.

It was different from before.
This could definitely kill him.

“I can do it!”

Sarah cried out in a voice full of hope, and at the same time, the God felt it.

The warriors around her seemed to be moving and in that sudden situation, Sarah didn’t know how to react.

‘What happened?’

The only thing that came to her mind was that question.

Her gaze turned to the God.

The white monster was standing on all fours and crying out like an animal.

Only its ugly mouth with its flicking, thick, long tongue could be seen on its white, bald head.

And those thin paper-like tentacles were wiggling.

Each time it moved, the dead bodies of the warriors increased one by one.

“All… all will die.”

It was impossible to go against a God in the first place.
It was all for nothing.


Karlovan, the strongest warrior here, managed to block the tentacles, but his sword couldn’t withstand them, so it broke.
Even his powerful aura couldn’t handle the power of the monster.

‘How much time do we have left?’

They were fighting to buy some time for Isis, as she was inheriting the power of the War God.

It seems like they have been holding on for a while now.

Isis, Sarah’s master, had to quickly come.

Otherwise, they would all be truly annihilated.


The warriors, who were hesitating around the monster, fell again as they were hit by the tentacles.

Sarah broke out in a cold sweat, and her legs were overwhelmed by fear.

She knew she could not run.

It was then….

“No one else but you.”

Mayatrey whispered in her ear.
Sarah looked back unexpectedly.

No one else but her?

She didn’t say it out loud, but Mayatrey who knew the answer to the question said,

“That guy.
You don’t have to be concerned about him.”

“… Uh?”

“Even if the warriors are falling down, you are fine.
The first time can be a coincidence, but given the range of attacks, it cannot be considered like that anymore.”

At that moment, the tentacles moved toward Mayatrey again.

Mayatrey spread the subspace magic and sent the tentacle elsewhere.


However, sending away the power of the God took a huge toll on her body.

Mayatrey groaned as she coughed up blood.

“Huk, huk.”


“Shhh….. He still hasn’t noticed you.
So you need to do it.”

“But how can I….”

Mayatrey raised her head.

“One thing.
There are skills that only your lineage can learn.”

Sarah’s eyes widened.
She remembered what Shiva had told her.

‘A chance will come.
A chance which only you can do.’

The power within your blood will reveal it.’

At first, she didn’t understand what that meant.
How could she do anything that the Ran warriors couldn’t?

However, what Mayatrey said now and what Shiva said were the same.

“The bead in his chest… you need to destroy it.
To do that, you need to get close to him at arm’s length.
Do you understand what I mean?”


Sarah spoke with a determined look.

Mayatrey smiled at this.

“I will give you a chance.
It will just be a short time, but it will be enough.”

“I know.
I will do my best.”

They didn’t know if it would work or not.

With Sarah’s skills, it would be impossible for her to scratch the body of the God.
But if Mayatrey said it, then the enemy must be unguarded.

‘Maybe Futlity Divide will work.’

The sword that cuts through air.

Because it could interfere with the space, it was something that only she could do, regardless of her strength.

Karlovan took his broken sword and ran forward.
The tentacles moved to sever his head.

Mayatrey activated her magic.

[Transcendent Magic: Sensory Change Multi Mirage]

[Transcendent Magic: Absolute Shield]

And the tentacles hit Karlovan’s sword again.
There were more cracks on the broken sword, and with the tentacles flying, a strong force could be felt, but the Absolute Shield stood in the way.


However, it was impossible to block the aftereffect even with the shield.
Fortunately, he bought some time.

A huge rock replaced Karlovan.

Mayatrey spurted blood again at the sensation of her body going past the limit.
She felt that her blood and energy were not functioning well.

It worked though.

Hungry Spirit mistook the stone for a warrior and took it as if he was going to eat it.


But the moment he put it in his mouth, he realized it was just a rock.

The illusion of Multi Mirage was released.

As Hungry Spirit came to his senses, he looked at Mayatrey.

Taking away Karlovan, she grinned, and said,

“I knew this would work.
Your mental capacity has weakened.”

Angered at the fact that he was made fun of and that his food was snatched away, he screamed.

[Welton’s Vision]

[Futility Divide]

He didn’t know when she came.
A girl whose existence was like a bug that he could step on at any time was aiming for the bead in his chest.


And her sword pierced it.

Sara’s eyes widened in joy.

“I-I did it!”

She didn’t think it would really happen, but the moment the God mistook a stone for Karlovan, she approached him.

If he noticed her, the plan would go to waste.
But oddly enough, the God didn’t even feel her.

It was for the same reason that humans didn’t care about ants walking next to their feet.

‘It would have been impossible if he hadn’t surrendered to its instincts.’

It was possible because it happened.
If the God had even a little bit of reasoning left, he wouldn’t have let Sarah get this close.

“Won! We won!”

Sarah drew her sword, and shards of beads crumbled to the ground.

And she slowly backed away.

If the bead was his weakness, then the God should die.
But the opponent was a God.
And she had to keep in mind the possibility that he wasn’t dead.

“You did well.”

Mayatrey approached her and placed Karlovan, who was unconscious, on the ground.

And she sat down too.
The other warriors didn’t understand what this meant.
Everyone stared at each other while pointing out their swords.

Mayatrey sighed and told Sarah,

“Without you, everyone would have been annihilated.”

“There are times when being weak helps too.”

It was a bit of a bittersweet thing.
She was treated worse than a bug, but she could sigh in relief at the thought of not being a burden.

“… thanks to you, I woke up.”

Mayatrey was startled when she heard a voice she shouldn’t have heard.

She immediately pulled Sarah behind her and spread the Absolute Shield open.

“Phew. To be treated like this.
You see, my pride took a hit.
In the meantime, this stomach of mine won’t stop rumbling.
My appetite is such a scary thing, you see.”

As Hungry Spirit covered the broken bead with his hand, light shone.

And when he took his hand away, the bead was back to its original state.

Sarah’s eyes widened.

“Kuak. Think of it as my lifeline.
To be precise, it isn’t my lifeline, but the bead sealed my consciousness.
So I only went on instinct.”

“Then why are you fine now?”

When the bead was restored by his own hand, his reasoning should have vanished, but now he seemed to be fine in both ways.

“Because I did the opposite.
This bead has now sealed my instinct.”

His eyes were different from before.

Should they be called calm?

Even before surrendering to his instinct, the guy had the intent to create havoc.

But now, it felt like he was a being that had detached himself from everything.

“I suppressed my instincts to grasp the situation with reasoning alone.
Now, I can do the things I need to do based on calculations alone.”

Hungry Spirit spoke as he was thinking.

“From now on, the methods you’ve used will not work anymore.
You don’t have many numbers left, and I won’t let the same thing happen twice.
Of course, the same goes for the attacks using the little bugs.
I declare that I will not miss even a single crawling bug.”

The God pulled out long, paper-like tentacles from his back.

“Everyone will be my food.”


The tentacles flew towards them with minimal movement, and not everyone could react.

The shield shattered like glass.
She couldn’t help it.


‘In the end, I can’t do anything…!’

Sarah extended her sword forward.
She thought she had done something, but it just felt like an illusion.

She felt that it was very unfair for her to die here like this.

Her sword broke.

In the first place, her sword could never do any damage.

It isn’t like you didn’t do anything.]

Shiva spoke to her again.

[You gave me enough time.
It was a task only you could do, and here is the merit for doing it.]


The summit shook, and someone appeared.

[Ability: Aegis]

Numerous shields flew toward the tentacles, blocking them.

Far from piercing anything, it stood firm, not letting the tentacles approach any further.

[Take a good look.
That is the ideal figure you should aim for.]

Sarah listened to Shiva’s voice and looked at the woman floating.
Her body was covered in blue armor, her beautiful blue hair was fluttering, and behind her were peacock feathers.

Her chest had a letter Y in gold, and blue flames moved like wheels on her boots.

Her head was tied with a snake-shaped cloth, and the jewel of the Rans was no longer on her forehead.

There was a crescent moon there.

[The God of War]

Isis vanished.

And when she appeared….


… Hungry Spirit’s body split in half.

Her large greatsword cut down his body, and he couldn’t even respond.

‘What is this?!’

He just glared at Isis in shock as soon as he noticed it.

He had to move, so he tried to put his body together.

But it was impossible.

‘No holy power…!’

No matter what he did, no strength came from the severed part.
Isis, who was watching, smiled.

“It is a flame that doesn’t let you regenerate.
You will not die nor live.”

“Y-You wench!!!”

“Do not think of a graceful death.”

Isis’s eyes were filled with rage.

“My revenge for my father starts now.”

Isis, who had ascended to heaven through sacrifice, unleashed the wrath of the Gods.

And Hungry Spirit could only feel despair.

A new God was born.

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