The undead legion began to awaken when the Reverse Heaven Gate was released.

Jamie gave them a simple order.

“Kill all the enemies.”


Dark Knight Bianca, who had completed her revenge, responded with her purple eyes.

Numerous undead soldiers followed behind her.

Although they were far less than the heavenly troops, they were immortals as long as they had Jamie’s black mana.

Zenith knew that and frowned.

“So annoying…”

However, there was something more annoying than this.

‘13th holy power?’

Most of the Nature Gods who were in Bless were either sealed or killed.

All that remained in the world were the 12 Gods of the world, and everything else was buried.

Another holy power could not be created because even its possibility was crushed.
Zenith frowned at the black holy power.

“What is this?”

Could it be that one of the 12 Gods arranged for it?

No, that cannot be.

Even the Sun God Ra couldn’t make a new holy power.
Holy power wasn’t something that could be created just because one wanted to.

Holy power is created when a great deal of madness, beliefs, and hopes combine to form something akin to a powerful obsession.

And it is quite a tricky thing.

Of course, nothing was impossible when it came to making holy power, but it was impossible in Bless.

This was the land ruled by the 12 Gods, and there weren’t enough humans to make a new holy power.

“Then what is…”

“The holy power of those you killed.”

The answer came from Jamie.

“From those I killed?”

“Those who fell victim to the world reset that you caused several times.”

Jamie pointed to Jormungand, who wielded her black holy power.

“That holy power is from those who hated you.”

Holy power is created by faith, belief, and hope.
A force that doesn’t necessarily have to be positive.
Zenith understood it then.

“This was your plan too.”


Jamie opened his mouth and began to use black mana and Starlight.

“It is a power that my subordinate obtained.
It has nothing to do with me.”

“… No.”

Zenith raised his eyebrow.

Despite having a drastically different appearance, the woman with black hair waving the scythe had a face that appeared familiar, even if it was difficult to discern due to the scythe’s black holy power covering her face.

“The World Devouring Snake…!”

“Yes, but you…”

Jamie appeared in front of Zenith.

“Where are you going that you have to take your eyes off me?”

The two forces—Starlight and black mana—merged and expanded.

Zenith shouted as he was swept away by a powerful current.

“This is the last ordeal! Fine! Let’s see this! Will you win? Or will I win?!!”


Jamie, who was ready with Balisada, shouted as it split open the space.

“I will be the winner, of course!”

Ricky was speechless as he watched the woman slaughter the heavenly troops with her black holy power.

So did the other three Apostles.

The 13th holy power, which appeared out of nowhere, confused them all.

“I have never heard of the 13th holy power.”

“Same here.”

“How can this happen?”

Pyro was the same, too.

-13th…? What is this…

She was now panicking since Jamie had not informed her of this.

Because she, like Zenith, believed that another holy power could not appear in the current world.

But Ricky was different.

He was taken aback at first, but the more he looked at the black holy power, the more similar it felt to black mana.

‘Is it because I have black mana that I can feel it?’

He wasn’t sure, but the 13th holy power had something to do with Jamie.

It seems like it has something to do with Jamie.’

-I was thinking the same thing.

However, this was not the end of their surprise.

They felt a strong wave of black mana from the place where Jamie was, and a black group was advancing toward the heavenly troops.

Ricky felt a sense of kinship with them, and they seemed to be the undead legion that Jamie led.

-It seems that he has no intention of hiding his power anymore.

Ricky nodded at Pyro’s words.

To him, Jamie had just displayed all the cards he could use.
However, this was a misunderstanding on the part of the two.

Jamie’s cards weren’t all out.


A loud cry made the entire land tremble, and something fell from the sky.

Falling might not be the right expression.

“That… what is that now?!”

The Apostle of Drian shouted with eyes wide open as something unbelievable was happening.

A black shadow was cast onto the entire battlefield.

A huge body towered high enough to block the sun.

It was so huge that it seemed like a being that could walk on mountains.

A super large black bull with three eyes shooting out dark blue spears between its horns.

-You fucking heavenly bugs! I will wipe you all out!


The dark blue energy gathered and began to sweep away the heavenly troops.

Some were able to block it because they were able to cast a barrier, but the blow was quite severe.
Black marks formed around the white wings of the heavenly troops.

It wasn’t as extreme as the woman with the 13th holy power, but this was still amazing.

“You two are running wild right from the start.”

It was then a boy with black hair descended between the four Apostles.
The young boy held a staff with a flower-like bud at its tip.

The boy closed his eyes.
Then he turned to Ricky with glowing purple eyes.

“It is the first time I have seen two energies coexist.”

“… are you on Jamie’s side?”

“As you can see, I am here to help.”

Said the boy.
And Prometheus looked at the other three Apostles.

“You people are so pitiful.
The Gods you worship have been taken down by Zenith, and even though you wanted to die, you couldn’t because of the other believers, and now you are obeying his orders.
In a way, you are the most pitiful existence on this battlefield.”


No one could speak.

The man’s blunt comments were too much.

Then Prometheus looked at the sky.

Even though Jormungand, Behemoth, and the undead were working hard, the heavenly troops were still descending.

‘Of course.’

Just because Diablo Volfir was sealed, things didn’t stop progressing.

The heavenly troops would have had plenty of time to evolve, so their evolution should not be surprising.

That meant that the real deal hadn’t even come out.

The new troops of Zenith.

Not only that, but the fight would take an unexpected turn if Zenith used his divine beasts and the power of the three gods he absorbed.

When that time comes, the fight between Jamie and Zenith will determine the outcome of the battle.

But all the cards haven’t been drawn yet.

Prometheus asked Ricky.

“Shouldn’t you bring out your heavenly troops too?”

Each of the 12 Gods had their own troops.
And if Zenith opened that of his, and the three he absorbed….

Then Pyro can also open hers to match the numbers, even by a little.

“The door to heaven can only be opened when Mother descends.”

The Heavens Gate wasn’t something that an Apostle could handle.

“Then, until she descends…”

Prometheus stabbed the staff he was holding to the ground.


There was a clear sound of water dropping.


“What do I do with you all?”

“I don’t know what he is doing, but he is a cocky little kid to act like this in front of three Apostles.”

The Apostle of Tantiras raised his holy power.


Several jet-black swords rose from Prometheus’s shadow and pierced his back.

It was the power of the God Tantiras.

“You should know your place!”

The Apostle of Drian, the God of Plunder and Violence, came close to Prometheus.

His fiery holy power rose from his right hand.
It was the symbol of violence.

“It is dangerous!”

Ricky hurriedly moved to Prometheus, but despite being pierced by the shadow sword, Prometheus was fine as he said,

“The sorcery has already begun.”

[Corresponding Field.]


A fist filled with the essence of violence crushed Prometheus’s clone.


The holy power exploded in a heavily compressed state.

It was a power that seemed like nothing more than a punch, but the power it held was like a raging volcano.

And if it accurately hit the target, his head would explode.


Drian’s Apostle laughed coldly, but it didn’t last long.


The Apostle of Khulun called out to him.


Drian’s Apostle saw the reddish aura in front of him.
He knew what it was without having to check it.



His left cheek had caved in, and the black mana hit half of his head, but that wasn’t all.


The Apostle of Tantiras was shocked.
He saw the sword of shadow sticking out of his stomach.

A voice was heard from within the smoke.

“Coordinated Field.
In the area where the technique is used, it applies to everyone.
In other words, if someone attacks me, they are also attacking themselves.

Prometheus appears intact now.

“I have been using the technique of Infinity Touch from the start, and I’ve set it to send all my damage to the Infinite Realm.”

“That is absurd…!”

“This is a thorough plan.
It is because both techniques cannot be used instantly.
That is to say, I came fully prepared to deal with you right from the start.”

Prometheus infused black mana into the ‘Road Flower’ with an eerie smile.

“Apostle of the Goddess.
You just focus on getting the Goddess to descend.
I will take care of these three.”

“Will you be fine?”


At Ricky’s question, he just shrugged.

“That is an order.
Failure to do so will result in death, so I need to do something, right?”



Monsters began to appear from an invisible place.
And Prometheus happily accepted them as he prepared for the next trick.

Women with fairy wings were waiting for someone with their heads bowed in a beautiful aisle of flowers.

The fairy, who was kneeling in front, raised her head as she looked at the entrance.

“The preparations are complete.”

With those words, a light red dress appeared from the aisle as it gently swept the grass.

Long, wide shoulders, a thin neck and collarbone, and reddish-pink hair that fell over it.

Big eyes and pale skin, with lips the same color as her hair.

“We greet the Queen.”

All the fairies bowed to their leader.
The Queen looked at them and smiled.

“Raise your heads, everyone.”

It was a bit awkward, but her voice felt as refined as she could make it.
The fairies raised their heads and looked at their Queen, who nodded and turned to the warp device in front of her.

Rubbing the ring on her hand, she said,

“I will not talk too long as I don’t want to keep you waiting.”

The ring began to glow and shine.
As the queen gripped it, the pink light grew stronger and turned red.

It began to wriggle as it took shape.

The Queen continued.

“We have been around for a long time.
A very, very long time.
I might not have been here for as long as you, but I know that my destiny is to send you into the free world.
To do that…”

What the Queen was holding now looked like a hammer.
A heavy one that needed both of her hands to be held, and she remembered her teacher for more than five years.

-Your foolishness has already turned this much.

The Queen smiled at that voice.

She said, thinking of one person in her mind.

“We will fight back.
Our Valkyries and forest fairies will once again enjoy freedom against the 12 Gods!”

The eyes of the fairies widened as they felt something welling up in their hearts.

Even though a lot of time had passed, nothing had changed.
They were still Valkyries, even though they had been defeated by the 12 Gods and forced to flee into the forest.

Longing for freedom!

The Valkyrie’s Queen, Venna, declared to everyone.

“Our Valkyries will help Jamie Welton drive out Zenith, one of the 12 Gods!”

Help master.

Venna’s eyes and hair turned bright red.
A unique color only those with the Queen gene were born with.

Something like a flame broke out on her back.
They were special wings.

“Let’s move.
We are the mighty female warriors of the forest, the Valkyrie! Let us drive out the Gods!”

Venna was the first to step out, followed by countless Valkyries.

They headed to the large portal.
The time had come for them to claim their lost freedom.

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