A colleague of Diablo Volfir and a man who made a name for himself, along with the strongest swordsman called Jeok Joon-kyung.

His talent was absolutely brilliant from the moment he was born, and he was the first man to shock the unrivaled swordsmanship of Jeok Joon-kyung.

Four apostles fell by his hand, and he had cut down the soldiers of heaven one after another.
A monster whom even the 12 Gods felt threatened.

“Ahh! It feels so different from back then.”

Zenith entered his body.
Although this wasn’t the body of Diomedes that existed more than 60,000 years ago, his reincarnation was still too amazing.

All the causality was concentrated within this body.
And this causality was what was gathered from the war.

Zenith was the God of War and Peace.
The existence of war made him gain power.

“War is such a good thing.”

Without having to fill the causality with stressful methods, he could just accumulate it from the war.

Zenith smiled.

“Now, where should I test the strength I gained.”

“What do I do?”


He saw Lily with her arms behind her back.
She was an old friend, so he had to keep her alive for now, but she wasn’t such a useful one.

She didn’t even have a high combat power, so even if she fought against Pyro, would she be able to last a minute at least?

Moreover, since he himself managed to attain a divine status, he was not a man driven by sexual desires, so he had no intention of touching this woman.

In the first place, since the long time they have known each other, such an emotion didn’t linger on him.

It would be most efficient to take her power.

‘Though taking that wouldn’t increase mine by much.’

He hadn’t yet fully digested the power of the three Gods he absorbed.

And he would have to eat one more of them? Zenith shrugged it off and said,

“Keep Pyro in check because she might suddenly intervene.”

“I get it.”

He didn’t expect much from her.
Zenith approached the lake, which showed the land, and took a step.


Holy power overflowed within, and he smiled with his eyes open at the strength he was feeling.

“I am coming.”


A huge amount of holy power fell from the sky to the ground and was enormous enough to cover the entire battlefield.

This was something that no human had ever experienced, and its presence numbed them.

Zenith’s believers knew it was him and kneeled down immediately to honor their God.

Pyro’s believers lost all hope at this.

A God was descending.

“That bastard.”

The air trembled.

“As always, he makes a lot of noise when appearing.”


Black lightning rang from the sky and fell to the ground.

“Too much for an entrance.”

He watched the black lightning scatter ahead and turned in the direction where Zenith was.

All human beings looked as small as ants, but now they were clear, and there was an emerald-haired man with purple energy that he hated to see.

Diablo Volfir.

Your name is Jamie Welton now?”

Names didn’t matter now.
Zenith smiled and said,

“It has been a while.”


Jamie, who had moved in front of him before he knew it, said,

“Now die.”

Black mana exploded.

Zenith laughed and moved.

If it were in the past, he would have suffered greatly from that, but not now.
Of course, with the long experience they had, this man’s attacks didn’t end with one hit.

‘Because his uniqueness is to not let go of the flow he grabs.’

His attacks were tenacious and relentless.
He looked for the weak spot of the opponent to kill him.

Witnessing that, the rays of the black light in the sky all fell towards him.
As Zenith waved his hand, they all exploded right into the sky.

It was a power that shocked even space.

“I heard you absorbed some Gods, so now you know how to stop it?”

Jamie jumped through space before anyone could realize it and thrust the sword into the face of his opponent.

Zenith lightly dodged it and created a shockwave, which made Jamie’s body get pushed back.

“So, you’ve mastered the sword? Wasn’t it a vial and staff the last time?”

“There were times like such.”

“You have changed too much.”

“I haven’t changed my thoughts about killing you, so don’t worry!”

Jamie leaped again and lowered Balisada.

The Red Dragon’s flames burned the space around it.
It was so insignificant that Zenith didn’t have to dodge.

“The power of a lizard…”

“I knew you would be like this.”

He had predicted Zenith’s arrogant nature and that he wouldn’t dodge the attack.

Jamie grinned and reached for the flames in the air.

“Black Flame.”

The bright red flame turned dark purple.

Zenith frowned as he stepped back, and Jamie emerged from behind using Futility Divide.


His body was split into oblique lines.

Zenith frowned.

“You read it.
That was your power?”

[Future Walker.]

It was Jamie’s power to see the possibilities.

When he fought with Zenith in the past, the gap felt so great that Future Walker didn’t work properly.

Because of that, he was unaware of Zenith’s presence, but not now.

“You absorbed a God?”

Jamie mocked him.

“And you thought you could beat me with that?”

Throughout all his life, not once had Zenith beat him.
He had literally never defeated Diablo Volfir.

“You can never beat me.”

Jamie drew a creepy smile.
An expression he had never made in this life.

But when Zenith saw it, he spoke happily.

“Right, that is it.
Even if your face has changed, that expression suits you better!”

The separated body was reunited.

“But you see.”

Enormous holy power began to surround Zenith, making the cells within his body activate and his body shine.

The spear was also slowly being summoned to his side, and he grabbed it with his right hand.

“Your attacks do not hurt at all.”

In the past, it was an attack he would have struggled to survive, but now, despite the few hits, he didn’t feel the slightest pain.

“I have become too strong.”

He once thought that this is what it means to be a God.

Zenith looked at Jamie with a relaxed face.

He had a stiff expression, but it was worth seeing more than he thought, so he couldn’t stop smiling.

“What is it? Are you afraid of me?”

Jamie answered the question.

“Insane bastard.”

Jamie let go of his stiff expression and smiled.

“If I asked you if you were scared of the guy who always beat you up, would you say ‘yes, I am scared?’”


“I cannot even talk to you properly because you have gone full-on narcissistic just because you gained a little power.”

“You are blinded by fear and continue to spew nonsense!”

As if he couldn’t listen to this anymore, Zenith swung his spear.

The power it held felt like the sky was being split open, and even though it didn’t reach down, the ground was cracking.

But Jamie didn’t move.

He said this while looking at the tip of the spear.

“You, get ready.”

-For real, this is a fight beyond what I imagined.

Saying that, Seti activated ‘Trinity.’

The strongest artifact that was born from the fusion of Jamie’s three strongest artifacts was now covering his body.

Unlike when he used the Black Suit as the medium, his skin was covered in something white.
It was like a second skin.

And golden lines stretched out over it.

The helm had an open space for the mouth and a Y shape at the eyes for seeing.

This thing was created on the principle of Starlight and had an explosive force.

-Connection complete.


His voice had turned into a slightly mechanical one.

Jamie slowly raised his hand, feeling the power of Trinity.

And he caught the falling spear with precision.


He just held on, but the pressure of the tremendous force pressed against the space where he stood.

Zenith asked with shocked eyes,

“What is this now?”

To hold his spear with one hand was something even Diablo Volfir never did in his time.

This wasn’t something that could be blocked so easily.

Jamie was frowning, too, as he watched his hand slide down.

Indeed, the power of Zenith now is different from the past.
He pulled his hand out by pushing the spear to the other side.

And feeling the pain…

[Seems like he meant to kill you.]

-Form change Balisada Ver.

Instead of flames, the power of Starlight shone from Balisada.


[Extreme movement.]

Zenith looked at the flying blade and grinned.

“This is fun.”

The spear and sword collided.

The heavens and earth vibrated several times.

The soldiers on each side had no choice but to watch the sky shake.

“What the hell is happening?”

One of Pyro’s soldiers mumbled.
He knew that the God Zenith had descended on the land.

So they felt despair over it.
This was because the Goddess didn’t show signs of descending.

All of them were no different from dead people now.


“Who is God Zenith fighting?”

Whenever Zenith’s holy power and this purple light collided, there were sparks in the sky.

And as far as they knew, none of the 12 Gods had a holy power of that color.

Then this is a different existence…

‘Does this mean that there are people in the world who can stand up to Gods?’


Maybe Ran or the High Elves, then?


They knew that the three races were a lot stronger than humans, but not strong enough to handle the Gods.

And it was then…

“The war is not over yet!”

“Kill the bastards of Pyro!”

Zenith’s army, which was bowing down, suddenly got up, grabbed their weapons, and began to charge ahead.

“S-Stop them!”

“Do not let them go!”

The battle of the divine beings had begun, but that didn’t mean that the fight on the ground was over.
As a result, the winner of the fight above would be the winner of the battlefield, but the ones on the ground should win too.

If they don’t, the win above would be meaningless.

You must prepare for my descent.

Pyro spoke to Ricky, who answered by giving holy power to Lars.

“I understand.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Jamie, but this wasn’t a one-on-one fight.
If the two of them worked together, killing Zenith would be faster.

‘As long as she chooses to descend in my body, Mother’s causality won’t be perfect.’

But her holy power would be enough to help Jamie unless there was another intruder.

“… it cannot be like this.”

Ricky felt three large presences approaching this place.

Although the presence of the two was hidden, they seemed to be Apostles.

The Apostles of Drian, Khulun, and Tantiras, whom Zenith absorbed.

How could they still have the power of an Apostle after losing their Gods?

‘It has to be because Zenith gave them rights.’

Even so, he didn’t understand why they were following the God who killed theirs.

Perhaps some hidden circumstance?

Ricky hid Lars, who had recovered to some extent into the subspace, and stood up.

He had to buy enough time until Pyro was ready.

“Apostle of the Goddess.
I do not have any ill feelings towards you, but the situation requires me to, so please understand.”

The man in the middle with drooping eyes spoke.

Ricky held the Holy Sword silently.

The war, which had halted for a while, started again.

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