“Damn it.
Am I some kind of an errand boy?”

Beiros, who landed on the roof of some building, frowned.

“Stop whining.”

“You won’t complain?”

“Nothing will change from doing that.
I will only be hit on the head by the teacher if I do.”

“Damn it.”

Ann, who was hanging by his shoulder, spoke, but he didn’t really respond to her.

About an hour back, they lay face down near Seldam’s capital.

Jamie arrived and saved them from being attacked by the God of Nothingness and sent them here.

After the fight, Jamie woke them up and gave them work to do.

‘By now, all the people in the Magic World who were swallowed up must be back in their original places.
So recover with them and prepare for war.’

Beiros asked why he had to do such a troublesome thing, and just as Ann had said, he got hit on the head.

It was a flick to the head that made him lose consciousness again.

“I still have a lump!”

“Shut it!’

His head had this round lump on it.

Beiros who didn’t realize the hit would be this hard, screamed.

‘To think that a military captain is being used for something like this.’

If he was going to be used as an errand body, why bring him from Devildom!

He could have just brought some low-level demons to do his work.

“People are really back.”

As Ann said, he could see people all around the streets.

It was a ghost town with no one in sight before, but now, just like Jamie said, everyone was back.

But no one regained consciousness.

The two landed on the central Magic Tower.

Ann got off Beiros’s shoulder and opened the main door as she headed straight for Jamie’s lab.

“We need to wake Lennon first.”

“Do what you want to.”

Beiros stood still with his hands behind his back, unconcerned, while Ann looked at him.

“Teacher must have thought it through.
Could he have considered someone as powerful as you for a simple errand boy?”


“I believe that everything has a meaning.”

Ann smiled.

Beiro looked at Ann, who was trying to comfort a demon much older than her, and smiled.

“Please, a young one trying to comfort me.”

“Even though I am young, I can comfort you.
And this isn’t just comfort.
I really think the teacher had a meaning behind this.”

“We are here.”

The elevator door opened, and the two proceeded directly to the laboratory.

The first place one would think of studying theories was Lab 1, which was where Lennon was attacked.

When they opened the door, Lennon lay face down on the desk.


Ann ran up to him and shook his body.

“Lennon! Lennon!”

But he showed no signs of waking up, and reluctantly, she laid him on the ground and took out her wand.

Beiros, who was watching, asked,

“What are you doing?”

“If he doesn’t wake up from the shock, we’ll merely have to shock his body more.”

“… shock?”

“Lennon, wake up!”



He could see streaks of yellow lightning running through Lennon’s body.

Beiros frowned.

He didn’t think that she would shock him with lightning.

Ann knelt down with a bright face and shook him again.

“Lennon, get up!”

“W-What? What is it?”

Rather, are you fine?”

Beiros bit his tongue at the sight of Ann, acting as if the lightning had nothing to do with her.

‘Like teacher like disciple.’

He could see how they resembled each other.

In the meantime, the redhead who was hit with lightning woke up and blinked his eyes, not realizing what had happened.


“Thank God.
I am so glad you woke up!”

“What happened? Where are they… ack! What is that monster?!”

Lennon looked puzzled at Ann and screamed at the blue-skinned Beiros who was behind Ann.

Beiros sighed and said,

“There isn’t even one normal person among his disciples.”

Seeing the demon and screaming in his face, at least Ann wasn’t as shocked as him.

“Not a monster, a subordinate for Teacher.”


“Too long to explain.
We need to gather people now, so I will explain later.”

As Ann stated, the priority right now is to prepare the people here, and in order to accomplish so, the strong people must be woken up.

The 5th elder, Luke, who was the temporary head of the Magic World, had to be lying there.

As expected, Luke was in the chair as if he were dead, and Adelhart, the 6th elder, lay on the floor.

The two of them seemed to have been defeated.

“Even the elders got taken down?”

Lennon displayed a broken expression.

“Lennon, you wake the 6th elder, I will wake the 5th elder.”


Ann shook Luke a couple of times, and when he didn’t wake up, she pulled out her wand again.

Lennon, who was trying to wake Adelhart, titled his head.

“Ann? Why take the wand…”



Luke convulsed and jumped up from the chair.

Black smoke could be seen rising from his nose, ears, and mouth.

Seeing this, Lennon felt his entire body tingle as if a memory had passed through it.

He stared at Beiros, who was leaning against the door and watched him.
He made a mocking expression.

“Yah! Ann!”

Lennon’s angry cry echoed through the tower.

“Next time something like this happens, sprinkle water on me.

Luke cleared his throat and sighed at the black smoke, which continued to come out.

Ann just scratched her neck with a puzzled expression.

Adelhart, who was sitting across, made an expression as if she didn’t understand.

“Why are you so similar to your teacher?”

“I will take that as a compliment.”

“The same boldness, rather.”

She turned to Beiros, who was lying on the couch.

He looked quite pleased with the position, and Lennon was quick to adjust, but not the two elders.
As they looked disapprovingly, Ann said,

“Teacher’s subordinate.”

“3rd elder?”

“Was there a race with blue skin?”

“You seem to be too curious for an idiot who couldn’t hold his ground.”


Adel jumped up in response to Beiros’s remark that she had faltered in the fight.

“Why? Did I say something wrong?”

“This one is seriously….!”

“Adel, stop.
You won’t win the fight.”

As Adel tried to pull out her staff, Luke held her arm and forced her to sit down.

Beiros deemed the man superior to the woman because he appeared more composed.

In terms of skills, the man was stronger, but neither of them could compete with him.

“You seem to have good instincts?”

“The reason the 3rd elder sent you here is that he has strong powers.”

I have no idea what he is thinking.”

“But why are you acting like this? You were quite polite when the teacher was around.”

“Shut it!”

Beiros yelled and erupted in a rage after Ann stabbed him with hurtful remarks.


Adel covered her mouth.

Anyone could see that she was suppressing her laugh, but since Ann’s words were true, no one bothered responding to what she said.

This tied the match at 1-1.

“Stop this.”

Luke tapped on the table and focused his gaze on Ann.

“Ann, tell me everything that happened.
As I said, even though I couldn’t protect the Magic World this time, I will do anything to protect it in the future.
And to do that, I will need all the information you have.”

What I am about to say is entirely true.
Therefore, do not be startled and listen calmly.”

Ann began to talk.

“Are you fine?”

Hawks looked at Isis’s haggard face, which looked anxious.

She smiled.

Even though she had wounds on her body, she still looked as beautiful as ever, but that was just her physical appearance.

Her insides were screaming to the point of death under the influence of overusing Gram.

Gram which affects the body of its user, made her organs, bones, and nerves almost useless.
They did treat her the best they could, but she didn’t seem to have many chances.

“The others?”

Even in the midst of this, Isis was worried more about others than herself.

Hawks sighed.

“Everyone is resting.”

“And the deceased?”

“We don’t know.
We haven’t checked it yet.”

“Many must have died.”

In order to bring down the Dragon God, Frontier had to lose most of its power.

If they were losing so many as a sacrifice to take down one God, then how many should be given up to defeat another God?

Fortunately, they succeeded in killing Brahman, their target.

‘But our strength alone wasn’t enough.’

The black woman and boy joined in the fight between Behemoth and Brahman.

According to Han, they defeated Brahman with Behemoth’s help.

And then they disappeared elsewhere with Behemoth.

She wanted to hear an explanation, but they left too fast.

“What about the future of Frontier?”

In Hawk’s eyes, Frontier couldn’t be operated any longer.

“You handle it.”



She now had a body incapable of fighting.

She had to employ every ounce of strength in her body, together with Gram, to execute the best slash possible to decapitate the Dragon God.

She ended up in her current state as a result.

Isis was now just a powerless Ran.

But at least she was alive due to her race’s strong body.

“I cannot do anything anymore.
You can lead the Frontier.”

“But I…”

“You can do it, Hawks.”

Isis smiled bitterly.

Hawks had no choice but to close his eyes, and it was then…


A tired-looking Ran named Clark, who had gray hair and bandages covering his body, approached.

“What is it?”

Clark was in just as bad of shape as Isis after taking the Breath of the Dragon God head-on during the battle.

But he was in a far better condition, considering how he was walking with bandages around.

Even so, everyone could see that the damage he sustained was severe, but Clark didn’t care.

He pointed out to Isis and said,

“We have a guest.”


“An important guest, so Hawks, you need to move.”

“Who is it that…”

It was when Hawks stood up from his position to confirm the guest’s identity.
He couldn’t even react as someone passed by.

He couldn’t recognize it properly and turned his head in a hurry to see the man standing in front of Isis.

Clark got down on one knee with a tired face.

“I greet the lord of Ran.”

The King of Ran came in person to meet his daughter.

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