Chapter 45: Mindset (2)

Preparations went quickly.

The Blue clan had a strong atmosphere of rejection even among dragons, so it was not difficult to deceive their eyes.

Thank you it was very easy.

”What is that? ”

One of the blue dragons asked Han who was organizing something.

”You mean this? ”

Han smiled and lifted a silver rod about three meters long.

At first glance, it looked like an ordinary rod, but if you know its true value, you will not be able to say that it is ordinary.

”It ’s a great piece of equipment made by our wizard. ”

”Your wizard? Aren ’t you human?

”An elf wizard.
High elf blood.
What a supreme state. ”


Even though I said ’the supreme state ’, the Blue Dragon answered roughly with a face that said what it was.

Seriously, the supreme state of the dragons, who are called the masters of magic, isn ’t it?

Han brushed his taste buds and cleaned the sticks again.

So was the other side.

While the dragons were attached one by one, they were organizing things together or setting up something.

”That ’s great .
Did the elf ’s artifact technology reach this far? ”

Photonize Mana.
This is innovation.
If we could understand the structure, we might be able to open up new magical horizons! ”

”How about this? It is an integrated portal device that connects subspace and subspace.
A product that even dragons could not create, this little girl…
! ”

Dragons of some age were gathering around Nel-Sharan, observing the artifacts she had made.

Even as dragons, the things she made were all enormous.

In particular, the photon system modeled after Jamie ’s Holy Light was an opportunity to completely change the dragon ’s magic system in the future.

Boo . ”

The problem is that Nell-Charan, who suffers from Servant Syndrome, suffers from severe social phobia unless he cares.

She was in a state of semi-panic as she looked at the dragons that came out of nowhere.

”My, mine If you touch…
Whoa! ”

”It ’s okay, it ’s okay. ”

Her cousin Braha laughed awkwardly as she teased her from behind.

Still, when the dragons praised the work that her younger sister made, she was proud of it.

When such a heartwarming (?) scene was being produced, the situation was different in other places.

There was no such thing as a perfect combination.

I don ’t trust you very much.

That ’s what the young male dragon said to the hawks who were packing hard.

Of course, the Hawks didn ’t just pass by.

”Are you arguing? ”

”The cheeky thing.
Are you really comfortable talking about joins? ”

”We have come as an equal ally.
If you don ’t even treat me like that, why should I make you uncomfortable? ”

”Equal alliance? You ’re funny.
If we fight, you only assist from behind. ”

”You cheeky lizard guy.
follow me Let me change your habit. ”

” Are you crazy? ”

The sudden provocation of the young dragon was aimed at the already angry Join Hawks.

Thanks to that, it went to an instant situation, but fortunately, an older dragon intervened and it did not escalate into a fight.

What nonsense are you talking to your allies? ”

”No, no. ”

”This cheeky bastard.
Since I was little, I was brought up too much.
Join, I ’ll apologize for you.
He only lived for a thousand years, so he doesn ’t know what the world is like. ”

It was a beautiful woman who looked exactly like a young dragon called Cabella, and her name was Casirbella.

She was a Jackie Chan who lived a thousand years longer than her younger sister, Cabella, and she was a woman with all the characteristics of the Blue clan.

Hawks was still annoyed, but nodded at her sincere young apology.

”I wish I could take good care of my little brother. ”

Of course, the words didn ’t come out nicely.

”What Whoops! ”

At those words, Cabella tried to go out again, but Cassirbella slammed his head against the wall.

I get it.

Then he disappeared to another place, carrying his unconscious brother on his shoulders.

It seemed to be a separate discipline.

The Hawks looked in the direction she had disappeared and saw the wall where Cabella ’s face had been pierced.

Huge cracks in the wall spread all over the place.

I didn ’t do it that hard, but to leave such a mark.

Even in polymorph state.

”I can ’t fight her. ”

The Hawks were surprisingly calm in judging the situation.

* * *

Isis was meditating while looking at the Crispi Falls, which was only allowed to the Blue clan.

As a courtesy to the alliance, the waterfall was also opened to the Frontier.

This was one of the closest places to the ’Bless ’ Core, where there is very little mana in the Dragon Mountains.

”How are you? ”

”Even though I ’m just meditating, I can feel the mana build up in my body.
To have monopolized this kind of thing, dragons are a very blessed race. ”

”It ’s a blessing .
There have been times when It is now abandoned, though. ”

Chiron Seira looked at the coolly flowing waterfall with her back.

Although he had lived for ten thousand years, he always felt refreshed when he came here.

It was especially so today.

Maybe it ’s because it ’s a day to do something that shouldn ’t be done.

’Revolt against the Creator. ’

The dragon god Brahman who created all dragons.

Although the first dragon he created no longer existed in the world, his descendants themselves were still subordinate to Brahman.

I ’m going to break it today.

Even if this is an act that violates the Heavenly Law, the dragon was born this way.

Without giving in to the Creator, he is more steadfast than anyone else.

I will express my injustice according to the recognition that I am a great being while valuing my self-esteem.

Just as her granddaughter Maya Trey did 700 years ago for a human named Ganon.

”Are you and I the only ones facing the dragon god? ”

We are not trying to commit suicide. ”

I ’m glad you ’re aware of that.

”I have a secret trick to catch the half dragon god. ”

”Are you talking about that little bull? ”

Chironsera remembered the little bull Isis was wearing on his side.

What the hell is that insignificant little creature, why is she talking like this?

”It ’s Behemoth. ”

”Behemoth? I remember hearing it somewhere…
. ”

He had lived long enough to be counted among the dragon clan, and he knew a lot because he was a dragon closely related to the 12 gods.

”I think I remember seeing it in an old book. ”

”If you say Chiron Seira is old, it must be really old. ”

”Because it was a book made by the first generation. ”

The past was so long that it was difficult to guess how many thousands of years ago it was for a first-generation dragon.

It was just surprising that books written at that time still exist.

”Because we can keep the dragon ’s warehouse forever as long as we don ’t disappear. ”

That is the magic of dragons.

Chiron Seira thought that she was worried about it, and then her wrinkled eyes flashed and said as soon as she remembered it.

”I remembered.
Behemoth, a monster whose size reached beyond the sky.
It was written that it was the product of a mighty warlock who was said to have swept huge mountain ranges with a single step and slaughtered dozens of dragons with its large horns. ”

”You have a good memory. ”

”It was one of the most powerful enemies to be subjugated, but there was a phrase that my ancestor who wrote it regretted that it failed to subdue in the end. ”

If the book was written from the dragon ’s point of view, the Behemoth would have been portrayed very viciously.

It was natural.

In terms of strength alone, Diablo Volfir ’s strongest workhorse was Behemoth.

If it was the strength of its heyday, it could not even be an opponent unless it was a dragon or a few old dragons.

Isis said with a smile.

”That little bull is a Behemoth. ”

” Really? But, where did you say you couldn ’t find it no matter how much you searched for it?

”It was very secretive.
We ’ve been looking for him for a very long time.

I found him a thousand years ago and signed a contract so that I can borrow his power now.

”Then where is the warlock who said he did it? ”

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A human warlock who wielded many powerful monsters and fought against the 12 gods.

It was one of the biggest reasons why the current 12 gods treat humans like slaves.

Since the whole world was swayed by just one human being, there was no reason not to be afraid of its terrifying potential.

Because of that, people today have their powers sealed, worship the 12 gods, and live like slaves.

”Sooner or later, the world will be plunged into great chaos. ”

”A crucible of confusion? ”

He also woke up. ”

” You mean the Warlock? ”

”Stop getting up. ”

Isis refused to answer.

Because that wasn ’t the answer she deserved.

Even Chironsei, who noticed it, didn ’t ask questions.

If there is a big chaos in the world soon, you will know it even if you don ’t want to know it.

”Now, it ’s time to start slowly. ”

Isis held the thunder dragon sword Gram in her hand and drew out the power of Ranseok embedded in her forehead.

A blue energy flowing beautifully like a wave flowed through her body.

Chiron Seira asked.

”Are you finished with your mindset? ”

Isis answered, raising Gram ’s brain energy.

”It ’s over. ”

”Then let the war begin. ”

That evening.

A huge number of blue dragons appeared in the realm of the Red clan, which settled in the southern part of the Dragon Mountains.

And the dragon civil war broke out with the blue breath.

* * *

”Lord! The Blue clan has rebelled! ”

The Dragon Lord Acacia sat on the Dragon Throne and listened to reports flying incessantly.

The Blue clan invaded the Red clan.

The Blue clan invaded the Black clan.

The Blue clan invaded the Green clan.

The Blue clan invaded the White clan.

’Chiron Seira. ’

Acacia thought of Chiron Seira, the head of the Blue clan.

He was the last one, and he had been working hard for the revival and maintenance of dragons for a very long time.

However, after the incident 700 years ago, the Blue clan began to diverge little by little around him.

”Did it finally happen? ”

Even so, I had no idea that it would cause a real rebellion.

No matter how much the dragon god rejected the blue clan, the dragon was one in the end.

It was clear that he would forgive them someday, and since dragons are a race that lives for a long time, it was just a matter of being patient and waiting.

But why are you doing something so stupid?

Even if the Chiron Seira was one of the best monsters among dragons, it was impossible for them to deal with the entire dragon on their own.

”Lord! ”

At that time, another dragon rushed up and knelt in front of him and reported.

”There is a force colluding with the Blue Clan! ”

”A collusive force? ”

”It seems to be a multi-ethnic force.
Their chief is currently presumed to be Ran. ”

”What? You mean Ran gave power to the Blue clan? ”

”It didn ’t seem like that, but there were only two instances of Ran.
The rest were joined by various races such as joins, humans, and elves. ”

Acacia was absurd.

The rebellion of the Blue clan also gives me a headache, but it ’s like an outside race like Budge intervening in the dragon ’s affairs.

Since he is the calmest and most intelligent gold dragon, he would have already been sortieing if it was black or red.

”How is the situation? ”

”The Red Clan, which was the first to be unilaterally attacked, suffered considerable damage.
The rest of the clan is fighting, and it is said that the Black clan is the only one in a situation where it is overwhelming! ”

The Red clan was swept away by a sudden blow in the middle of the night.

No matter how much a dragon was, it was normal for it to melt if it was hit defenselessly by the breath emitted by the same dragon.

Furthermore, the Blue Dragon, who commanded the Red Clan ’s surprise, was the elder of the next clan after Chiron Seira.

Its power had to be sacrificed even for the same old dragon level.

”I was too careless.
I should have kept the Blue clan in check…
. ”

”It is too late to regret.
Call up an elite army.
I will direct it myself. ”

”Lord. ”

Acacia rose from the dragon throne.

He received the most blessings from the dragon god Brahman, and even without that blessing, he was said to be the strongest dragon.

The Blue clan is the most elaborate clan of all dragons.

I wouldn ’t have moved if I didn ’t have a chance.

Perhaps you have already prepared yourself.

Even so, not doing so will only make things worse.

”You must report to the dragon god.
contents is . ”

Acacia ’s body suddenly swelled, and golden scales began to sprout from her body.

He, who had grown to a size of several kilometers in an instant, spread his gigantic wings and spoke.

[This is a reorganization of the Blue Clan.]


All of the Blue clan will be sorted out.

And you will be born anew

[let ’s go! My children, put an end to all the traitors!!]


The Dragon Lord roared.

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