He never expected those words to come from the mouth of Ra.

-You must be surprised.
Didn’t you expect me to be this honest?

Jamie remained silent, and Ra spoke with a sly grin.

-What does it mean to have to stand up in some righteous light in front of you? You would be angry if I told you that I am the true God of this land.
Just like Pyro was.

When it was mentioned, Pyro shrugged.
Jamie glanced at her and back to Ra.

“Why did you appear in front of me? Judging from your attitude, you aren’t here to fight.”

-Haha, as I said before, I will be blunt.
The fight itself wouldn’t be working.

“One won’t know unless they try.”


As Jamie raised the energy, Ra held out his index finger.

-It is all for nothing Jamie Welton.
You feel the gap between you and me.
You know the huge difference between us.
Still, to provoke me is nothing more than a growl of a frightened dog.
And I call that a rarity.

“You talk a lot more than I thought.”

-I’m being considerate.
It is the consideration of the person who doesn’t want to harm you yet.

“You make those same sounds that are making my stomach churn!”

Jamie took the Longinous in hand and shoved it into the face of Ra.


Sparks flew around the head.
However, the hole in the head was naturally filled back, and Longinus began to get swallowed.

-Cursed spear? It almost killed Zenith.
It was quite interesting back then, but now that I experienced it, it isn’t as impressive as I thought.

“Why did you come…!”

Jamie was annoyed as he watched Longinus get engulfed by the light.

Ra looked at him, revealing his lips.

“First, Pyro is trying to say something presumptuous.
I came here to shut her down.’

The voice, which sounded like metal sheet rubbing, turned more human-like.

“And to alert you.”


“You are aiming for all the 12 Gods, and I stand at the peak of that throne.
I don’t know when it will be, but in the end, your goal is to stand in front of me.”

“My goal isn’t to stand in front of you but to break your neck.”

“Such confidence.
However, I learned that there are times when confidence isn’t enough.

Ra smiled.

“Don’t say strong words; it makes you look weak.”

The atmosphere turned heavy in an instant.
Jamie felt like he was being crushed, so he held onto his legs.

Ra shook his head as he looked at Jamie, who tried not to kneel.

“You are surely wonderful.”


“Be stronger.
Whether you use Pyro or someone else, take down any enemy that stands in your way.
I hope to see you build enough strength to stand in front of me one day.”

“And you will wait until I get stronger? You will regret not stopping me now.”


Ra walked over to Jamie and put his hand on the shoulder.

“Do not worry.
Because not once had I regretted anything since my birth.”

“You will regret that too.”

Jamie was going to make that happen.

Ra patted Jamie on the shoulder.

“Then I look forward to it.
Do not disappoint me.
Not a soul who said that until now was able to do anything.”

He turned to Pyro and said.

I will condone you for helping Jamie Welton, so you better watch that mouth.
Remember that I have eyes and ears everywhere.”

The fire in the room went out, with Ra’s figure vanishing.

As the pressure went, Jamie, who was holding his breath, sighed.


Pyro was so nervous she leaned back and landed on the ground.

It wasn’t like the beings who had reached transcendence, but the existence of the Sun God alone overwhelmed them.

A truly unbelievable monster.

And he has to defeat such a monster?

“What do you think? The first-hand experience.”

As Jamie was sweating, Pyro asked in a weak voice.

“Like you said.
I ran away.
Because I was afraid of that monster.
Just pretended to not know what was happening.
But he knows everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Helping you.”

“What are you up to?”

As Pyro’s attitude changed, Jamie was wary of her.

Pyro shook her head and approached Ricky, who was lying down.
And stroking his hair, she said.

“I saw it today.
After all, Ra has no intention of keeping us alive in the end.”

“You mean the 12 Gods?”

It occurred to me that Zenith might have known about this sooner as he was a loyalist of Ra.”

So now they were creating a force against Ra.
Somehow to survive.

Of course, Zenith’s purpose will not end there because he is what Jamie knew as the most horrible one in the world.

But in Jamie’s eyes, Pyro was no different, and as if understanding it, Pyro smiled weakly.

“It is the eyes which say I am no different from Zenith,”

“Did you hope to hear good words from me?”

I don’t want to die.
Whether it is you or Ra.
I have been thinking a lot about things.”

“And you still are greedy to live that long?”

She laid Ricky on the bed and looked at him with tender eyes.


Pyro said, turning her gaze to Jamie.

“It fills me up.”

“What are you saying?”

“As you said, I turned my eye away from things and lived.
The feeling of not agreeing to things exists, and it will always be there.
Also, if someone like Ra pressures me, I will look away the same way.”

“As I thought you…!”

“But I feel guilty.
I don’t know why it is happening now, but the moment you spilled those words.”

She remembered what Jamie had said.

‘You could have shown mercy to humans too.’


When she heard those words, an unknown feeling began to fill her.

It wasn’t known what feeling it was, but by constantly listening to Jamie, she began to realize what it was.

“I am a sinner.”


“A coward who was afraid of the one who held great power and couldn’t stick to my beliefs, and the sin of neglecting despite my efforts got created.

Pyro ripped off the right sleeve to show her arm, which was dyed black.

“The punishment has begun.”

The onset of punishment was proof of her recognizing the sin she had committed.
And rubbing the rotting arm, she felt hurt, yet not hurt.

She felt pain, but the pain was nothing compared to the pain which humans had felt.
Actually, even thinking so would be downplaying them.

It was too late to regret it now.

“So I will help you.
Help you so that if this ends…”

Pyro, who was prepared for the end, was talking about her future plans.

“I will spend the rest of my life serving the people.
Until my sins are forgotten.”

“I expect you to.”

Ricky woke up and got out of the bed, and bowed to Jamie.

“Give one last chance.”

Jamie’s face contorted.

He couldn’t figure out what to say anything.
And Ricky was waiting while he was still angry,

But knowing that everything she said was sincere, Jamie couldn’t help but clench his trembling hands.

“All your life… you will serve? Until your sins are washed away?”


“Do you think your sin can be moved past?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t know?”

“I will just continue to serve, thinking that one day the sins will be forgiven.”

Jamie looked at her and erased the crest on his left hand.

“You will keep the others occupied until I get rid of Oblion, right? You can do at least that much?”

“Leave it to me.”

“… Ricky, take care of yourself.”

With those words, Jamie left the church.
Ricky sighed as he sat down.

And he said to Pyro

“Jamie forgave you.”


Pyro pondered on those words.

‘Jamie Welton.
You are him.’

Realizing his identity too late, she made an expression like she had nothing to say.

If he were Diablo Volfir himself, she would never go against his words.

Because Diablo Volfir was the true King of Humans.

“Did things go well?”

Jamie sat on an unknown cliff and watched the sunset.

He could have killed Pyro, but he didn’t.

He couldn’t understand why he didn’t, and when he thought about it.

Was I because of the last words she said?

Did he believe it?

“Server her whole life.’

Since she is a symbol of sin and punishment, all of her words had to be true.
That being said, her remorse and regret cannot be denied.

So he felt even worse.

It felt dirty and disgusting to hear it but

Jamie gave her another chance.

He hadn’t forgiven her yet, but it is also true that he needs her considering the future.

“If you betray me… I will make you feel more pain than death.”

Jamie pushed the thoughts of Pyro aside and thought of Ra.

A monster who infiltrated his space.

At the same time, he couldn’t understand the thoughts of the man who didn’t want to kill him.

‘What is his goal?’

What was certain is he wanted Jamie to get strong enough to reach him.

He wasn’t sure why, but Jamie wanted him to regret it.
Ra would regret ever saying such words to him.

Not once or twice, but all his life.

he doesn’t need to regret much.’

Once should be enough.

“Should I head back?”

First of all, he has to wipe out the Church of Nothingness and the priests who were around.

At that time.



Ann sat down on the floor and called Beiros in an anxious voice.
But Beiros didn’t answer.


Beiros was drooping with someone’s hand grabbing his neck.

A man with something black dripping down his body; it was as if a shadow was standing there.

Beiros, who had lost consciousness, made the man mutter to himself.

[It is vain power.
It is a pity to see people recklessly rush to the wall they cannot cross.]

The man put his index finger ad middle finger on Beiros’ forehead.

[Come back.
Into my arms]


Ann took out her staff and performed a 4th class lighting magic, and a lightning bolt hit the body with the roar of thunder.

But lightning could never do much damage to a formless body; it was absorbed and vanished.

To nothingness.

[Don’t hurry, child.
You are next,]

With those words, Beiros’ body began to sink into nothingness.

Like Lennon.

Ann continued to attack with magic, but nothing happened.

Why did this happen?

Clearly, Beiros had the upper hand against the priests.
No one could even touch him.

They all turned into hideous corpses by his hand.

Because of that, Ann thought the victory would be theirs, but then a man appeared and changed everything.

A man who suddenly appeared through a black hole in the sky spread around a strange darkness and absorbed the priests.

And said,

‘The causal factor is filled.’

She couldn’t forget his laughter.
And then, everything turned one-sided.

Beiros couldn’t even land a single hit, and he was unilaterally hit.

This startling sight ended in an instant.

It happened in just over a minute.

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