Beiros began to wander the tower.

At first, he went up to the top floor of the tower with Jamie, but then the guy left, leaving him alone.

He tried to follow, but this tower was a maze, especially the central magic tower, and all of it was a mess for non-magicians.

He thought about destroying the wall and leaving, but he held back because he wanted to avoid Jamie’s anger.

Where the hell am I?”

He somehow found a way to go down, but he didn’t know how to get to Jamie.

“Damn you, dog bastard.
Living trash.”

Beiros began to slander Jamie, who abandoned him and opened the doors on each floor as he looked around.

The search didn’t take as long as he thought, as he found a trace after a while.

How many floors did he go down?

It was around the time when he was getting annoyed and thinking about just breaking the wall.

“His smell!”

When he opened the door on the floor, he could smell Jamie’s scent.’

But his presence couldn’t be felt, and there was another presence.

Beiros ran straight for it.
Not long after, he found a human girl.

“Kuak! W-who?”

It was Ann.

She was in a state of dismay, not knowing what was going on in the sudden situation, and suddenly a blue-skinned mean looking human approached her, and her heart looked like it would burst.

Blue skin?

Didn’t hear of anyone like this.

“Who are you?”

The blue-skinned human Beiros frowned and asked.

“You first, who are you?”

Isn’t it common sense for an intruder to introduce himself?

Of course, Ann knew the world doesn’t always follow common sense.

Just looking at it now.

Beiros didn’t listen to her and just said what he had to.

“Didn’t you see the human with green hair?”

Ann then turned alert, grabbed the staff with both hands, and pointed it at Beiros.

Beiros tilted his head at her sudden action.

“Ah? What is this? You want to kill me?”

“Why are you looking for teacher?”


“Aren’t you looking for the man called Jamie Welton?”

So are you that man’s disciple?”

“I don’t know why you are looking for teacher, but if you are teacher’s enemy, I will never tell you.”

It looks like she was misunderstanding something.

Beiros rubbed his head with an annoyed look.

“I am a colleague of Jamie Welton.
You don’t have to be that angry.”

He didn’t want to be called a subordinate, yet Ann didn’t seem convinced.

“How do I believe that?”

“Is it time to do this? The human world… well, things don’t look good here.”

“… are you really teacher’s colleague?”

“I am.
We came together, but then he left me and went somewhere.”

Come to think of it, it was impossible to come up to this place as a magician not belonging to the magic world.

In particular, considering the security of the central tower, they wouldn’t be able to enter unless one is an elder or has a guaranteed identity.

So Ann lowered her vigilance by a bit and put the wand down.

“Teacher went to the capital.”

She knew he wasn’t lying, so she spoke the truth.
And if he was the colleague of her teacher, she could not speak harshly to him.

“Where is the capital?”

How could he not know where the capital was?

“It is far from here.
Unless you can warp like my teacher, you will have to go for days with a wagon or something.
Or we have to turn on the warp device, but it is impossible since it is just the two of us, mister.”


Being called mister made Beiros tilt his head.

It didn’t matter, so he asked for the location.

“Not warp.
Just tell me where it is?”

“It is far.”

“How far away is it? I am sure I can reach it quickly, so tell me.”

How the hell is he able to run that quick?

‘Because he is teacher’s colleague.’

If he was teacher’s colleague, he was bound to be strong .

Ann thought for a moment and then said to him.

“Head North from here.
It’s about 381 kilometers that way.”

“I don’t know the unit of distance in here.
I need to go up north, right?”

“Even in the north, there will be no compass.”

“I will find it as I go.”

Beiros said as he began to warm up.

The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

“So, how do I get out of here?”


“Hey, disciple of Jamie Welton.
How do I get out?”

“Take me too.”


“If you take me, I’ll guide you to the capital.”

At those words, Beiros made an annoyed face.
It is a blatant expression of not wanting to go with this child.

Ann didn’t back down.

“If you don’t like it, you won’t be let out.”

“What a pointless threat…”

If he cannot find the way, he will make one.

Jamie might scold, no, maybe even kill him?

He didn’t take Beiros with him, but he could get to the capital at his own pace.

“Guide me out.
I will leave right away.”


Ann answered with an excited look on her face.

Isabel pondered on where to start.

Because a lot of things happened at the same time

But there is always a start, and Isabel told Jamie.

“Since you left the battlefield.
The Northern Alliance secured victory.”

Immediately after the apostle and paladins of Pyro participated in the war, Kreon was captured.
Soon afterward, the Chimera paladins of the Zenith church were freed from the terrible curse at the will of the goddess.

Arriving on the battlefield, the troops of the alliance completed maintenance and advanced to the eastern continent.

Just 2 weeks.

It was hard to say whether it was a short or long time, but they succeeded in taking the capital of Terrisia.

In the process, the eastern kingdom of Kwatacha was attacked by the northern side, but it succeeded in defending itself with the power of Siegfried.

Siegfried was seriously injured, but the attack failed, and we won.

The Duchy of New-Prica, which got full support from the Zenith church and the eastern lord Draikron helped Terrisia, but this was a timely gathering.

It was to the extent that they could say the war’s flow was in their favor.

Shortly after came the incident.

“It happened when apostle Ricky and his paladins had just arrived at the Pyro Church.”

“You mean the incident where Ricky went unconscious?”

Apparently, Kreon woke up with an unknown power.”

Unknown power?

“As it is now revealed… it is the power in the form of several holy powers united into one.”


“Saying it was stored in the heart.”


The third holy thing which the Zenith church had was what Kreon had in his heart.

Originally, it was an item that borrowed the power of Ismenios, the god under Zenith.
Still, in fact, it was a fake ability to hide the actual value of Isemnios.

If its true identity had to be revealed, it would be called the ‘Complex Holy Repository and Runaway Device’.

In other words, it causes a wide area of holy explosion by rushing the holy power within.

It was a power that could take down 5 large cities at once because the powers of different Gods were used to repel each other and cause destruction.

Ricky, the apostle of Pyro, had blocked it alone, and in the aftermath, he was gravely injured, and he fell unconscious.

“It started when apostle Ricky fell.
The North Alliance turned chaotic.
Because Pyro was the only pillar we had.”

Seldam, being in the center, was trying to play the supporting role, but there was no way to control anything where the protection of a God got smashed.

Also, as Imsenios’ abilities got revealed, the Northern Alliance turned more serious, claiming the land got abandoned by the gods.

Shortly after, the five churches began to move.

Zenith, Lily, Drian, Oblion, and Khurlun.

The eastern union supported Zenith and went to subdue the north and went straight as it captured the Cheshan Kingdom.

The Lily Church invaded North Apsilon and Fianre with their supporting nation, Harun.

The problem is that in Apsilon, the Lily Church had spies who succeeded in putting things into motion, and Fianre couldn’t withstand it.

Drian and Khurlun were rooted in the same western continent [Arisha], and they had an alliance, so it wasn’t difficult to push the northern kingdoms.

The last church that appeared was Oblion.

They are famous for having been the church that never settled in one place, and one day, they chose to attack the Magic World.

Since half of the great magicians were on the battlefield, the others were completely devoured by them.

“Until the day before yesterday, Seldam was at war with them.
There were plenty of dangerous situations, and fortunately, he returned and succeeded in driving the Church of Nothingness out.”


“Your father, Count Welton”

“Is my father alright? I thought he was with Ricky… where is he now?”

“He went back to Haiss.
There was something he had to check.”

Another Jamie arrived in Haiss and went straight for the Welton mansion and looked in

“No one is here.”

He tried to sense as much as possible, but he couldn’t feel a single person.

Could it be that they fell victim to the Church of Nothingness?

Jamie frowned and went down, wondering if they were hiding.

An old bunker was there, so they could be hiding.

‘I don’t think so…’

It was hard to hide one’s presence unless one was strong.

Not to mention it is the standard of ordinary people in here, and even if the bunker was thick, it wasn’t difficult for Jamie to know.

Still, the reason he went down was to hope.


He was worried about the safety of his mother and sister.

The same was true for the staff at home, the knights, soldiers, and all those protecting the Welton family.

Jamie went down and looked at the neat basement.

It looked like it had been cleaned a few weeks back, and had little dust.

That said, until a few weeks ago, there were people here.

‘Two weeks back, the Magic World suffered.’

It should be about two weeks at most that this place had turned like this.

Jamie clicked and opened a small door leading to the bunker floo.r

The door was old, rusty, and made of thick steel, but Jamie was able to open it without much effort.


The door made a loud noise and fell to the ground.

He went inside, but as expected, there was no one there.
In the first place, there were no people anywhere around.

He thought the place was hit.

Jamie climbed up

For now, read the space-time timeline here.
Then, wouldn’t it be possible to catch the ones who made this place like this and punish them?

‘How dare they touch my family?’

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

It was then.

A sign which didn’t exist appeared out of nowhere.

Jamie teleported there without another thought.

The priest of the church of Nothingness, he would make the body of that man unrecognizable.
Thinking that, Jamie had gone stiff at the unexpected presence he felt.



The father and son looked at each other with shocked eyes.

Only then did Jamie find out where he moved.

The study of Count Welton.


“How did you know about this place…?”

It was a space that existed within the study and was only accessible for the head.

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