Purple black mana began to scatter like lightning, and the anger-filled magi spread out.

Jamie and Satan stared into each other’s eyes and continued to clash.

The terrain was getting destroyed every moment, and the aftermath reshaped their surroundings.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were four collisions in a second.
Jamie used aura as he watched Balisada bend as if it would break.

“They said you pushed the 12 Gods, as expected, you’re strong!”

Satan added weight to his sword.

At the same time, Leviathan opened its massive jaws and swallowed Satan.

Satan ripped the Leviathan apart and used the power of 4D to stab Tyrving into Jamie’s body.

[Level 3: Ability: Growth]

Satan’s eyes widened when the body suddenly stopped moving.

His skin began to succumb to necrosis at a rapid rate.

Not just that, but it felt like his internal organs were rotting, and he frowned.

However, it was nothing.

A curse like this cannot have any effect on him.

“Since you are losing in strength, did you decide to compete with this talent?”

He smirked as he swung his blade at Jamie.

But something felt strange.


Obviously, the place he swung the blade at needed to have Jamie, but he was missing.

However, nothing touched the tip of the sword.

That wasn’t the only thing.

‘This feeling…’

He swung it to the right, but it felt like he had to swing it to the other side.

As well as other directions.

As soon as Satan sensed this strangeness, he moved.

‘Mu senses are all messed up.’

Sense, sight, smell, and hearing

[Curse Magic.]


The loss of trust in the senses.

Where they look has nothing.
And they wouldn’t believe what is on their own skin, and everything would feel like the opposite.

In other words,

“This is a seriously childish attempt!”

Stop doing the opposite of what you feel.
It wasn’t that hard for Satan.

If only it happened like it.


“Sensory denial.’

Jamie’s purple eyes shone as he shoved Balisada at Satan.

“Everything you feel is non-existent.”

So, trying to reverse the five senses again is useless.

[Transcendental Magic]

[Microscopic Boom!!]

Atomic decay starts from the tiniest matter, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Although it is by no means as large as one would expect, the explosions were happening within the body of Satan.


Satan’s eyes widened.

Although he was denied all the senses, the explosions inside his body which couldn’t be sensed were bringing immense pain to him.

“Now is the start.”

[Level 2 Darkness]


Jamie grabbed the face of Satan.

“Black hole.”

Gravity is a substance that exists at its apex and absorbs even light.

A black sphere of darkness engulfed Satan’s face.


Even though it was just large enough to cover the face, the surrounding space and time began to get sucked into it.

The caster, Jamie, would also be in danger if he was too close, so he tried to widen the distance.
It would be convenient to teleport, but if teleport and a black hole were created simultaneously, the caster’s limbs would tear apart.

This is because space-time is already being crushed by the black hole.
If this is enough, even the strongest enemy will not survive.

But Jamie didn’t stop attacking.

All the magic he could do now was being used.

The violent magic shook the sky and land with seemingly enough force to destroy the Devildom.


And Satan reappeared.

His whole body was covered in blood, and he lost a few wings, so he didn’t look as dignified as usual, but he was smiling even in the midst of this.


There was a saying that outraged people tend to laugh.

But the problem is that Satan’s laughter is not the same as that of one.

“It has been a long time since I felt a crisis! My heart beats again! I can feel the blood flowing first time since that guy.
The other 5 great demon lords couldn’t do things like this.
This is so exciting.
It is so exhilarating that my head might explode!”

“Then you will like this too.”

Jamie beckoned, and the lightning strikes fell to where Satan was.

Even though he was going to get hit with lightning, Satan smiled.

Then he said something unexpected.

“Which of the 12 Gods have you fought against?”

As Jamie frowned, Wrath asked.

“A human being was called the nemesis of the 12 Gods.
Still, I know you have never faced all of the 12 Gods.”

“… why are you so curious about that? And who cares? Who fought whom and who won, and who is stronger?”

I have nothing to say if you say that.
It is a story that didn’t get revealed due to the world reset, but I invaded the human world once.”

It was Jamie’s first time hearing about this, so he decided to listen.

“I was confident.
Because my strength surpassed the 12 Gods and my army was violent and powerful, unlike the weaklings of heaven.”

“But, seeing that you are still trapped here, it seems you failed, right?”

“Like you said.
I failed.
Why do you think I failed?”

“Maybe things would have been different if the 5 great demon lords moved.
The 12 Gods all moved against my lonesome, so it makes no sense to be successful.”

“I am not talking about such things.
And what you said is wrong.
I actually succeeded in conquering about half of the land.”

He succeeded?

No matter how strong the difference between them was, the Gods didn’t stop a great demon lord?

In Jamie’s opinion, it was rather impressive that he survived.

Satan’s words continued.

“Because they are arrogant.
So they didn’t even do their best, and Tanthiras and Jilian suffered a devastating bow at my hands.”

Jilian, the god of mischief and mind.

Tanthiras, the god of void and shadow.

“It wasn’t just them.
Feeling a sense of crisis, they tried to defeat my army repeatedly, but since they got pushed out of the momentum were bound to lose.
I had almost conquered the land.
Until he showed up.”

Satan’s expression, which was always relaxed, went stiff at this.
Just thinking of what happened made him angry.

“The Sun God.”


“I ask you.
Diablo Volfir.
Do you think the 12 Gods couldn’t kill you?”

As Jamie’s expression contorted, Satan smiled.


“What nonse…”

“They kept you alive.”

These words were unbearable.

At the most, he listened to this, thinking something would come, but it was just insulting Jamie.

Jamie immediately went close to Satan and stabbed him in the head, but Satan stopped it.

“Hold on tight.”

Black mana shone.
And White was used in order to maximize its effect.


He used glare at maximum output, hoping for the destruction of Satan.

However, as Satan’s magic swelled up, he had the pressure like he could crush anything, including Jamie.


It was difficult to resist Satan’s power as he suddenly turned strong.

And Satan said,

“Are you discussing taking down the 12 Gods who are your enemies when you cannot even overwhelm me?”


Chains of reversal were released and passed through the body of Satan.

“Shut up!!”

Thorns began to rise up as they poked into him.
Yet, Satan didn’t budge.

“Why do you think I waited for you?”

“Damn you, strong bastard!”

Jamie wielded his sword in the path shown by Future Walker.
However, the power of the 4D power overcame it and threw Jamie farther away.

Since Jamie wasn’t the one to be constantly taking the hits so at the same time he attacked Satan

The boundary between the land and sky was no longer sensible where they were now.

Satan cleared the explosion and said.

“To defeat Ra.”

Jamie gasped to breathe, shuffling through half-black mana and starlight in his hands.

“Who told you that if you absorb me, I will defeat Ra?”

“An old prophecy.
No specific circumstances, names, or place names were mentioned, but interestingly, everything written in it has been right until today.”

“What was written at the end of this prophecy?”

“What are you asking?”

Satan just shrugged and continued.

“I took you….”

Tyrving came from into the hand, and Jamie dodged it.

A book of prophecy is what Satan spoke of.

He wasn’t sure what it was, but he didn’t intend to suffer now, especially after restoring his strength.

Instead, he would make it clear for Satan and the prophecy.

“I will defeat you here and return to my land!!”

“Then come at me with all your might!! Before my wrath and anger subside, I will chew you to shreds!”

To bring the end onto each other.
Jamie and Satan put their heart and soul into it.

Just one more

To end all of this.

The two of them got ready with their best and rushed ahead.

At the moment of collision, a violent force shook the core of the Devildom.

“Fight hard.”

One of the 5 great demon lords, the Demon Lord of Relentlessness, was watching the Demon Lord of Wrath and Jamie Welton fight on a large screen.

It was true that if the great demon lords were fighting each other, there would be no Devildom left.

Well, it didn’t matter.

In Devildom, many places were originally desolate, their land protected by a strong barrier, so this region would not collapse.

The other great demon lords should be doing the same.
They must all be watching this fight.

“But it is a bit shocking that that person is Diablo Volfir.”

“I know.”

The one standing behind the lord said.

Osculus, the Demon Lord of Relentlessness, had taken this one as his assistant since the early days of his time as a demon lord, so he knew about Diablo.

“You might be able to absorb the power of the 2 without much difficulty now.”


When the assistant said it, Osculus looked at him.

“The three, do you think they will stand still?”

“I-I am sorry.”

“If you have been on my side for this long, you should be able to judge things like this.
And I am not interested in power.
Nor will the others.”

“Then why?”

“Well, the outcome will come out at the end of the fight.
When everything ends here, we simply need to negotiate and share what is empty.”

Even the aide understood what it meant.

“You mean Wrath… will be defeated?”

“It isn’t just that he has a similar level of strength, but he also received a protection; it cannot be won.”

Even though they are of the same rank, how Osculus put the demon lord down coldly was shocking.

Did this mean that Wrath would be defeated?

Frankly, the aide couldn’t imagine that.

Even so, despite having the war waged several times by his own Lord, not once did Wrath get pushed.

And what scared him more was….

‘If my lord said that he couldn’t win, then…’

Then it makes sense.

If they fight the defeated Wrath, they will only lose troops, and Diablo Volfir will be heading back to his land.

There was no need to fight the human.

“He wins”

The aide awoke at the words of Osculus.

The explosion was lifted by the strong winds, and a man stood there.

“… Diablo Volfir”

As said, the loser was Satan.

“Kuak… Kuak… cough!”

Jamie staggered as he coughed up blood.

It felt like his body would collapse at any moment.
It didn’t seem strange for him to lose consciousness.


White, who was worried, looked at him, and Jamie saw Satan lying on the floor as he rubbed White.

He didn’t know how the final fight ended.

He raised all the energy he could with the intent to kill the opponent.

Jamie stumbled to him.

Worried, White continued to flow the holy power of Pyro and concentrated on restoring the body.

Of course, it didn’t mean much, as the damage was too severe.

“… I lost.”

Satan’s voice sounded fine.

‘I cannot even speak.’

Actually, to the extent that Jamie thought he was the loser.

Of course, it was just the voice of Satan; he couldn’t even lift a finger now.

The 4D cannot be activated anymore, so he can be killed with a simple stab.

“I didn’t think I would be defeated.
If this is my fate, I have nothing to say.”

Saying, so he looked at Jamie.

“Take me down.”


“I don’t mean to provoke you.
It is the one thing you need to do.”

Jamie frowned, but Satan continued.

“You… you are a weird monster.
I don’t even know what you are thinking, and I am sure you will not be able to stand in front of him for even 10 minutes.
Like me.”

Originally, he would be sarcastic to the weak, but he knew better than anyone how strong he was.

And he couldn’t ignore what was being said.

‘Ra saved me?’


All sorts of reasons came to his mind, but none stayed long.

Because Ra had no reason to keep him alive, he didn’t even want to think for now.

“Why are you saying that to me? We tried to kill each other.”


Satan looked up at the sky, which was looking like a mess from the fight, and said.

“Maybe because, in the end, nobody cares.”


“I wanted to feed my arrogance.
I only thought of that and lived until now.
So my fight down on your land isn’t much of a burden on me anymore.

How much did he suffer against Ra to change like this?

He wanted to ask, but he couldn’t, as the body of Satan was changing.

“When I die, a magic stone will come up made of my essence.
You can take it.”

“… you want me to take the lump of magic?”

You are human, so it will be hard to do it willingly.
But there will be a day when you will have to take it.”

Satan laughed till the last moment that he vanished.

“It is a pity that I cannot see the process of your fall.

And he met with his end, leaving behind on black stone.

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