Light of Extinction of Serpent.

The power to eradicate all existence itself and not leave a trace.

It was the last magic spell he had.

Jamie used the darkness to resist Serpent’s final attempt.
And his body was pushed back.

All the Undead soldiers were recalled.
Otherwise, they too would have been turned into dust.

Precious power.
This time, he witnessed their remarkable growth.
With Azad and Raiza they could become much stronger than now.

In order for that to happen, their master needs to become strong.

‘Take down Serpent first.’

The purple glow in Jamie’s eyes intensified.

Scud and Beyond Avalon, the two weapons turned one.

They didn’t actually become one.
It just meant that the divided power was now concentrated into one.

Darkness began to gnaw away.

Serpent still wanted to kill Jamie.

Jamie, who saw that, thought that this was the last attempt of his before he went down.

‘He is still holding on.’

The first time he used black magic here, he declared that he would make Serpent cough everything out.

The core of his whole body trembled.

Black mana exploded out and expanded the darkness.
Jamie planned the Welton’s form there.

Leviathan was being used.

Predation was ready.

To eat away the annihilation Serpent could use.

-This moment.

‘… this.’

The dazzling Light of Extinction was no longer visible.

A giant taller than a mountain approaching under the blue sky.

With each step the white giant with a faceless egg-like head took, the terrain changed.

Jamie’s eyes fluttered.

It must have been the first time he was seeing it, but it seemed like he knew the giant.

‘Is this an illusion?’

Did Serpent have illusion spells?

Or was there someone else helping him?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a good thing.

It was then Jamie decided to look.
A man with a black robe over his eyes was approaching the giant.

A very familiar staff was in the man’s hand.

The staff was like that of a robe, black but with a purple gem on it.

‘God Killer?!’

A weapon with the strongest attack of the three items of Diablo Volfir!

Why was it in an unknown human’s hand?

When Jamie was flustered and tried to approach the man.

[The creature of the 12 Gods.
The product is dirty and disgusting.]

The man’s voice echoed.

A strong wind blew and the hood was removed.
What appeared with black hair was anger…

‘And me…’

All the forgotten memories rushed through his head.

The incarnation was created by the 12 Gods to kill him and a demon created to destroy those who do not follow them.

Anger raged.

How can gods persecute humans so much?!!

[I can never forgive you!]

Darkness fell like the lightning over God Killer.

The blue sky was blackened in an instant.

The ultimate darkness created to devour the traces of God.

[Second Liberation: Darkness.]

“I remember my strength.”


And lighted out the darkness.

Serpent held onto his chest.

No more moves.
If he kept doing this, he wouldn’t even live long enough to hand his soul to the Demon King.

The goal was an attack close to self-destruction.
He will turn into a villain, but if Javelin is fine, he will be able to obtain a stronger body through the help of the Demon King.

‘Javelin isn’t dead.’

Serpent didn’t know what would happen, but he expected Javelin to have some hidden card.

And he knew that Javelin had regeneration power.

Although it might be affected because of Jamie’s black magic, he must still be regenerating somewhere.

So they would win.
No matter what, winning was fine.

‘Little bit more.
Just a little bit more.’

It felt like his body was being clenched, but he held on till the mana core stopped.

If he survives until he becomes incapable of using magic, he could try his final attack on Jamie.

It was then.


Things didn’t always go as planned though.

The attack power of the Particle magic he used till now was excellent.

Since he was putting his life on the line, such an outcome was possible, and that was the only way to stop the black magic.


“W-why is darkness here?!!”

The darkness kept coming in, encroaching on the Light of Extinction.

The world that used to be filled with light was now turning dark.

Serpent couldn’t even believe it.

Jamie Welton’s skills were on par with his own.
Even using black magic, he seemed above Serpent.

It was impossible to push the magic which was being used as his last force.

‘Is he also like me?!’

It would be impossible if Jamie was fighting with his life on the line.
But would such an act be possible for an 8 year old?

Even if it was possible to use that rumored holy power, it was impossible to use it with so many attacks happening.

Serpent’s teeth broke, that was how much force he was using.

Pushed and kept getting pushed.


“I want to say thank you.”

Jamie’s voice broke through the darkness.

Serpent’s eyes widened.

The Light of Extinction he used was engulfed in darkness.

And there appeared Jamie with a calm face.

But something felt off.

The sword in Jamie’s right hand had a strange light.

Serpent knew better than anyone what that light was, so he couldn’t keep a calm face.

Anger shrouded his face which looked like a demon’s.

“Y-You… that sword…!”

Serpent shouted with a bitter expression as his eyes and nose began to bleed.

“Why is my magic in your sword!?”

The light flowing through the sword of Jamie’s was the essence of Serpent’s Particle magic.

Jamie smiled, lifting up Scud.

“I broke down the wall thanks to you.”

[Sword of Convergence.

A clue which came with the battle with Marquis Linmel.

Was now completed in Jamie’s hand.


“Let’s end it now.”

7th class, power of the Great Magician poured out.

“I don’t like this!!”


Serpent who endured all this to the end, was engulfed in magic and disappeared without a trace.

Jamie let out a rough breath.


After looking at the spot where there wasn’t even ashes of Serpent left, he turned to Scud.

‘My new realization.’

At the moment of awakening his Second Liberation: Darkness, Jamie remembered the past.

The power of darkness is a power composed of darkness among the various properties of black magic.
Darkness has the property of annihilating everything it touches, but it has one more besides it.

No one knew of it.


The second nature of darkness.

Darkness absorbed everything.
Even if it is light.

Diablo Volfir created the darkness with the nature of gravity to oppose the holy power of the 12 Gods.

That became the basis of the second liberation.

And based on the power of darkness, he strengthened Leviathan, and succeeded in understanding the clue perfectly and embodying it.

Like this.


The Light of Extinction rose from Scud.

It was definitely a power which could have disappeared after Serpent was killed.

However, Leviathan which ate it remembered it, and as long as it remembered, it could use it again.

Right now it only remembered one, but if he faced more enemies, Leviathan could remember countless.

A true Magic Sword.

It felt like he finally entered the path of a magic swordsman.

“I like it a lot.”

Jamie smiled.

He chose a different path from his previous life.
It wasn’t known if the new realization was better than the past, but Jamie believed in himself.

And will continue to polish this.

Even in order to transcend beyond his past life and bring down the 12 Gods.

“Before that, let’s end this problem.”

As he moved up, Jamie's senses expanded beyond comparison.

A faint magic could be captured.

“Javelin, he isn’t dead.”

Thanks to the contract with demons.

Even so, considering that the upper body was done, he must have had tremendous regenerative power.

Jamie bent his knees.
There was no time for delay; he had to smash the head and put an end to this.

“Gasp… gasp…”

Keniac felt his vision darken.

His left arm was slashed down.
There was hole in his right thigh.
And a fatal injury to the abdomen, so he couldn’t breathe properly.
Yet, he didn’t fall.

He was gasping yet not dead, blood was dripping from his mouth.

“You are boring.”

Javelin looked bored as he saw Keniac.

A homunculus who reached 5th class.

His ability to handle magic circles was good, but that is all.

Javelin was a human who made a contract with the Demon King, and was a demon who had the position of a knight in the Devildom.

On his left side of his forehead was a goat’s horn, and his eyes were like that of a sheep.

“A 5th class magician isn’t strong enough to deal with me.”

“You, You… will be killed.”

“Which is what I am saying.”

Javelin pointed to Keniac.



Magi turned to a light beam and pierced Keniac’s right shoulder.

The gap in their skills was huge.
There was a gap which couldn’t be narrowed no matter how much he tried.

Keniac knew that.
He knew that he couldn’t even scratch Javelin.

But he couldn’t give up.
No matter how determined he was to end his life, he wasn’t going to die in vain.

‘I can feel the power of the seal.’

He didn’t know of Javelin, but the space they were now in was specifically designed by Keniac.

Here, Keniac could feel the essence of everything twice better.

Behind Javelin was an invisible black sphere.

He didn’t know what was inside, but the reason it was sealed was because it was difficult to handle.

In other words, there was something inside the sphere which Javelin couldn’t control.

‘It’s a gamble.’

Get what is inside out.

Keniac, who was determined to do it, held the staff in both hands and began to create a three dimensional magic circle.

“N-No way!”

Javelin narrowed the distance between him and Keniac at once.

Magi wriggled on his fingers.
Before he was a demon, he was a promising magician.

His eyes turned black and from his left arm a dark tree trunk fell at great speed and hit Keniac on the head.


The floor was crushed.


Dozens of sharp thorns grew and pierced into the ground.


“Hahaha! Nowhere to run, right?”

The thorns stretched out, going after Keniac.

‘The magic circle isn’t completed yet.’

The magic circle which he learned from Jamie, it was a skill which contained several spells at once.

And it would eat a huge amount of mental power, so it wasn’t easy to concentrate considering the current situation.

‘But I am a homunculus, not a human.’

There was no better time than now to be a homunculus.

Being captivated by his master’s feelings he felt painful emotions.
He never wanted to do what his master told him.

At first, he didn’t even want to learn magic.
But orders were absolute so he had to learn it.

Since he was a doll made for magic, learning it wasn’t so difficult.
Afterwards, it was fun.

But each time his master touched his emotions he would replace the joy and put inferiority and jealousy.

Did his master want to create his own subtype?

Gradually, his personality darkened.
To be honest, it wasn’t a good feeling to have his emotions changed.

But his master did it, so he accepted it.

Even if his master did the wrong thing, as a doll he had to follow.

He hated it, but he was a doll, his feelings didn’t matter.
And according to the orders, he got the job in Phoenix academy.

He discovered a new world.

The children followed his words.
He taught them and saw them grow.

Some kids thanked him, some couldn’t do it because of their timid personality, but even they were lovely and sweet.

But his master took advantage of those children.
And began to steal their bright futures.

He had no choice but to see it as he was his master’s doll.

But now it was different.

“I am here on my own will.”

He disobeyed his master.

Frankly, if it wasn’t for Jamie Welton, his master would have killed him.

He felt thankful to him.

So this one life, for the sake of others' future.

“I can’t hand over the path of the future to someone like you!”

“What nonsense, you scum!”

Javelin raised his other hand too and condensed magi on it.

If he hit anything, the space would be blown away.

It wouldn’t be a bad situation.

This space was a product of ugliness.
It was something which had to disappear with Keniac.

“Let’s go together.”


Javelin threw the condensed magi down.

The thorns gathered around the mass of magic and moved.

Because there was a risk that Keniac would intercept it with magic,

But Javelin didn’t know.

“I have no intention of avoiding it.”

Actions of those who were ready to die.

[Cubic Explosion: Cube Breaker.]

A three dimensional magic circle exuding powerful mana.

Flames expanded in the cubes.

Fire broke out between the line which connected them.
Fragments of the shattered cube were divided into thousands or tens of thousands of pieces in all directions.

A huge explosion to overturn the space and swallow it.

Javelin hurriedly called out shields.

“W-what are you doing?!”

At Javelin’s shocked voice, Keniac smiled.

At the same time, a mass of magi and fire were sprinting at a fierce speed to consume him.

‘Hope my sacrifice turns into a stepping stone towards a bright future.’


Magi and flame entangled the place.

At the same time.

“You did well.


The black sphere began to split.

A blue light flashed from within.

“Have a good rest.”

The space shattered and,

Siegfried was back.

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