ady begun.

“Anyway, the progress hasn’t been much, so it is still a pain.
Now that we have talked about me, let’s talk about you too.
What did you come here for?”


“Permission for what?”

“I want to teach a student of mine how to use the whole body breathing method.
Would that be fine?”

Linmel’s eyes widened.

The whole body breathing method was handed down to Jamie only, it was Linmel’s own technique.

But when Jamie said that he would pass it to someone, Linmel was a bit shocked.

“You know what you are saying?”

“That is why I am asking for permission.”

“If I say no…”

“I will teach something else.
It would be far less compared to your method, though.
Such a great method right? Unique in the world.”

Jamie bluntly answered and praised Linmel too.

Linmel coughed and agreed.

It is hard to find one which is as good as it.
Though it would differ with elves and dragons.”

“She’s a talented child.
But, she also is an unfortunate one who lacks mana.
So, if you allow me, I’ll teach her this method.”

“And the child’s name?”

Ann Myers.”

“Ann… ah, that girl.”

Linmel snapped his fingers.

As Siegfried said, Ann was once a topic for the elders.

Linmel nodded.

“It was said that she is a girl with an unusual brain.
I mean, enough to understand what she sees at once.
I remember Siegfried trying to voice it out.”

Jamie was slightly surprised to hear Siegfried being vocal about her.
When he talked before, he gave the impression that Ann was a pitiful child.

“That method will alleviate the lack of mana to some extent.”

“But you do know right? Mana isn’t the only thing lacking.”


“I know she has a nice brain, but she lacks the qualities of a magician.
She is too ordinary.
If she learns the method she might be able to reach the 5th class, but it is a bit of a waste to use such a great method only for her to reach 5th class.”

In this regard, Linmel was cold.

He took great pride in his method.
Handing down to Jamie too was something he did after much deliberation.

If Ann had been gifted to some extent, he might have stepped ahead before Jamie even asked.

But Jamie had different thoughts.

“5th class or higher.
What if I raise her up to be a great magician?”


“It is quite possible.”

“Even if you aren’t a great magician, that is too…”

“One can become a great magician at any time.”

Jamie cut off Linmel’s words.

In a moment, silence fell.
The two looked at each other and smiled, but their faces were stiff.

It goes without saying that you are a child with great talent in the world.
But a great magician isn’t some position which is easily mentioned.”

“My explanation was lacking.”

“About what?”

“Magical realisation has been completed.
It is just that I don’t like it yet.”

At those words, Linmel seemed shocked.

Only a great magician who reached 7th class knew what it meant to complete a magical realisation.

Because only those who have experienced it can empathize with it.


“It is difficult right now because the state itself isn’t fully matured, but when the time comes I can become a great magician easily.”

Because he had experience from his past life.

And if he had the magical realisation ‘multi complex three dimensional magic circle’ was done, he could take the rank of a great magician at any time.

However, it failed once.

So in this life, he was planning to use another method to rise up.

“Right now you… are you suggesting that you are trying to create another magical realisation?”

“Something like that.”


Even if a magician gave up his life, it was impossible to have a single realization.
And impossible to even think of two in one lifetime.

And an idea that even the dragons won’t be able to do.

“I can do it.”

However, looking at Jamie’s current progress, no one could take it as a joke.

Linmel was intimidated by a boy who turned 8 this year.

Suddenly, it felt like someone was standing behind Jamie and giving him confidence.
It felt like some tremendous presence was watching him.

‘Jamie Welton.
A child like you…’

Linmel smiled as it sounded absurd.

However, he didn’t intend to allow the usage of his method so easily.

“An offer.”



The space trembled as Linmel raised mana, the robes which weren’t washed were now looking new, and the messy hair was cleared.

And when he stretched out his hand, a powerful magic sparked and an indigo staff appeared.

“I would like to have a match here.”


It doesn’t mean for one to win.
Just make me happy.
I will not consider you as a genius, but as any other magician.
Let’s try our best.”

“Marquis you will not go back on your word, right?”

“What do you think of me? I am not a stupid person.
And not one to act like Serpent.”

Linmel too doesn't seem to like Serpent.

Jamie smiled and his left hand gripped Scud and the right hand well…

The staff called ‘Beyond Avalon’ was summoned from the air.

“Beyond Avalon? How did you…”

“I got it as a present.”

“… that old woman didn’t sell that to me.
Let’s hear the new story later.
And start.”

The space changed as Linmel hit the floor with his staff.

It was a large cube shaped space.
Seeing the strong mana on six sides, it seemed like this place couldn’t be damaged by any attack.

Sshhh- Jamie half pulled out Scud from its sheath and warned with a happy face.

“Don’t regret this.”

And he started to occupy the space.

[Sea of Hundred.]


All the mana flowing around Jamie revolved.

“It has been a while, so I don’t think I can control my strength.”

The time had come when sword and magic became one.

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