He was sure that his father would never know.

Count’s words continued.

I am not interested in you.
Even though you are of my blood, you lack talent.”


Both Alf and Lenon were gifted with magic.

However, the talent that Count Simon desired was more than that.

“Did you think that I won’t know about you?”

The child was smart.

But looking at the face was all that was needed to know what kids were thinking.

Even now, Lenon and Alf were concerned about how they got caught.

“You want my attention?”

At the Count’s words, the two kids looked at their father with puzzled eyes.

“If you want my attention, prove to me that you hold the blood of the Simon’s.
if you try to do such stupid tricks one more time, I won’t even look at you again.”

The brother’s expression turned dark at the word stupid.

Whatever they did, Count Simon knew about it.

Which was why they were being given another chance.

A chance to get their father’s attention.

“I don’t care what you do in the future.
But whatever you do, you will be the ones paying for it.”

The Count got up and gave the final order to his sons.

“Go to the Welton’s tomorrow and apologize to Jamie Welton till he forgives you.”

Alf wanted to say no, but he didn’t have the courage.

For the first time, he got to know a little about his father.
And realized that everything he did till now was meaningless.

‘Damn it, Do I have to meet him again?’

The fear hadn’t subsided yet.

Rather, every time he thought of Jamie, his body trembled.

What if he decides to kill Alf instead of forgiving him?

Alf couldn’t even think of an answer.

Unlike his older brother, Lenon had little thought about the order to apologize.

He just pondered on what the Count said.

‘Prove that you have the blood of Simon’s.’

That made Lenon’s heart skip a beat.

Sears caressed her son’s cheeks with a sad expression.

She wasn’t sure what happened between the two, but her gentle son tried to use magic with the intent to kill.

That was no illusion.
In her life, she had seen many people with that intent.
Jamie’s intent to kill was real.
It was too blatant for her to dismiss it as an illusion.

What happened to the innocent 7-year-old child?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

She heard rumors about Alf.
And the thing where he was using the second generation eastern nobles as his subordinates.
At that time, she thought that it was just an act of a kid trying to play the leader.

However, the Alf she saw was more vicious.

It wasn’t his intention to kill the opponent like Jamie, but if the artefact had been triggered properly, several lives would have been extinguished in the room.

‘If he hadn’t come forward, the damage would have been more.’

It was late to notice.

As Jamie was her kid, she was tilted to him.

And confused about what to do.
Should she borrow her title power? If she went out with that title and raged, even the Simon family would back down.

Count Simon apologized, but she didn’t feel like she won.

And thinking, she saw Jamie’s face.

‘… what am I thinking?’

She brushed his emerald hair back.

Then, with the sound of the door opening, Count Welton entered.

“Are you okay?”

“Is there any reason I shouldn’t be?”

The Count sat next to her and looked at his son.

And asked his wife.

“What do you want me to do?”


“I will do whatever my wife wants.
If I do what I want to, things will get too big.”

Sears looked at her husband.

His eyes were still stained with deep rage.
Still, it was different from before.
Now, he seemed to have organized his thoughts and kept his emotions under control.

Seeing him, Sears smiled.

“You calmed down.”

“I was afraid that you were more hurt.”

“… enough of that.
Count Simon apologized on the spot.
And no one was injured.”

“Are you fine with that?”

“I don’t want this issue to cause division in the eastern nobles.
Jamie would think the same too.
And, it looked like he was confused.”

“Alf? He sure looked like he was terrified.

They foolishly smiled at the frightened face of a kid.

“He won’t be able to sleep if you stay right here.
Let’s go.”


One last look at their son, and the couple left the room.

After a while.

Jamie opened his eyes.
His head was pounding.
Was it because he had Sears giving him love for the last few hours? No, it wasn’t because of that.


He thought that it was a forgotten memory.

The eldest daughter of Viscount Balle reminded him of her.

She looked exactly the way Jane looked.
The only difference was the hair and eye color.

He knew reincarnation was possible.
Wasn’t he himself a result of that?

However, he didn’t know that the woman he loved would also be reincarnated.
And the woman didn’t recognize him.
Well, Jamie’s face looked different, so it was possible.

Maybe she didn’t have memories of her previous life.

‘Normally, that is the case.
I am the special one.’

Was this a joke or some mean fate?

Or someone’s plan?

Jamie frowned.
Whose plan?

‘Did they know that I reincarnated and let Jane appear before me?’

He shook his head.

The 12 Gods wouldn’t let him live if they knew that he was back.
They knew how big of a threat Jamie was.

In particular, Zenith, that God established his footing in Haiss.

There was one thing Jamie was sure of.

The 12 Gods didn’t know of his existence.
So meeting Jane, the eldest daughter, was purely coincidental.

My head is a mess.”

He had thrown away the feelings of love.
His feelings for her were blurred.
But knowing she was dead, he didn’t feel sorry for her.


Maybe his master’s feelings reached him.
Black suddenly appeared and rubbed itself to Jamie’s cheek.

“Thank you.”

Jamie smiled faintly.

“I need to meet her again.”

Previously, he was too shocked to react, and scared, making him lose control.

He didn’t know that Alf would bring such an artefact.
Yes, it wasn’t difficult to cancel it because Alf didn’t even know how to use it.

The problem was what Jamie did.
Unable to control himself, he went beyond the limit.

If Count Welton hadn’t stopped him, he would have still been resting.

‘Not a bad thing.
As a result, he will curl his tail whenever he sees me in the future.’

Exposed to death.

Alf would realize that Jamie could kill him at any time.

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And as he was young, the feelings would be more explicit and will become a trauma.

In the end, he would back down.

He would never appear in the social world, let alone with nobles.
Even if he does, his naughty appearance will disappear.

‘I can say that I saved one person.’

Jamie nodded with a satisfied expression.

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