Siegfried and Han’s eyes widened at the space which changed suddenly.

The neat silvery floor, walls and ceiling which shimmered like new, as if they were made of the same material.
And the wideness and height of it was a space where even tens of thousands of people could fit in.

But the most surprising thing was the power flowing through it.

‘The mana is free flowing.’

Magician Siegfried admired as he felt the mana flow around him.
There were very few places in the world which were so rich in mana.
At least, there was no such place around Kelton Mountains.

Han was the same.
As a warrior he felt his body turn lighter and each breath took in mana which strengthened his aura.

Full of energy.
His condition had risen to a level that was difficult to compare with.

“Is this young lord’s work?”

Han looked at Siegfried with a startled look at his words.

“You didn’t make this?”

“No, not me.”

I did it.”

Jamie admitted.
The two men were shocked.
They hoped it was but they didn’t think he would actually say yes.

Jamie said.

“It is a shape-building artefact, Gremia.”


“It is the place which held the Thunder Dragon Sword Gram.”


Han exclaimed as he knew.

He, too, was aware of Beryl’s mission.
The legendary sword that was said to have slain the dragons was now in Isis’s hands.
And Beryl had gone to get it from Apton.


Everything was led by fate, but he had no intention of explaining that to Han.

Armion, a former owner of Gremia waited hundreds of years to entrust this thing to Jamie.

He kept it as a secret from Isis too.
Because of that, Jamie didn’t feel like he had to tell the Frontier about Armion keeping Gremia a secret.

“More than that…”

Jamie raised his hand and pointed ahead.

“We don’t have the time to chat.”

Darius stood still, his face turned towards Jamie.
He was controlling the space to prevent Siegfried from approaching it, and moved.

That man indeed had monstrous ability.

‘I am holding back.’

Jamie could make everything in Gremia as he liked.

In the past, Theberon’s sealing of Jamie’s black magic was with this help.

From the abundant mana amount which made Seigfried feel at ease to the phenomenon of making Han’s body lighter and stronger.
All of this was being done with the help of Gremia.

And for Darius, he reduced the surrounding oxygen along with the heaviest possible body and even disturbed the flow of mana.

It would be like fighting with a penalty for Darius.

‘He is too strong.’

The problem was that Darius was too strong.

Gremia was an all-rounder with a major flaw.

The effects don’t work well on beings stronger than the owner.

Siegfried and Han, allies, accepted the positive effect, but it didn’t work well on Darius.

With Darius’s amount of skill, it wouldn’t be too hard for him to break down the disadvantage.


Darius smiled faintly at the change in his body.

He was planning on knocking down the enemies right away, regardless of any space change.

However, his body was suddenly heavy and his breathing was irregular.
It wasn’t that annoying though.
This level had no effect on his movement.

‘But they are different from me.’

Siegfried and Han.

The condition of the two Masters had improved.
His spatial perception made him feel everything around.

From breathing to muscles to joints and temperature of the body too.

That wasn’t all.
The changed space.
Although he was blind and unable to see, the spatial perception allowed him to see the invisible too.

Although it wasn’t seen, it was enough for Darius.

“A strange space.
No frame either.
A structure that transforms freely?”

Jamie’s eyes widened.

Just recognizing it at once, he understood the essence of Gremia.
This was something that even Han and Siegfried couldn’t know.
No, any other master would be the same.

You seem surprised.”

Darius pointed to Jamie.
Jamie flinched, making Darius laugh.

“Don’t be surprised.
This is something like a power.”

Darius took of his glasses.
And what appeared weren’t ordinary eyes with black pupils.

“… no eyes.”

Han mumbled a bit flustered.

Like that, there were only whites in Darius’s eyes.
It was a terrifying sight.

But that turned into horror.
Darius, who was blind understood the essence of Gremia.

They didn’t even have to think ‘how?’

Darius started talking.

“I had an accident when I was young.
A sad accident.
Because of that, a boy who was only 16 turned blind.”

10 years of despair.

He didn’t even have the courage to die, so he lived as if he was dead.
Then one day, Darius realized something when he reached 26 years.

“Do it even if you can’t see it.
I heard those words.”

An ordinary meeting.

The man took pity on Darius and taught him to fight.
It was something from a novel, a blind man learning to fight.
It was practically impossible.

But the man was desperate to teach and Darius was gifted.

But a blind man is a blind man.
One can’t fight if they can’t see.
It is said that if the skills were improved the opponent’s signs could be read, but to Darius it was nonsense.

But the man didn’t give up.
After forcing Darius to stand, he continued to train him.

“A long time.”

He still couldn’t see anything ahead.


“In the end, I did it.”

30 years passed.

Training as a blind man who couldn’t see.

Darius couldn’t see, but then he could.

The blind man who was no longer completely blind.

“See far from those who have eyes.”

Spatial perception.

A power acquired by the Fist Master, who trained his senses to the limit.
With that power, he conquered the dark arena where all kinds of illegal violence were rampant and reigned there as a champion for over 10 years.

“I can feel this space without seeing who owns it.”

Power was connected.

Jamie gulped.
There was someone with this kind of power in his past.
He was an Apostle of God with strong holy power in his eyes.

Just like Anna.

They see a lot more than normal people.
Since Jamie was stronger in his past life there was no problem, but now he was at a disadvantage.

“It will be difficult.
The most important thing is to be together.
I will try my best to match your movements.”

“It is the first time you are being considerate of me.”

Han smiled and changed the bell into a bell with a long staff.

Siegfried too unlocked the mana on the staff.

A magician who manipulates space and a Master class who changes the state.

And Jamie, the owner of Gremia.

Darius put his sunglasses back on.


The walls of space which Siegfried had built collapsed.

Darius rushed forward in an instant and smashed the place with his fist.

If the wall wasn’t built beforehand, the fist would have reached them all.

“Get lost!”

Suddenly, Han appeared from the side and stabbed the thick muscles of Darius with his staff.

His body was pushed aside, but it didn’t bounce back.

“You strong bastard!”

Han’s voice came from behind.

Flinching, Darius turned back, but faster than that, Han’s staff hit him in the chest.

There was a slight change in the eye and the aura staff pounded non-stop.

[Heavenly Spear -One hundred stabs]

The staff turned to a spear.
And his spear pierced the air as if it could rip it apart.


Darius felt the attack here and there on his body which had armor inside.

the number is higher than before.’

It wasn’t the power.

He stretched out his hand, feeling the spear move.
And gently gripped the blade.

“What are you doing?!”

The space moved.

It turned into a deformed puzzle.

The stinging side.
The aura around the spear pierced his armor and touched his skin.

But it didn’t matter.

He turned his eye back and held the spear he managed to catch.

If he touched it, if only he could grab it, no matter how much the space changed it wouldn’t matter.

And he clenched his fist, aiming it at Han.
And felt the distance widening.



A roar rang through the air as the fist carrying the energy extended ahead.
A huge shock wave occurred.

With just one punch, anyone could turn ragged.


Siegfried, who saved Han from the crisis, stuck his tongue.

“Get out of here.”

Siegfried’s hand touched Darius’ chest.

He was far away, yet he moved close in an instant.

Siegfried of space.
The magic he used was ‘manipulation of space-time coordinates’.

And he didn’t have to say the spell outside, saying it inside his head was enough to move.


Darius felt a change in his body.
At the same time as he was finally aware of what was happening, his body flew back fiercely.

I know who it was.’

There was no one but a Great Magician who could do such space magic.

“Siegfried of space.
I never knew the day would come when we crossed hands, the famous battle magician.”


With those words, he was thrown into the thick 5 layered wall that Jamie had made.

Again, the space was distorted.

“Pirate Blade!!

Han, who suddenly changed his spear into a Pirate Blade, swung it over Darius.


The five layers had shattered.

Darius didn’t lose consciousness despite the shock.
The only thing he thought as his body moved was.


Siegfried controlled the space.
The space where Darius existed was distorted into a single point.

[Omega Impact]

The moment the dot was compressed to its limit, and was opened, and a powerful shock wave unfolded around Darius.

A silent shock wave where the roar couldn’t be heard!

“Is he fine?”

Darius didn’t die.

Siegfried bit his lower lip as he noticed that and lifted the staff higher.

[Multi Impact]

The space around contorted and expanded at a tremendous rate.

“This should work well.”

However, the armor around Darius wasn’t broken.
Rather, the hardness of the aura armor increased.

“Monster like…”

Han couldn’t believe it.

As such, nothing else other than Monster came to his mind.
Even as they attacked like this, there weren’t any major damages on him.

Rather, they started to have an eerie feeling around them.

Darius spoke.

“I had no intention of killing kids.”

The same the opponents had a rough time dealing with them, Darius too felt annoyed.

The power to freely change the space was a natural energy to his Spatial Perception.

So even an idiot would change the method.

So instead of an aura armor, he made sure that the aura seeped into his body.
At that moment, Siegfried and Han had an ominous feeling.

“Young lord!”


The two called for Jamie at the same time.

“Kid, your role is done.”

Jamie looked at Darius who was right ahead of him.
He tried to manipulate Gremia to keep him away, but at the speed in which he moved no one could react.

The fist fell forward.


Siegfried’s eyes widened.

The power in that one fist was enough to make the entire Gremia vibrate.
No one could survive it, even Jamie Welton who turned eight.

“Young lord!!!”

His golden hair soared in anger.

Ready to overlap the space movements.
His space couldn’t handle the pressure from the opponent and was crumbling but he didn’t stop.

He wanted to crush this man who killed a child.

He was going to do it.

“… how?”

Darius’s voice trembled.

His voice, which never changed, trembled.

His clenched fist was on the child’s forehead.
He should have blown the head off, but it felt like a solid wall was blocking him.

“You seem quite flustered.”

Jamie asked, raising his brows.

“Still you need to be alert.
If you are a Master.”

[Welton form 1]

[Slicing around.]

All the strength to 0.

[Futility Divide ver All Might]


Blood gushed out from Darius’ chest.

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