Frontier (2)

For a moment, he thought he heard it wrong so he asked again.

what did you say?”

“You are really young.
Well 7 years… no.
A year has passed, so you are 8 years old now? You are no joke kid.”

Han didn’t answer Jamie’s question and kept muttering things.

As Jamie stared at him with an annoyed look, Han who noticed it said.

“Oh my, I was so excited.
It was because I ran into a person I wanted to meet so badly, please understand that.”

“You know Sir Onyx?”


“Ha, Mr.
Is that kid Jamie Welton?”

Braha pointed at Jamie looking startled while Ramu said ‘No wonder I was pushed’.

Izaya pushed them away and asked Han.


“Seems so.
Isn’t the proof of it the power in his tiny body?”

Izaya looked at Jamie with a troubled face.

“It is a pity that we met under this kind of situation.”

“We solved the mistake.”

Han smiled as he patted Izaya on the shoulder.

Siegfried, who watched them, asked Jamie.

“Is it that one with the name Beryl and last name Onyx?”

You are thinking of the right person.”

“Young master knows him?”

“He is a guest on my maternal grandfather’s side.”


Siegfried nodded as if he understood.

“I have heard rumors of him staying at the mansion of Marquis Bell.
I heard he isn’t there now…”

The last time Jamie saw him, he was resting in the Pyro Church in Apton.

It has been more than 5 months, so all his injuries must have recovered.

“But how do they know Sir Beryl Onyx?”

“We need to find that out.”

That Han man seemed close to Beryl.


Jamie yelled at Han who didn’t answer.

Siegfried looked startled and whispered that Han and the others might not think such a word was directed at him, so he called again.



Han looked at Jamie.
Jamie threw off his mask.

“If someone calls you, you need to answer, why are you ignoring me?”

“… I didn’t think I would be called in such a way.”

“You were the one acting all arrogant a moment back.”


“If you want to be treated like an adult, shouldn’t you start acting like one in front of a kid? Elder?”


Siegfried didn’t know what to say.
He didn’t expect this side of Jamie.

Han looked at Jamie with a blank expression and scratched his cheek.


Braha looked at Han with a worried face.
The other ones too looked at Han.

They knew Han’s personality well.
He was now in a state where the volcano could explode at any moment.



Han took a deep breath and then exhaled.
After repeating a few times there was slight calmness on his face.
And then he said with a smile.

I didn’t listen, right?”

“Be careful of it from now.”

“… well, that is good to know.
Okay, if you have the greatest talent, you need to be like this.”

It wasn’t that he was confident because he had a great magician by his side.
It wasn’t that he wasn’t scared either.

This was just his character.
Han didn’t even know why he would sometimes behave like a delicate sheep in front of Beryl.
Most of the time he didn’t care how he acted in front of Beryl.

The important thing was that an 8 year old kid was saying all this to him.
He was being patient though, it wouldn’t be an adult like thing to get angry at a kid, and if that happens wouldn’t Beryl not hate him?

You are curious about the relationship between me and Beryl?”

Did Sir Onyx tell you about me?”

Just the way the kid was talking seemed like he was annoyed with Han, and that he was underestimating Han.

Yet, Han tried to keep his expression as calm as he could.

“Because it was my last stop.
We met before coming here.
I heard about you then k.i.d.”

He put pressure on the word KID.
And with a triumphant face, which only made him look childish.

The problem was Jamie didn’t care.

“How did you get to know Sir Onyx?”

“Nothing much.
I am a frontier.”

As soon as the word Frontier came out, Siegfried stoon in front of Jamie.

Han, who noticed it, smiled.

“I don’t know why, but aren’t you being overly cautious?”

“Young lord.
Step back.”


“Go back since it's dangerous.”


What did that mean?

Siegfried knew of it as a dangerous organization.
Rather, Jamie felt nice that Seigfried didn’t seem against the organization.
However, the way Siegfried was acting was like he was facing enemies.

“Why are you a Frontier?”

“Young lord seems to know a little bit about Frontier, I’ll tell you.”

Mana raged and the shape began to shift.

Siegfried’s power.

He continued to speak.

“The present Frontier is an organization that is the de facto leader of the Liberation Army that is trying to overthrow the Kingdom of Harmonia in Arisha.
Do you know?”

 was a western continent and the Kingdom of Harmonia was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the west.

However, he was aware of the fact that corruption of officials was so severe that the Liberation Army began to rise.

But, was the Frontier actually the leader behind the Liberation Army?

“Isn’t that too far-fetched?”

Han shook his head to confirm.

Siegfried warned them.

“I don’t know what you came to Seldam for, but you better not be fooling around.
Seldam is different from Harmonia.”

“Wow- calm down, great magician.”

Han raised his hands up.

“First, can we move from here? I think the conversation will be long.”

They were being chased, which meant the pursuers could come at any time.

Even if Saint-Dermain was wide, it was clear that they would be found.

“Let’s do what he says.”

“Young Lord.”

“It is fine.
Now isn’t the time for this.’

This man is Beryl’s friend.
And didn’t seem hostile towards them, fighting them would waste their strength.

Siegfried clicked his tongue in disapproval.

And then he snapped his fingers to make all 6 of them disappear.

Miju, the host of Gehenna Auction House, was turning restless.
He didn’t know what kind of bastards did this.
All the winning items were stolen.
Fortunately, the low priced ones weren’t touched.

‘This can't be good!’

The items which went over 100 million, both of them were stolen! The rest were also taken, but those were too huge.

Miju bit his lip.
The face of Gehenna Bernstein, the owner of the Auction house entered his mind.

Gehenna Bernstein, the owner of Miju and the auction house, was the most evil and terrifying person in the world.

He was sensitive to rewards and punishment.
Those who do well are rewarded and those who don’t are punished.
So what punishment would Miju be given for this?

‘I’m sure that I’ll suffer so much that I'll wish for death.’

He witnessed those who were punished.
And the trauma of being punished was strongly buried in his mind.

Miju was trembling at it.
Nausea was rising up and he felt like puking.
As he looked back, he looked at the muscular man in black.

“Why are you still here?”

The man didn’t answer.

Miju was angry with that.

“Do you know how much Gehenna invested in hiring you!? But then you can't catch a single intruder!”

Miju knew how great the man's mind was.
Which was why he was even angrier.

He even wanted to hit the man on the head, but he couldn’t.

“You have a mouth so to speak! You took so much money and abandoned the job!”


The man spoke, and he tapped the sunglasses with his finger.

“I don’t know how to catch everyone at once.”

“… what do you mean?”

“They would gather in one place.
So let them be.”


Mimu thought it was absurd.

If this was an ordinary guard he would have tied his limbs and dragged him around.
But he could do this to a ‘Fight Master’.

Fight Master Darius.

A bare-handed fighting arena where all kinds of bad things were allowed.
And this man was the king of darkness who had reigned there for over 10 years.

His ability to reach Master class was completed.
And wasn’t afraid of anyone.

‘The guy who can tear down two Sword Masters to death with his bare hands.’

Miju gulped as he recalled it.
It was a silly thing, but such rumors still flowed about his strength.

So, even though he yelled, he couldn’t get himself to hit him.

“That is an excuse!”

Darius was blind.

The sunglasses he wore were to hide his blindness.
However, Darius was looking at Miju.

“It isn't an excuse.”

Darius raised his head.



“Let’s fulfil that contract,”


Darius didn’t respond to Miju’s call.
He turned and walked outside.

Miju was taken aback by this.
But it didn't stop him.
He was scared and he didn’t want to get in the way.

It was when he felt that, and got down from the stage,



The lady with pink hair was going somewhere with a mask.

The lady who spent a huge amount of money to win All Might!

Miju didn’t know how to react.
She spent 800 Million to win All might.
But it was stolen.

If she could spend 800 million.
Then she had to be a powerful person.

‘I-If I say something?’

He might get slapped for the mistake which happened.

It would be fortunate if it ends with a slap.

“I-I apologize Madam! This must have been horrible! We will bring it back!”

Miju banged his head and apologized.

Fortunately, Miju thought of many ways to not get punished by this woman.

“Uh, uh.
Ah… r-right.
I hope you find them.”

Venna was neither rich nor a noble.
She was from a race which had gone extinct.

But the man was mistaken.

She made a bid of 800 million and was successful on it, so with the note from Kiriel playing it wasn’t a problem.

Venna spoke in a firm manner.

“I will wait for you to get it.”

She said that in an arrogant voice and turned.

Miju kept saying, ‘Thank You’ as he banged his head to the ground.

Venna sighed as she walked out.

“Thank god.”

At that moment, Philion spoke.

“That human.”

“Human? That person now?”

The black man who left.]

“What about him?”

“Did you not feel it?”

Venna tilted her head, “Feel what?”

[Watch out for that person.
Even if you try to be careful, can we avoid him?]

“What are you saying?”

[He is strong.
To the extent that he cannot be compared with the Baron of the Devildom]

Venna gulped at Philion’s words.

And then mumbled under her breath.

“Ehh, what do we have to worry about? We are customers here.”

He was the security person of the auction house.

‘So why am I feeling this anxious?’

Jamie’s face flashed through her mind.


She was here as a customer at the auction.
That man wouldn’t come across their paths at all.


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