“What do you want?”

“Ha! Look at this one, he is younger, yet he speaks like that to his elders?”

“Don’t you know who this brother is?”

“I am the eldest son of Count Simon and the heir.
I am brother Alf!”

He wasn’t sure if the two boys were friends or subordinates, but they seemed to be helping Alf out.

Jamie felt like his head was heavy.

First, he had to make Alf’s companions go silent.




The two, whose names weren’t even known, were shocked to see their voices disappear.


Alf asked his subordinates, who seemed flustered and shocked.

“So, why did you call me?”

“Did you turn them like this?”

“Why? Should I do that to you too?”

“This child! I’m older than you…!”

Alf, who was about to lash out, flinched at the small palm which stopped in front of him.

It was a warning that if the voice was raised once more, even his voice would be taken.

He coughed and looked at the two.

“I didn’t come here to fight.”

“If you have something to say, do it quickly.
I am not in a good mood right now, so don’t drag it.”

‘This kid!’

Alf was perplexed at the sight of a little boy talking to an older kid like that.
He heard that Jamie was just 7 years old.

He had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be easy.

I am here to talk.”

Alf pretended to be relaxed and smiled as he sat down next to Jamie.

Jamie was taken aback by the brazen act.
When he showed that magic, he thought that he would stay back, but now Alf was pretending like it didn’t happen.

“By the way, you learned magic? Silence magic, is that 2nd class?”

“I would like you to leave if you have no business with me.”

“No business.
I just wanted to greet a younger sibling.”

He called Jamie child and kid.
Now he was a young sibling.

“I am not your sibling, and I have no intention of becoming one either, so go away.”

“… do you not know who I am?”

“Count Simon’s son?”

“You are the son of Count Welton.
So talking should be fine.”

Why talk? Jamie couldn’t figure it out.

“Well, I didn’t come here to say anything bad to you.
It is shocking to see the young friend I met today act like this.
But if this is how you usually act, I don’t mind.”

It was disgusting to see the kid act all cool.

Jamie didn’t even answer.

“In the future, you and I will rule the eastern nobles, so wouldn’t it be better to know each other at a young age? This brother of yours is already holding the second generation close.
You need to join too.”

So, he was the boss of the second generation nobles and was asking Jamie to be under him.

And he was spinning the words.

Jamie sighed at it.

He lost some of his precious time just to listen to this kid.

Even though this wasn’t something that would come out of a kid’s mouth.

But he couldn’t get angry at a kid, so he refused.

“I will not.”

“… what?”

“I will not.”

Alf was speechless at Jamie’s refusal.

He looked at Jamie and frowned.

“You know what that means?”

“I don’t know.
And I am not interested.
I don’t even want to.
So stop it.”

“You bastard!”

Alf couldn’t hold his anger any longer and took the wand out of his hand.

The eldest son of Count Simon.
Despite growing up with an indifferent father, he was gifted in magic since Simon family blood flowed in his.

As proof, Alf Simon was already a 3rd class.

He was on the same level as Hanni of Lival.
No, his range of using magic could be even wider.

“I’ll crush you and your stupid magic! And from now on, you will refer to me as brother.”

If the conversation wasn’t going to work, you were planning on using magic?”

I had no intention.
But I changed my mind after seeing that you know how to use magic.
You should have been respectful when you had the chance.”

Jamie knew from first sight what kind of kid Alf was.

Jamie looked around.

The ball was still going on.
There weren’t many people around, but it wasn’t just them either.

If magic was used in such a place, then everyone would notice.

“Will the adults leave you alone?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

Alf said that and pulled a small silver ball from his arms.

The fact that the marble contained large Mana meant that it was an artefact.

“As long as I have this, no one will see you struggling in pain.”

If invisibility magic was used in this place, it would stand out even more.

If so, one thing came to his mind.

“Illusion magic artefact.”

“You have an eye for magic.
Sure, soon enough, you’ll piss yourself.
You two! What are you doing!”

Alf swung his wand, and the silence magic used on them was cancelled.

“Haa! I thought I was going to die because of that fucker!”

“Do you want to die? Your eyes don’t seem to fall on us because you belong to Welton.”

Jamie looked at them with a grin.
He thought that things were boring, but suddenly things were turning into fun.

Although he was a child, his mood changed.

“Are you laughing?”

Alf lifted his wand.

The silver marbles were activated, and to other people, it would look like the kids were talking.

The corners of Alf’s lips rose.

“Your Welton family will follow the Simon family in my generation.”

“If you don’t want to look ugly, don’t turn off that artefact.”


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“From now on, you will be screaming in pain.”

Jamie snapped his finger.

[Curse Magic: Pain]

Alf and the other two began to writhe on the floor, screaming.

Seeing them move like worms, Jamie burst into laughter.

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