y are you hit…”

“Listen normally.”

As Jamie spoke annoyed, Venna nodded.

“I think one of the artefacts is in that box.”

“… artefacts? Like that one?”

Venna looked at Perfect Cell.

“Yes, like this one.”

“Oh my! How? You said that getting that one was a coincidence right?”


The tomb of Canon, the dark magician, who was within the Mayatrey Mountains.

If the blue dragon didn’t acknowledge Jamie, he wouldn’t have even known about Perfect Cell.

“Then we need to take it! What are we still doing here?”

“… idiot! You think they will let us take it?”

Those who were moving the box weren’t important, but there surely had to be an escort somewhere protecting the box.

Without knowing what that person's level was, Jamie didn’t want to create a mess.

‘Now my skills are too low.’

If he was at the stage of a Great Magician, he would have done what Venna said, but it was unreasonable for a 6th class to do.

“Well, they are going to put it in the secret auction the next day.”


“But we have a problem.”

“Money! It is money, right?”

Jamie nodded.

And Venna continued.

“If it is an item being kept in a secret auction, the amount needed would be huge, and such a huge amount cannot be gathered.
There was no way that anyone would let that item pass onto us, it will end up costing a lot, seriously a lot, right?”


“But… we have no solution for that.”

Apart from the explanation, even Venna didn’t seem to have an answer.

Because Jamie didn’t have the money to fight off the rich people attending the auction.

“Siegfried will lend us?”

“I wonder if he has such a huge amount of money, even if he does, I will have to explain about those items to him.
And that is a no.”

“Or secretly taking it away?”

“Won’t be much different.
But it will be difficult for us.”

“Ask your family?”

“… that won’t do either.
They will need a reason for it.”

Count Welton might even come here directly.

Only one thing was left.


Venna continued to ponder with a careful face at the constant rejection and said,

“That grandmother?”


“The owner of Ars Magna!”

Jamie’s eyes widened because he didn’t expect that name to come out of Venna’s mouth.

“Right! Kiriel!”

Siegfried said that she was the greatest alchemist, the 8th class great magician too, and a business woman.

And thinking back to the conversation which happened that day, she didn’t seem to have a shortage of money.

If it was her, she would have enough money to spend in auctions.

If there is a problem…

“How do I ask her?”

Will the stingy old woman do what Jamie wants?

“Well, let’s just ask for a favor! After all, we need to head down there right?”

“… right.
You are right.”

Jamie didn’t know why, but he agreed with Venna.

“Let’s go.”

His plan to ask her once.

Was decided.

Kiriel was resting in the subspace she made herself.
Looking at something with sad eyes, with her obsolete glasses draped on the nose.

It is a small frame with a picture of a child.


The child in the photo was Finn.

She rubbed her finger over the frame.
There were a lot of stains on it as if time had passed.
Perhaps the person in the frame had passed away too.

“I miss you even more today.”

She put that frame down.

Even after a long time had passed, she still remembered that child running.

And when it was time to sleep, the voice whispering in her arms drifted in her ears.

“But don’t worry.
This mother of yours is coming to you soon.”

Finn was Kiriel’s only son.

Not a child she gave birth to, but one she raised with love.
However, Finn fell ill.

She did everything to cure him.
Spent money and asked even a bishop level priest to heal him, but it failed.

She searched the entire continent but failed.

Even the most talented healers failed.

Although she never told anyone, Kiriel tried to get the help of a Dark Magician too.
However, that bastard tried to devour the kid so she destroyed that dark magician.

Finn was weakening rapidly and the last day was approaching.
She still remembered clearly what her son had said at that time.

-Mom… I don’t want to die.

Kiriel closed her eyes.

The memories of that day.

“But it's fine now.”

Siegfrid came today.

And she asked him to bring the heart of Shadow Sheep for the upcoming auction.

She was spending money, so she was sure he would bring it.

‘I just need that thing, all the other ingredients are ready.’

A material which can open the door at the will to the shadow world.

Since ancient times, it has been said that the shadow world is connected with the afterlife.

Kiriel recognized for herself that there was a chance that it could be true.

It was enough to just have that possibility.

And she began to collect the materials for a long time.

My sweetheart.
This mother will bring you back.”

For that very purpose, she began to invest heavily in alchemy and businesses all over the world.

At some point, she was called the greatest alchemist, but alchemy was just a tool for her to know about the Shadow World.

As long as she can meet Finn, it doesn't matter what happened next.

It was then.

“Who is it?”

Someone was in the branch of Saint-Dermain.

When she picked up the magic ball to check, she saw a familiar emerald colored hair.

Jamie Welton.

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