Magic Stone City Saint-Dermain (1)

“Take this.”

Count Welton handed a sword to Jamie.
It was a simple sword with no decorations on it.
However, unlike its appearance, it wasn’t ordinary.

“A magic sword.”

“It’s name is Scud.”

It was a sword with the meaning of ‘Rush’.

Once tried, Jamie could know what kind of magic was within it, but for now, Jamie understood that it was quite useful.

“I was fourteen.
Your grandfather asked me too, to go out and visit the world.”


Quite a ruthless man he was.
He gave me money, this sword and a backpack to carry my stuff.”

‘If you are a swordsman, go see the world.’

That was what the previous Lords of the Welton family said.

His son, too, was merciless.

A great swordsman needs experience.

Training under the guise of a three year journey began like that.

The problem was that he couldn’t use the name ‘Welton’.
That was the time when Count Welton knew the true power of his family’s name.

Three years was a lot of time and a lot of training.
It was no exaggeration to say that those experiences were what made him today.

“The place you are going to isn't training for swordsmen, but you will inevitably see and learn a lot.”

Just like he did when he was young.

Maybe his clever son would learn even more.

Which was why the Count didn’t worry.

“Go and stay in good health.”

“Yes, father.
I’ll be back.”

It's alright to get hurt, but come back stronger.”

The Count gently embraced his son.

Sears, who was forcing herself to hold back tears.

“You too should say what you want to say to your son.
Don’t cry please.”

“… Jamie.”

“Yes, mom.”

Sears opened her mouth with red eyes, determined to not show her crying face to her son.

“Your father said it was alright to get hurt, but if you get hurt I get hurt too.
So don’t get hurt and stay healthy.
And if you are sick, call for me.

“Yes, I will.”

“My son, return back safely to me.”

“If someone sees it they’ll think Jamie is on his way to death.”

The Count smiled as he shook his head.

The last one was Sarah.

Sarah wept and stuttered closer to her brother.
And then held out her teddy bear.

“Cheney will protect you.”

It seemed like the teddy bear's name was Cheney.

“I’ll think of it as Sarah’s alter ego.”


She clasped her hands and answered.

Finally everything was done.
And Jamie left the mansion.

“Did you say your goodbyes to your family?”

Siegfried had stayed out saying he didn’t want to ruin the family moment.

And then as he looked down at the sword on Jamie’s waist he asked.

“Sword? Self defense?”

I use swords.”

“… young lord uses a sword?”

Is there some problem?”

“Magic swordsmen are rare.”

Siegfried didn’t speak in circles and spoke out.

“Learning both magic and sword at the same time means that in the end both can be ambiguous.”

“I know.”

“And you believe in your talent?”

“Rather than believing, it is a natural feeling.”

As Jamie responded with a relaxed face, Siegfried smiled.

Jamie Welton, whom he met wasn’t arrogant like he imagined despite being a kid with great abilities.

It was possible for people to take their talents for granted.

And talking about swords the same way as magic…

‘Does this mean he was born with a talent for swordsmanship too?’

He had never seen such things in person, so he didn’t know much about it.

Although Siegfried was a genius born with magic, unfortunately, he wasn’t talented in anything else.

“Well, you don’t have to worry.
The magic will steadily get stronger.”

Marquis Linmel said that.

Jamie’s talent would keep improving.
And having seen Jamie in person, that was undeniable.
So Siegfried smiled and said,

“You seem to know yourself better.
Should we move?”

“But how are we going? Warp?”

If I could, I would take you there at once, but… there is a place I want to stop by, is it okay if we head there?”

“I will come along too.”

“Young lord is interested?”

“So where?”

“The Magic stone city, Saint-Dermain.
The magic stone market is going to open up in the near future.”

“Magic stone city!”

Jamie knew about it.

It was a city with the largest magic stone mines in the Seldam Kingdom and a world famous magic stone market.

Magic stones were stones in which mana had been crystallized over a long period of time, and it was an essential item for wizards.

It could be used to enhance the magic or make artifacts.

It was just an all-purpose stone which could be used for anything regarding magic.

“Interested in it?”

“Very much.
Let’s go to Saint-Dermain.”

The first destination had been determined.

The magic stone city Saint-Dermain was attached close to the Kelton Mountains in the southern part of the Seldam Kingdom.

Kelton, a huge rocky mountain range, was rich in various types of minerals, and a total of six estates divided the mountains.

They formed a ground which called themselves the ‘Rock Union’.

Contrary to the rustic name, the Rock Union came to wield a great influence in the southern part of the kingdom and now established itself as a representative of the south.

The lord of Saint-Dermain, Piccola Jain, was the head of the union.

“He is being called the Father of Rocks.”

“That is not a fancy name.”

“Depending on who hears it, it could be.”

Siegfried, was talking while taking a stroll and explaining the history of the city.

“Anyway, it is said that the minerals in the south will be distributed outside only after going through the hands of Piccola Jain.”

“No way.
That is so ridiculous.
There must be towns spread all over the mountains, so why would they have to pass through that place and make the process too cumbersome?”

“I think the same.
If something like that is being done, it would only cost more money.”

Yet it was understandable.

Saint-Dermain was a city built on a huge honeycombs called the magic stone zones.
In the case of magic stones, even if they were of grade B or higher, the value was five times higher than gold of the same weight.

And the number of grade B or higher magic stones mined in this city was uncountable and not just that but Grade A and S have also been mined.

In terms of capital it could be compared to the commercial city of Count Simon.

Unless the lord was incompetent, he had to be the core of the southern power.

“This time, I should get what I want.”

“And what do you want?”

“It is no fun if I speak about it in advance.”

Saying that Siegfried waved his hand.

Jamie frowned and then shook his head when the man asked.

“Pissed at me?”

“I am not.”

“But it looks like it.”

“I am not pissed.”

“Ah, you are pissed.”


It was then.


Siegfried tried to push Jamie aside, but before that Jamie moved.


Three arrows landed where Jamie was previously standing.

Jamie frowned as he looked at where the arrows came from.

Five men were standing on a small green path with their bows aimed at Jamie.

It was when he thought ‘Are they bandits?’

I didn’t think they would chase me this far…”

“Someone you know?”

Siegfried scratched his cheek.

Jamie was about to ask another question, but the voice from the other side was quick.

“How dare you! You thug who killed all my men! I will definitely catch and kill you!”

“… what did you do?”

On my way I just… skimmed through them.”

Siegfried pretended to cut his throat with his finger.

Jamie suddenly felt that his knee hurt.

The bandits began to move.
A cold bloody weapon in their hands.

Even if the skills didn’t look bad, Jamie wondered if the man was a bandit.

The man who appeared to be the captain of the five, pointed his sword at Siegfried.

“The enemy of my sworn brothers!”

Siegfried asked such a band.

“By the way, you are from which side?”


I didn’t just turn over one place.
How many…”

“You bastard!”

At those words, the bandits who couldn’t stand it came running for Siegfried.

Looking at them, he just shrugged and told Jamie.

“This seems a bit difficult.”

The difficult situation which started because of him.

Jamie wanted to say that, but he didn’t.

Even at the moment when the bandits were closing in the distance, Siegfried said.

Should I take a look at the skills of young lord Jamie?”

“Why do I need to clean up the situation of the 7th elder…”

“Don’t say that.
It is fine for me to take a glimpse at what the talented genius is capable of at least once.”

Sly idiot.

Jamie shook his head and looked at the bandits.

The captain yelled.

“Doing shit and putting a little boy ahead! Are you even human?”

“Is a bandit saying that… well, young lord Jamie?”

Jamie took a step ahead to which Siegfried added.

“If possible, use a sword.”

Jamie was taken aback by the brazen way he kept requesting stuff.

Siegfried couldn’t believe magic and sword could coexist, so he wanted to check for himself that it could work.

‘He is like a dog.’

Thinking that, Jamie pulled out Scud.

The monotonous but sharp sword reflected the light from the sun.

“You must be crazy! Fine! Like you want, I’ll kill you and the kid too!”

The captain talked about it being a disgrace to put a kid ahead yet didn’t mind killing one.

Jamie clicked his tongue and took a stance.

‘It is a waste to use the Futility Divide for these idiots.’

Jamie’s air changed.

One step.

[Sea of Hundred.]

Mana taking over.

In the midst of it, the movement of the bandits turned noticeably dull.

Jamie slowly moved along the flow of mana.

‘Mana control?’

Siegfried was shocked as he witnessed it.

An enormous amount of space was being controlled under Jamie’s mana.

It didn’t end there.

The power was concentrating on the tip of the sword.

A normal swipe-

[Sea of Hundred-Press]

The upgrade with Jamie did.

The flow of mana condensed to one point and fell to the ground.

It turned into a huge pressure, ignoring everything.



Except for the archer, the limbs of the two were twisted.

Passing by them, Jamie rushed to the remaining people.

“Shoot! Shoot!”

The remaining three bandits pulled on their bows at once.

Yet, not one reached Jamie.

[10th Form of Welton.]

[1st Form]


The blade drew a circular silver trace.



The blue lighting shone from the sword and swept the bandits away.

Jamie brushed off the Scud’s blade and put it back in the sheath.
It took only 10 seconds for this to happen.

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