Sea of Hundred (2)

Hamilton didn’t put a limit on how many steps had to be done like before.

It was to do as much as Jamie could.

“It is difficult.”

Hamilton’s demonstration of the Sea of Hundred.

It remained clear in his memory, but when asked if he could follow it, it seemed difficult.

The level of difficulty of it was different from linked actions.

It was worth trying only if you had the skills enough to receive the minimum knighthood.
Hamilton had asked a beginner who just started training a couple days back to try an advanced technique.

But Jamie wasn’t the kind to give up because of difficulties.
Rather, something new and difficult was always welcomed by him.
Above all, the Sea of Hundred properly stimulated Jamie’s curiosity.

‘It is a little bit like his movement.’

A guy whose face and name he still couldn’t remember.

These days, while learning the sword, the words of that man often came to Jamie.

He couldn’t remember the man's face or name and yet, he couldn’t understand why it often came to his mind.

‘Not bad.’

The words he said were becoming flesh and bone.

“Let’s try again.”

Jamie created an illusion of Hamilton and tried to copy its movements.
His feet got twisted, and he fell, even though he was proceeding well, the flow got cut off several times and he had to stop.

In some cases, he tried dividing the movement into parts, and then analyzed the pattern for better movement.

He also ran a simulation and tried to directly apply the pattern to the body.

He could simply use mimic and do it, but he wouldn’t understand the principle so he avoided it.


Mana was running out.

His body drenched in sweat.

Jamie took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off his face.

‘The Sea of Hundred is a way of taking control of space through mana.’

It wasn’t a simple way of developing mana, but a resonance which occurred when the movement and the flow of mana interlocked.

Even if he understood it, Jamie couldn’t figure out where the flow intertwined.

Jamie got up again.

For now, there was nothing more he could do than repeat it.

For several hours he went ahead and moved without a break.


The turbulent movement eventually tired Jamie.

Laying down on his back on the floor of the training hall, Jamie took a deep breath.

“This is insane.”

He had never been so stuck in his entire life.

Mana was always his, and there was never a time when he couldn’t move freely.

However, the mana used for such things seemed different from the mana for magic.

‘I knew it, but experiencing it myself I know how different it is.’

Jamie, who had just started learning the sword, had trained with mana all his life.

It wasn’t difficult to understand the mechanics of Aura as it was a part of mana.

He raised his upper body.

This time, he was thinking of finding the connection between the behavior pattern, flow and mana.

It was about the time when Jamie was warming up.


Clear, transparent water drops flew sideways.

Jamie blinked at the sudden appearance of water droplets.

Why would water droplets be floating inside the hall all of a sudden?

He couldn’t feel mana, which meant it wasn’t magic.

As far as Jamie knew, there was only one person in the Count mansion who could do such a thing.

The eldest daughter of Viscount Balle, Rebecca.

And as expected.

“… Miss Rebecca?”

He saw Rebecca hiding in the corner of the hall sticking her head out.

She tried to pull herself back, but was already noticed.

“I saw you.”

“… hehe.”

Rebecca raised her head and with an awkward face like her sister’s she smiled.


Jamie felt awakened by the cold water.

It was created by Undine, a lower water spirit.

He felt it to be a high level of freshness and his mood improved.

“I think I will live.”

Now it was finally cool, it was all because of his body which was hot due to the vigorous movements.

Jamie brushed his wet hair back and thanked Rebecca.

“Thank you.
It was refreshing.”

“… yes.”

Rebecca stood there, hesitating and still not making eye contact.

And when she glanced at Jamie, the moment their eyes met, she flinched and lowered her gaze.

Jamie couldn’t know the reason for it.

He couldn’t ask in the morning as there were too many people in the dining hall and Jamie wanted to train right away, but Jamie wasn’t the type to hold back.

“What is it?”


“It seems like you have been trying not to look at me since morning and have kept avoiding me.”

“Ah, that…”

“Did I do something to upset you?”

“No, no! Nothing of the sort.”

Rebecca looked at Jamie and said.

“It really is nothing of that sort.”

“Then, I am glad.”


“Would you like to sit over there?”

The two went and sat near the bench.

Rebecca placed Undine in the form of a water droplet and touched it.
And then, she would constantly make eye contact with Jamie and then the ground.

There was no way Jamie didn’t notice it.

“Tell me.
There is something you want to say, right?”


“Is it difficult to say?”

“No… I don’t know.”


“You keep running through my mind.”

Jamie’s eyes widened at that.

“After the banquet, I keep thinking of the young master.
My heart keeps pounding and I don’t even know why it is happening.”

“Uh, yes?”

“And when I see your face, I feel shy and stuff.”

Rebecca hugged Undine tightly as she spoke.

Her face was red.

But the child herself couldn’t know why it was red.

Just 10 years.
The age where one wouldn’t know how to feel about the opposite sex.
A very pure and honest age.

If such kids say things like ‘Who and who will be married when they grow up’ the adults would just say ‘I see’ and laugh.

But 10 years is different.

Jamie was still in pain.
Although he had feelings for Jane, this was Rebecca, who was still 10 years old, even if she was a reincarnation of Jane.

Most of all, even if it was the previous life, was it easy for people to change?

He was still blunt when it came to the feeling of love.
So he didn’t feel that way towards the opposite sex.

“Uh… hm.”

For what reason could the woman have fallen for him?

‘Well, I am a very cool person.’

Jamie basically had a narcissistic personality.

But apart from that, he did end up having a brief conversation with Rebecca in Count Simon’s garden.

The conversation they had wasn’t light, but it wasn’t a conversation which could lead to love.

‘Maybe the emotions of a 10 year old are different?’

Maybe Jane’s soul was influencing the girl?

Jane’s soul was drawn to Diablo Volfir as he was her past lover?

‘I am sorry.’

Jamie had no intention of being with anyone.

And he was still 7 years old

Dating and marriage were nonsense.

And in noble families arranged marriages for benefit were frequent, and he didn’t want to think about such things now.

I heard from Ash.
You summoned a high-rank spirit?”



Since Jamie had nothing to say, he changed the subject.

“It is really amazing.
A high-ranking spirit!”

“Only for a few seconds.”

“There are a lot of people who can’t even do that.”

Rebecca seemed weak to praise.

She felt shy and hugged Undine even tighter.
Still, it didn’t seem like she hated the compliment since a smile spread across her lips.

Who in the world doesn’t like compliments?

Once the conversation started, Rebecca, who was silent, asked.

“But, young master practices the sword?”

I started learning it a few days back.”

“You are an amazing magician.”

“I think magic alone wouldn’t be enough.”

Although not holding the sword, Jamie swung his hand out of habit.

Rebecca who looked at it, said,

“You seem to have trouble moving.”

It feels awkward… right? Just what…”

“Ah, no it wasn’t me… after seeing what you did earlier, Endiaron told me.”


It was a high-ranking spirit.

Seeing that she was mentioning movement, it had to be about the Sea of Hundred.

Before that, this girl could communicate with a high-ranking spirit.
It was shocking, but it didn’t matter to Jamie right now.

“The high-ranking spirit said that?”


Rebecca nodded lightly.

But how?

It is true that high-ranking spirits have great power, but spirits are only a part of nature.

It was impossible for them to grasp human stuff.

Normally, he would listen with one ear and it would come out the other, but now Jamie was desperate for even a small clue.

And asked.

“How exactly did it relay?”

“That you were playing it separately.”

“Playing it separately?”

“He doesn’t know much about human stuff, but it is said that there is an unnaturalness of the body.
When the right foot goes out and the left arm goes out, when the left foot goes out and the right arm goes out…”


Twisting forcibly.

Jamie could do the Sea of Hundred.
He didn’t understand it, but it wasn’t difficult to imitate.

Because he analyzed Hamilton’s pattern and technique over and over again.
In fact, he even applied it to his body and unfolded it.

Therefore, no one could call the movement unnatural.

However, this high spirit of water, Endairon was saying even that was unnatural.


He asked himself that question.

He still didn’t understand the Sea of Hundred, and there was no way he could answer his own questions.
The only time he would find an answer was if he could completely understand the Sea of Hundred.

Rebecca’s words continued.

“As water flows and the wind blows.
Leave yourself to the flow.
Young master can do it.”

Surrender to the flow.

Water from the high ground to lower ground.

The wind was free.

All of it was natural.

And mana is a force which belongs to nature.

Everything I did so far was unnatural.’

He was analyzing and forcing himself to follow it.

Maybe that was why.

Jamie got up.

Rebecca saw Jamie’s back as he walked to the hall.

-It is natural.

The translucent water wolf standing next to her mumbled.

Mana, gently wrapped around Jamie’s body, was walking.
It was different from before where he was trying to control it.

Understand the mana.
It was a natural thing, mana was everywhere.

And the Sea of Hundred unfolded.

The Sea of Hundred wasn’t a skill which adjusted mana according to the movement.
However, it wasn’t a skill which moved according to the flow of mana either.

Those were wrong thoughts.

‘It is a technique where both move together.’

Jamie’s nature as a magician.

He tried to ‘use’ the mana.

It wasn’t because he didn’t understand Mana.
To be a Great Magician one would have to understand it.

The problem was that he didn’t think about Mana.

Until now, there was no need for it.
Mana was a material for him to use magic, and that hadn't changed, even now.

But right now, Jamie wasn’t learning magic.

‘What I am doing is unfolding the technique of Sea of Hundred.’

He thought he understood the sword, but it wasn’t the sword that Jamie had to understand.

And warriors, they should understand the handling of mana.

And now he seemed to understand it a little.

‘Like this.’

As mana goes, the body moves.

The optimal path and flow of mana.

Did the former Lord of the family realize such a thing?

The more he understood it, the more he saw.

He stretched out his legs without any roughness like before.

Mana expanded.

In the center of dazzling mana, Jamie seemed like he was dancing.

‘Mana makes the body feel light.’

It wasn’t like the lightening magic.

A state in which body and mana turn one is what Jamie meant.

If he becomes one with nature.
In fact, the more the Sea of Hundred unfolded, the more he was being one with nature.

‘Can magic also be used in this way?’

A new realization struck Jamie.

‘A little more like this.’

Concentrate mana on the legs.

Mana taking over the space.

There was magic overlaid on it.

No name.
because it was a magic he just created.

Assuming there was an enemy, he lowered his leg.


Light shone.

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