1: 7th circle Dark Magician (1)

“… is it another dream of that time?”

A child slowly opened his eyes.

He was an impressive-looking boy with large emerald eyes and long eyelashes.

The boy ruffled his hair that had the same color as his eyes, and stood up.

A room too large for just a young boy.

It used to be difficult to adjust to it, but now, after 7 years, it has become less awkward.

7-year-old Jamie Welton got out of the huge bed and walked to the window.


The boy stretched himself and opened the window.

Winter has already passed, and Spring is just around the corner.

The scent of spring flowers, which were slowly starting to bloom, ticked Jamie’s nose.
However, that didn’t seem to impress the boy.

Jamie leaned against the window and looked outside.

At first glance, he had the face of a child, but his expression seemed to be that of adults, the expression of someone who’d experienced all sorts of storms in the world.

“It has already been 7 years.”

Like his expression, his tone was unnatural for a child.

His parents or nanny would have been shocked if they heard that.

Which was why Jamie didn’t behave that way in front of the grownups.

He acted like a child, as much as he could.

Today is going to be a tiring one too.”

After reincarnation, he grew up under his parents’ care until now.

For him, who had his past memories intact, this life was an arduous task.

The most difficult thing was-

Just imagining it made Jamie frown.

“Being loved is such a terrible thing.”

Jamie sighed as he remembered the eyes of his parents looking at him.

He could feel how ridiculous his situation was.

Jamie Welton.

On the one hand,

The eldest son and official heir of Count Welton, belonging to the Seldam Kingdom.

On the other,

The strongest dark magician in history who tried to bring down the 12 Gods living in the sky.

Diablo Volfir!

That was the true name of the being who now occupied the boy’s, Jamie Welton’s body.

Such a great person was now a little boy.

‘But it isn’t bad.’

It actually wasn’t that bad.

Reincarnation offered him a new opportunity.

He managed to come out of the seal.

Despite such a body, time was on his side, and he was happy.

‘And they aren’t disappearing either.’

After a bit of research, he found out that the Gods were still believed, leading the lives of parasites.

They didn’t seem to have checked the seal even once in the thousands of years.

Diablo Volfir was almost erased from their memories.

Such arrogant men.

It’s always been that way.

‘Time is definitely on my side.’

Those arrogant and heavy assed ones would never move until he showed himself in earnest.

Even knowing that Jamie had been reincarnated, there could be a possibility that they were just ignoring him.

Such beings.

If there was one problem-

“My-my level is so damn low right now.”

Something resembling a black bat floated over Jamie’s hand.

It was a summoned demon.


It rubbed its face on the hands showing that it was in a good mood.

Jamie gently scratched its head before reversing its summon.

As he was young, his body had limitations with magic.

In order to gain the strength of the past, he had to have an adult’s body.

Or maybe body restructure?

But in these peaceful times, such ancient magic didn’t exist.

It could be used somewhere, but at least it wasn’t known to the public.

There is a possibility of finding it if the dark alley was searched, but with his current body, everything was impossible.

Fortunately, he was in a good family.

Welton was one of the largest families in the Seldam Kingdom.

With the fifth-largest territory in the kingdom and more than 10 knights troops under Count Welton’s control.

Above all, Count Welton was Jamie’s father and the only Sword Master in the Kingdom.

In addition, his mother had a huge family.

‘I feel bad, but I need to use everything available.’

How would they react when they find out that their son, whom they have been raising for 7 years, is actually a monster from the myth era?

Of course, he didn’t intend to tell.

They aren’t the kind to believe such stories, and even if they do, they aren’t the kind to harm their own children.

He had been watching them for 7 years, and they were clearly good people.

To the point that they became an embarrassing topic to him.

It was then.

Knock! Knock!

“Young master!”

A familiar voice was heard, along with a knock.

It is a voice that he’s been hearing for seven years.

“Is it time already?”

Jamie looked at the mana powered wall clock.

The hour hand was getting close to 8.

It seemed like he was too immersed in his contemplation.

Knock! Knock!

“Young master!”

Nanny’s call was heard again with another knock.

Jamie rubbed his chin and cleared his throat.

He threw off the uncle-like tone and opened his mouth with a high-pitched voice.

“Yes, nanny.
I am up!”

“Can I come in?”


The door opened, and an old maid with white hair walked in.

Her name was Anna.

She was Jamie’s nanny, the future Welton’s head.

She looked at Jamie, who was still in his pajamas.

“The master and the lady are waiting for you.
Please change your clothes.”

“The morning sky was so beautiful that I kept staring at it and lost track of time.”

“Our young master is such a sensitive being!”

Anna praised with a wrinkled smile.


Was he really like that?

Jamie smiled and went to change his clothes.

And it started again.

A very annoying and tiring day which has been going on for the last 7 years.

With Anna’s help, Jamie changed his clothes and headed straight to the dining room.

Jamie’s expression wasn’t very relaxed.

Probably because he knew what to expect.

It was an act that has been going on without a break for 7 years, and things will continue like t

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