Demons weren’t very tolerant by nature, and they didn’t need to be generous.

Hearing the queen’s fearless words, the demon smiled coldly.

“What are you going to buy my useless power for? Besides, do you know that you will have to pay a price for summoning demons to this world?”

“My reward is this slave!”

“Besides, you summoned me without my consent, so I’ll take what I please.
The price I’ll take…”

The demon laughed cruelly, and its black body blurred.

“I will be satisfied with the heart of your little son.”

Soon his body completely disappeared, and a scream was heard in the room where the little prince was playing.

That’s how Buford gave his heart to this demon.

And Lyric is a doctor from the Empire who saved the little prince, who was about to die.
He came to Akan, expelled from the Empire for his study of chimeras.
And, having heard the news about the prince without a heart, he went to the royal palace.

What he brought with him, to his surprise, was still a living fairy heart.

The fairy stone planted in the heart was crushed and fed to the prince to get rid of the demon’s magic, and the fairy heart was transplanted, and the prince came to life.
When the powers of demons and fairies clashed, he became a weak body that lived on hallucinations and visions, but was still alive.

[How ironic.
I am in a situation where I’m summoning demons that are trying to kill me and are harassing me like this.]

Buford, tired of his weakness, summoned the demon again.
The help from the warlock Damon was great.

‘This is an unfair contract.
Perhaps I can summon the demon again.
Demons have many restrictions in their contracts.’

Even though they had already been summoned by demons with the blood of forty people, they didn’t fulfill a single request from the caster and took the price again.

Belgian, who had taken over the body of the old King, roared.

Buford waved his hand with an unshakable face.

“The Fairy King intervened.
I think that he will continue to interfere in the future… Why is there no solution?”

A shadow appeared in the center, hidden in Buford’s gesture, showing a picture of Sasha’s birth.

The demons looked at it with bloodshot eyes.

A woman, a newborn baby and the Fairy King.

The demon who watched this with narrowed eyes muttered:

[Can’t we just take the child and the woman and see?]

“It’s impossible.
You can’t.”

[Hmm, yes.
I want to devour it… Sounds better than your young heart.]

Buford looked at the demon with cold eyes.

The demon disguised as a father grinned and waved his hand.

[Just kidding.
I can’t even remember what your heart tasted like, Buford.
Nothing to impress me.
By the way… The Fairy King.]

The demon swept through the air once, expressing exaggerated anguish.


[If this has anything to do with the Fairy King, I will have to pay too.
The king’s spear has the power to exterminate demons.
The blood of this king is capable of purifying magic.
Actually, I’m not as lucky as my divine power.]

Hearing the words of the demon who spoke with a trembling voice, Buford stared at the Fairy King in the shadows without saying a word.

As a result, the Kalia lying next to him naturally attracted his attention.

‘Who the hell is this girl?’

Oddly enough, he became more and more worried.

Even more than the Fairy King next to her, even more than the child she had given birth to, Kalia was haunted by his eyes.
Even his slow heartbeat seemed to become more active just by looking at her.

He didn’t have a real heart, so he couldn’t feel love.

The demon stood next to Buford, rubbing his chin.
He suddenly stared at a shadow in the darkness and, as if strangely, tilted his head.

[By the way, that shadow, it’s a little weird…]

Belgian, who extended his hand, snapped his fingers towards the shadow.

[You, come here.]

The shadow, which stood motionless and showed the screen, slowly moved and hung in front of Belgian.

Belgian stared at the lingering shadow and muttered indistinctly.

[I mean, I feel an eerie power.]


At that moment, Belgian’s hand sank into the filthy darkness.

* * *

“Father, what happened? We are busy right now!”

Hoa was the first to respond to Kalexia’s summon.

She ran to Kalexia’s hut, clutching the soft thread in her rough hands.
Following Hoa, Furiosa and Ganini also entered their father’s hut with both hands occupied with something.

“You called me?”

“Everything went perfectly.
I have a question for you.”

Kalexia, preparing to leave, turned and looked at the three children.
His eyes rested on the items each of them had brought.

“What is all this for?”

“Oh, this?”

The smiling Hoa held up a small glove that seemed to be less than half of her hand.

“To wrap arms! I’m going to give this to a child.
Well, how is it? Beautiful, isn’t it? As soon as I returned to the forest, I wove the thread myself.
It is very, very strong.”

From a very young age, the Queen of the Forest made her children weave by hand whenever she punished them.
In the case of Ganini and Furiosa, they had little to do with punishment, but Hoa often had to knit gloves for babies who were born every month.

Through this, she was able to get side effects from improving her hand knitting skills, and now hand knitting has become Hoa’s hobby.

The headdress and anklets in the shape of two long-tailed birds, which she always carried with her, were also her work.

What she did this time seemed to be gloves and socks for Sasha.

Hmmm, Kalexia’s gaze, who shook his head, rested on the doll in Furiosa’s hand.

“Ah, this is an affection doll for Sasha.
So that he always felt his uncle, wherever he was.
Ha ha ha.”

The long hair and green eyes of the doll oddly resembled Furiosa.

Unlike Hoa, he was not very good at sewing, so Furiosa’s hands were covered in needle marks.

Ganini looked at Furiosa with pitying eyes.

“Ganini, what do you have?”

Unlike the two brothers, what Ganini was carrying looked very heavy.

It wasn’t handmade like his siblings had, but it was a small cart.

They didn’t know how urgently it was necessary to come to their father’s hut, but the form was very interesting.

“It’s called a baby carriage.
You can put your child in it and go anywhere.
And it will come in handy when we go on a picnic with a phone on top and a basket on the bottom.
It was made not only for Sasha, but also for Kalia.”

Ganini’s eyes looked at the gloves and the doll as if the gifts were ridiculous.

‘You see, dear brother and sister, when you only think of a child, I also think of Kalia.
That’s… all the difference between you and me.’

As if reading what his eyes were saying, Hoa and Furiosa’s faces flushed even more.

“Hey, this is a magic fabric with heat and cold magic! This is much better! Damn, you look like an unfortunate brother!”

“My affection doll is alive, brother! It sings and dances!”

Laughing at the two angry siblings, Ganini checked the wheels of the ‘baby carriage’.
He took it to the deck with him for a ride, and the wheels felt a little stiff when turning.

Kalexia, looking at his children like that, shook his head.

‘They are so obsessed.’

He seemed to forget that he took a third of the family treasury and took it to Kalia.

You couldn’t deceive blood.

“I also contacted Tokan and Nua.
Tokan said it would take a long time since he is in Sornia now and Nua will be arriving soon.”

The children, glaring at each other as if in competition, averted their eyes to Kalexia’s words.

Come to think of it, the clothes the Fairy King wore were also strange.

“Father, are you going ‘there’ now?” Hoa asked, as if bewildered.

Kalexia nodded slightly and looked at the three children again.

“There are several places that I need to visit.
While I’m away, I have something to tell you, which is why I asked you to pack up.”

“Are you for long?”

It does not take a lot of time.
But I think we need to move faster given the circumstances.”

With fierce faces, the three children looked at each other.

Not long ago, the ghostly screams they heard from Simon still rang in their ears.
Now’something’ was happening outside.
Just like sacrificing creatures in the natural world…

‘Is the history of 300 years ago really going to repeat itself..? But my father doesn’t want war more than anyone else.’

First, it was Ganini who was with Kalexia longer than anyone else.
As a man very much like his father, he knew his character well.

‘He is the protector of the world, but merciless in the conflicts for this world.
He’ll try to sort things out before things get too serious.’

“May I ask what happened to my father’s finger?” he asked, his face hard as he pointed to his father’s hand hidden under his robes.

“This,” he raised his left hand to show an empty little finger and a hot grin froze at the corner of one of his raised lips, “is the price of the contract.”

He said he collected the shadows by the finger.

However, Shadow Tail couldn’t digest the Fairy King’s finger.
The shadow he was talking about was the owner of that shadow.

“Looks like he’s a demon with a lot of greed.
I saw him swallow without hesitation.”

They fed on the power of the Fairy King, who was their natural enemy.

Do you know if it will be poison or medicine?

Well, that’s not what he should be thinking about.

“You have work to do while I’m away.”

“Tell us.”

“First, take care of your mother.
As soon as you see the unexpected birth of a tree, she will wake up.
Second, protect Kalia.
You take turns and periodically check on the child.
Finally, protect the forest.
As always, the forest is everything for us.”

This is a very reasonable request.

And, of course, the weight of the words was much heavier than usual.

Ganini, Hoa and Furiosa nodded with shining eyes.

“And don’t let the elders know about the existence of Kalia.
These situations are not yet accurate.”

At the end of the last request, Kalexia sent Hoa and Furiosa.

And just before Ganini followed them and left the hut, Kalexia grabbed him by the shoulder and whispered something in his ear.


Ganini’s face hardened at his words, but only for a moment.

“Yes, father.”

Kalexia caught the expression on his face and looked at Ganini, who answered heavily.

Tuk-tuk, Kalexia’s body, which had patted his eldest son on the shoulder, flared up furiously.

“Then I’ll go.”

At that moment, the existence of the Fairy King disappeared in an instant.

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