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On the way back to the castle.

Kalia was walking back from Allen with a blank expression when she felt like she was slapped some time ago.

“Doesn’t your heart respond to just one person?”

Yes, that’s exactly what happened to her because of Simon.

Although at first not so much, but lately it has become even more strange.

Even though they had already spent the night together… Could it have happened so suddenly now?

The two were very old friends.

“Do you feel such mischief only towards that person?”

It’s… It’s just that they had such a strange contact with Simon, so of course it would only happen in his presence, right? Kalia tried to find excuses for this strange feeling, but they were all inappropriate.

Allen, watching her rude reaction, suddenly grabbed her arm.

“Well, how is it? Do you feel anything when I do this?”

“No, we’re just holding hands.”

“Oh, yes.
Then what about this?”

Allen tightly hugged Kalia.

Both men were thin and tall, so they seemed the same, but the feeling was completely different.

Kalia kept her cool and patted Allen on the back.
He smiled slightly and stepped away from her.

“It doesn’t feel like anything special, does it? Then… how about this?”

After saying that, Allen brought his face close to Kalia’s eyes.

He was right in front of her.

Kalia frowned involuntarily and took a step back.
Naturally, Allen didn’t stop Kalia.
Instead, he asked with a friendly smile, as always.

“Do you find it strange?”

“I don’t feel anything.
My heart doesn’t beat faster either.”

“What a relief.”

With a face that seemed to know everything, he stepped back and asked again.

“Then what would you say if the person you were thinking of earlier was here? What if he grabs Miss Kalia’s hand, hugs her and looks into her eyes?”

At that moment, Kalia felt her earlobes heat up.

Suddenly her lips were dry and she bit her bottom lip.

It was the first time.

Allen, who was watching her attentively, stroked her head and, as if humming, spoke to her affectionately.

“Now you know? Miss Kalia’s heart beats for him.
Only for him.”


Although Simon wasn’t around, and he didn’t whisper in a sweet voice with his deceitful face, Kalia felt her heart begin to drum again.

‘Oh my god… is my heart really beating like this because of Simon?’

“Unbelievable,” Kalia muttered to herself, stopping unconsciously.

She couldn’t easily admit it because she was still more than willing to deny it.

Of course, she liked his handsome face.
She liked him so much that she kept a picture of him in the name of prenatal training so she could see him every night.
It was comforting that Simon was by their side and he loved her enough to be willing to fight for her.

Despite the fact that they had been apart for more than half a year, it was not at all embarrassing to meet him again.

And when Kalia heard the confession that he loved her, and their kiss after?

Kalia’s heart started beating like crazy again.

‘My God! Is it true that my heart is beating because of Simon!’

Kalia was shocked as her eyes widened.

In the corner of her heart, in the very dark shadows, she kept plugging the ominous energy that said she shouldn’t do this or something bad would happen, but Kalia couldn’t stop her chest from trembling.

Kalia slowly climbed the last flight of stairs, her head throbbing.

‘Let’s just calm down.’

The best way to clear your head is to look at something nice.

In this case, Kalia came to the conclusion that she should go to Sasha, who had just been taken to the nursery.

At that moment, at the end of the hall, she saw Simon sitting by the window, looking out.


Kalia, greatly surprised, hurriedly bit her tongue without realizing it.

When she met him, already thinking of Simon, her heart sank.

‘No, why is he here?’

Kalia’s heart was pounding in shock.

Kalia took a step back, struggling to contain her swelling chest.

Looks like now wasn’t the best time to meet this wizard.

In a some way.

At that moment, Kalia saw how Simon’s head turn in her direction.
Slowly, very slowly, and when she noticed that his face and eyes turned to her, Kalia spun around.

Without thinking twice, she rushed down the stairs at full speed.

* * *

It was easy to make a decision and act.
It wasn’t difficult to remember the fact that after 1 there was 2.
As it was right to think that today there will be clear weather because of this greenery.

But she couldn’t believe that her heart was beating so much because of Simon, who kept saying that he loved her.

It was beyond thought and judgment, so Kalia was very confused and didn’t know what to do.

‘What’s wrong with you?’

As Kalia raced down the stairs, she didn’t see anyone else coming around the corner.


As a result, the hem of the dress that she was wearing caught on her leg, and she fell right on the man.

But did she fall?


She grabbed the dress and, soft as a feather, jumped over the man’s head.


The man who came up looked at her in surprise.
The man, who hadn’t even seen her until Kalia jumped over him, opened his mouth in amazement.


I’m in a bit of a hurry,” Kalia whispered, landing lightly behind him as if she was just passing by.

She ran away so fast that she couldn’t even look back over who she had jumped over.

‘No, wait.
No need to run away, right? It’s not that I’ve done anything wrong.’

Kalia felt uncomfortable running away from Simon, but she didn’t stop.
There was nothing she couldn’t do, but her heart sank at the thought that Simon could be right in front of her eyes.

Needless to say, it was frustrating and annoying.

In the past 20 years, had her heart beat so hard when she thought of Simon?

Even on the night that story happened, Kalia’s heart didn’t flutter like that.

“…I dont know.
I’ll think about it later.”

Kalia shook her head to clear her mind and only focused on speeding up.

Her legs, which often trembled when she was pregnant, walked freely on the ground for the first time in a long time.
The instant sense of release made Kalia feel better.

‘Oh, it’s so good.’

She was so happy that she couldn’t help but smile.

The breeze caressed her hair.

Kalia laughed freely at her feet and ran towards the hill where she stopped.
Her swelling didn’t subside, so her tender puffy cheeks, like a peach, blew in the wind.
She ran across the grass, carelessly enjoying the wind that blew like a thunderstorm.

And behind Kalia was Derek, desperately looking at her back.

* * *

Derek Descart is the proud son of the Marquis Descart.

At birth, his magical talent was considered brilliant, and wavy brown hair and blue eyes were also very attractive.
Although he didn’t have a big body, he was a person with high self-esteem who loved his slim body.

It was the existence of Simon Theroan, whom he met at the academy, that killed Derek with one shot.

‘…I lost.
I can’t beat him.’

The qualitative and quantitative difference in magical power, as well as in genius, was incomparable.

Simon comprehended all the elements as if they were his own body, and his closeness to the forces of nature was as good as any spiritual magician.

The man unfairly blessed by God was Simon.

Derek felt that Simon was perfect.

He almost fainted when he found out that he loved Kalia, the nightmare of the battlefield.

Why? Why Simon and Kalia?”

Derek was afraid of Kalia.

Even if he held the pen all day, his wrist ended up hurting, but Kalia holding that two-handed sword of hers all day seemed like a monster.

One day, Derek supported Kalia in a battle in the Demon Graveyard.
It was so scary at the time that he was dumb just thinking about it.

In particular, Kalia’s eyes almost rolled back when the young children were attacked and she seemed almost ‘crazy’.

But how could Simon fall in love with such a terrible woman!

Wow… As expected, Simon Theroan’s essence defied normality and Derek respected him even more.

When Kalia disappeared, when Simon expanded his ‘full scan’ to a 1000-kilometer radius, it was hard to survive without fainting.

A radius of 1000 km is also a radius, but he was surprised that he was only looking for one person.

‘Does this mean that he loves the general to such an extent that he risks his life? What is this feeling of ‘love’? How much energy do you need to have to be able to love?’

Derek was getting more and more interested.
He was so curious what emotion was enough to drive such a rare genius crazy, and if he could succumb to that emotion.

But today Derek seemed to be able to find the answer right away.

“…This woman.”

From a white camisole dress fluttering in the wind and platinum blond hair shining in pure white sunlight.

He couldn’t see her accurately because his glasses were behind him, but drawing a beautiful figure was easy even with blurry vision.

Derek felt fate hit him over the head.

When she jumped on top of him, he felt that he could bring down even his feelings.

He immediately followed the woman, as his instincts led him.

Her feet were so fast that she was already in front, but he used magic to keep up with her.

“Ha-a, ha-a, ha-a.”

Either because he was running or because he was excited, but his heart was pounding.

Standing under a tree said to be over 300 years old, she gazed at the sea below the hill, as if seeking freedom.

Standing there, she beamed.

‘So that’s how Master fell in love?’

If he’d been in love with a heart like that for over 10 years, Derek seemed to understand why he was half-mad looking for her today.

Derek resolutely approached the woman under the tree.​

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