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Before knocking on Kalia's door, Simon took a serious look because of the item he was carrying.

'…Will you like it?'

The thing was simple.

All he had was a palm-sized jeweled button and a long stick hanging from it.
The only oddity was that at the tip of the wand, above the button, was a blue gem of the same color as the button, and the wand was curved like a willow.

However, the sincerity of Simon entering here was far from simple.

Simon, unable to sleep all night, couldn't help but do something for Kalia and the baby.

As he pondered what to do now, he remembered that the lord's wife had mentioned “mobile phone”.

That's what he did all night.

“I hope you'll like it.”

If possible, both of them.

Simon, who was smiling tenderly in anticipation, was just about to knock on Kalia's door.

Hemmie, who was in the next room, found him in front of the door and screamed.

“Oh! Don't wake her up.
She just fell asleep! Come here.”

Hastily warning him, Hemmie quickly pushed Simon back into Shasha's room.
The nurse holding the child recognized him and greeted.

“Ah, it's mr.
magician who has arrived.
Are you here to see the baby?”

“I came to see the baby and Kalia…
Kalia seems to be asleep,” Simon replied, watching Shasha play in the nanny's arms.

The baby gazed into the air with eyes that did not understand what he was looking at.

“Yes, she took care of the baby all night.
Shasha is in a good mood, do you want to hug him?”

Hearing Latricia's words, Simon froze for a moment.

The news that Kalia had been babysitting all night disturbed him.

'If I had known, I wouldn't have made a phone and would have looked after the child.'

Simon looked at Shasha in Latricia's arms.

It was strange to feel the tiny baby moving peacefully in his arms.

Kaliya denied this, but Shasha was definitely his child.
It was a pity that he was not recognized as a father, but the presence of Shasha was also a great emotion for Simon.

“Baby, I'll be recognized soon, so don't bother your mom until then.
Have fun with me.

Simon, holding the child's small hand, waved it playfully, giving a serious warning.
However, his eyes were smiling, so it wasn't a frightening tone.

Shasha pursed his lips, as if answering him.

Simon, who was silently looking at him, handed over the mobile phone he had with him to Hemmie.

“Here, take it.”

“Oh, what is it?”

After Simon saved Hemmie, she began to treat him favorably.
She also decided to trust him.

“Mobile phone, because children like them.”

Did you make it yourself?”

In response to Hemmie's twinkling eyes, Simon coughed a little embarrassedly.

“Oh my God, you made it yourself!”

“Oh, please be careful.
Let's plug it in now, okay?”

Latricia quickly grabbed the phone and placed it on the bed.
Meanwhile, Shasha waved his hand as if trying to grab Simon's hair.

This is not a toy.”

Simon spoke sternly to the child, who did not understand his words.

Beautiful pale green eyes were visible between closed and open eyes.
There seemed to be a golden gleam floating in the center of the pupil.

Simon's heart skipped a beat when he saw those light green and golden eyes.

“You have very beautiful eyes.”

As Simon whispered amiably, the baby looked at him with round lips.
It was a baby expression that Kalia noticed the other day, and it appeared when the baby felt good.

“What is this expression that looks like a baby monkey?”

Simon, who laughed heartily, carefully looked at Shasha.

In the dazzling morning sun, he was beautiful as a picture, with a baby in his arms.

Hemmie and Latricia, who had been watching, came to their senses.

“Ah, ah, ma'am.
Yes, I need a mobile phone.”

“Nanny, here.
It would be better to put it here.”

Good, good.
Let's put it here.”

He was called the most handsome man in the Empire.

The hearts of the two women fluttered when they saw him sparkling in the sun.
He wasn't even their husband, but they were nervous and excited.

“Can I press this button?” Hemmie asked, pointing to the gem button.

Simon nodded his head and turned around so Shasha could have a good look at the phone.

When Hemmie pressed the button, multi-colored lights began to flash above the child's head.


“Oh my God, my God!”

A song rang out, and a bunch of colorful lights colored the air beautifully.

It was as if a small fireworks display had been set up over the child's head.
The light swirled and swirled, making it feel like it was dancing.

It was so exciting, like at a festival, and so beautiful that no one could take their eyes off it.

“It's beautiful.”

Nanny and Hemmie looked at the phone as if in a moment of ecstasy.

Then Latricia got up first.
For a moment she glanced at Sasha under the phone, then, as if hesitantly, looked at Simon.

“Do you want to say something?”

“Yes, it seems it is too early to give this phone to young master Shasha.”


“It seems that Shasha still doesn't see very well, because the light is bright.
Babies at this age usually watch black and white mobile phones.”

Hearing Latricia's words, Simon looked at Shasha, and indeed the kid was not interested in his mobile phone.
His eyes wandered somewhere in the air and ignored the phone.
Simon was shocked.

It is hard not to draw a child's attention to an object that is said to be the best of magical objects.'

He rubbed his forehead with a confused expression.


“When he grows up a little, he will definitely like the phone! By the way, you made such a great phone in just one night, you are amazing!” Latricia quickly added.

But it was too late for his consolation.
Simon briefly rubbed his forehead with his pale face, then picked up the phone.

I'll be back in 2 hours.”


“I will do it again, so please wait.”

“Ah! No, you don't need to…!”

No, this is a matter of my pride.

Before Latricia's words that should have stopped him could be finished, Simon slid out of the room like wind.

* * *

At the same time.

The deepest part of the fairy forest.

The large conference room where the lords of the twelve forests and their king had gathered was noisy.

“Why did the fairies disappear only in the forest of Roxas? I heard that one of the nobles of Roxas is selling fairies.
Doesn't this have anything to do with it?”

“Fairy trade! Incredible…
No matter how much we were silent, but we can not stand this!”

It's not like there's never been a fairies trade before.
Silly and immature fairies have been caught by people for a long time, becoming entertainment or experiments for them.
However, most of them were fairies outside the forest, and there were very few of them.
Maybe one or two a year.

However, this year alone, the number of fairies missing so far has exceeded 100.

Everything happened in Roxas.

“Has the Empire become so arrogant by winning the war between humans? It's just that human greed can't get enough or…” Kanal, the most senior lord of the forest, said blankly as he stroked his long beard.

“Elder Forest Lord! What does it mean?”

“That's it.
I wonder if their greed could open up outside of human lands, even in the fairy forest.”

But the effect of these words was not simple.

The noisy conference room was getting hotter.
A deep voice cut through the chatter.

“Does this mean that people are trying to start a race war?”

Ganini, eldest son of the Elf King and owner of the Red Forest, objected sharply.

His black eyes glittered furiously under his gray hair.

Looking into those shiny black eyes, Kanal spoke in a more serious voice.

“No matter how early we start preparing, it's never too late.”

“What do you mean by preparation? Are you ready for a race war? Now we need to get ready to find out who is the real enemy that harmed the fairies.”

“Don't be so harsh, Ganini.
I'm just saying that we have to be prepared for the unexpected.”

Ganini's eyes widened and he tried to read Kanal's expression behind his gray beard.
However, it was not easy for the fairy, who was only 200 years old, to read the inner thoughts of the giant tree that had lived longer than the Fairy King.

The chatter between them made the conference room even more restless.

It was Hoa, the owner of the long-tailed bird, who summed it up when everyone around was just making a fuss.


“Come on, lords! Why don't we all listen to what the king has to say?”

With his half black, half white hair tied up high, he spoke aggressively and flaunted his robes.

A gray stone was stuck above his fist and hit the table in an unusual way.

All voices fell silent at the words of Hoa, Ganini's brother and third son of the king.
Soon, at some point, the turmoil completely dissipated, and all eyes turned to the king, who sat relaxed in his big chair and watched them.

The Fairy King, whose thoughts no one knew, was silent for a long time.

Tak tak tak.

The hand tapping on the armrest was even sluggish.

At that moment, he grinned and made a sound like blue sky.

“Yes, it's time to slowly break the silence of the forest.”

All sounds disappeared, as if cold water flooded the entire conference room in an instant.
Everyone tensed up, as if they had forgotten to breathe.

The first to come to his senses was Ganini.

“King, do you mean to say that you will put an end to the race war?” he said hastily.

“Hey! Father? Really? Do you really think about it?” Hoa asked, blinking as if deliberately watching him.

The hot-tempered first son always treats the king like a king, except for personal conversations, but the free-minded third did whatever he wanted, not caring about anyone's eyes.
And he just naturally called him father.

Kalexia smiled tenderly and looked at his children.

In addition to these two children, there were Nua, the lord of the fifth forest, Tokan, who did not settle down in any forest and liked to wander, and Furiosa, who was supposed to protect her mother who had gone to bed.

Although fairies were, on average, a fairy race with usually few children, Kalexia was very blessed with children.

From the first adult to the prodigal son, they were all children he loved.


Kalexia looked around the crowd with an impenetrable ambiguous smile.

“The owner of the chimera we met in Noah's forest has fiery hair like rubies.”

Some lords were surprised.
Most of them muttered and couldn't help but be amazed.

“Are fire and eyes not symbols of the devil?”

By the way, the Sioux they are holding is also a chimera from Asmodian.”

All the faces of the lords turned pale.

He already figured out how to attack the forest with a magic stone.
And also that the body used in this way is a chimera.

However, what was surprising was that they used not only the body of a fairy, but also the body of a demon.

Kalexia's eyes, which scanned those present one by one, finally reached the Kanal.

“The oldest.
What do you think?”

Kanal lowered his head and bowed.
His long white hair and beard-covered face were pointed towards the ground.

“The will of the king is the will of the clan, and the will of the king is the will of the forest.
Everyone follows the will of the king.”

The Fairy King laughed softly, like a lion awakened by the morning sun.

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