‘What kind of nonsense is this?’

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Kalia struggled to open her trembling eyelids as a groan escaped from her clenched mouth. 

‘Who has got whose blood?’

She couldn’t fully comprehend the ongoing conversation because her consciousness was weak, but she still grasped the general gist of it all.
They were saying that Shasha in her stomach was a fairy’s child and she had the blood of the Fairy King running through her veins. 

‘How on earth….?’ 

The first thing she saw when she got her eyes open was the face of a woman with hair similar to her own.
Through blurry eyes, she could see Gaia’s face looking at her closely with concern.
A gentle hand carefully stroking her forehead slick with sweat.
Gaia’s eyes on Kalia glistened with tears. 

She muttered gently to Kalia. 
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Else Kalia won’t understand how Gaia is related to her. 
–It’s okay.

‘What? What’s okay?’

No matter how tactless and insensitive Kalia was, she couldn’t be ignorant to this degree of hints. 

You…Hnn” She wanted to say something to Gaia, but a different pain shook her.

“Ah, ah… Ah, ugh!”

The child in her stomach struggled.
The contraction that squeezed her intestines and shook her uterus was incomparable to anything she had ever felt before.
With a face as white as a corpse’s, Kalia clenched her fist, nails digging into her palms. 

Her jaw hurt from how hard she clenched her teeth but her blurry eyes found the one standing beside her and she managed to ground out, “Si…..mon.” 


Simon, who was still standing facing Kalexsia in confrontation, immediately turned around and approached her.
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Or Kalexsia will call upon nature to hound Simon for getting in his way. 
She made to grab his shirt to sit herself up.
Simon willingly lowered his body at Kalia’s touch and she grabbed his shirt collar to pull herself up with a clenched jaw.
Suddenly, she bit down so hard that the sound of her teeth grinding was audible. 

At the sound, Simon turned to sit on the bed and hugged her close. “No, Kalia.
If you’re tired, bite my shoulder.
Okay? Then only your jaw will hurt1.” 

Her trembling body, panting for air, froze as she felt him press her head into his shoulders and affectionately hold her as if he was hugging a newborn. 

‘Ah, ah ah ah.

Kalia, who had been letting out repressed moans, eventually bit Simon’s shoulder, which was pressed near her lips. Her teeth dug into Simon’s shoulder without mercy. As painful as it may have been, Simon simply drew Kalia tighter into his embrace with a calm face.

Kalexsia, who was watching them with a shaky gaze, exhaled as if distressed and spoke up in a subdued voice, “…She’s about to give birth.
I think it’s better to call a human doctor.”

As soon as the words were said, Kalia shrank further into Simon’s chest.


Her eyes flew wide open before her face twisted in agony. Simon didn’t know why, just hugged Kalia tighter.
Kalia struggled in his arms, shaking her head painfully and tried to push him away but her arms wouldn’t cooperate. 

It was the first time she felt helpless and listless trapped in the confines of Simon’s arms and snuggled against his hot body. 
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Else, from a reader, we will tell Simon that you’re the father of Kalia’s child.
Good luck 
At that moment, something hot burst out of her.

“Ah, hnn…”


Kalia’s body sagged weakly into Simon. Not only the bed where the two were sitting, but also Simon, who was hugging her, were soaked.

Her water had burst. 

Simon didn’t care that he was getting wet, and cuddled Kalia closer, stroking her methodically and reassuringly without hesitation. 

Unlike Kalia, who was surprised even in her haze of pain, Simon was rather calm, and instead, was focused on soothing Kalia.
“It’s okay.
It’s okay, Kalia.
Shh, it’s okay.
You’re okay, and you’ll be fine.

Gaia, who was embarrassed2 and pursing her lips, jumped up and tried to find someone.

Before she got far, Kalexsia intervened and sent out some lower fairies he summoned on her behalf. “You stay here.
The children will bring a doctor.”

At his gesture, the barriers that he had set to block off the room were lifted and the little spirits flew out at his command. Allen and Humming, who were waiting nearby, rushed into the room at the call of the spirits.

Then, promptly paused for a moment at the threshold at the appearance of two strangers in the room.
“Who…” But their shock was very short-lived.
“…Hold on, Miss!” 

Allen’s complexion had turned pale at the sight of Kalia moaning in Simon’s arms.
He ran to Kalia, bypassing Kalexsia and Gaia as if they were invisible.

“Oh! Her water broke.
Humming, Lina3! Come on, get ready to help deliver the baby!” 
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“Yes, yes!”

From now on…

Everything was in the hands of the humans now. 


An hour of what felt like hell passed. 

The sun had risen to the middle of the sky and sunlight flooded into the castle, traces of it everywhere in the castle, but the faces of the people hanging around the reception room connected to the castle mistress’s room were all serious. 

Kalexsia had hidden his fairy presence and now sat quietly on the sofa in his human form.
Thoughts of his clan coming to find him came to mind, but he remained in his seat. 

Gaia had lost her strength, exhausting herself trying to pour all her energy into Kalia, so she had fainted and had been sealed away. 

Humming, who had been kicked out of the room, was wandering around the drawing room. She couldn’t sit still and was alternating between running her hands through her already messy bobbed hair and biting at her nails.
All the while, she kept her gaze on the door so she could run into the room at any time should her assistance be required. 
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Else I’ll get Simon to glamour to look like Kalia and then send Buford your way heh. 
And among them, the man who was panicking the most. 


Simon leaned against the door with his eyes closed tightly, his face ghastly.
He was such a revered wizard, praised by the masses, but at this moment he felt more helpless and useless than anyone else.
All he could do whilst he listened to the sound of Kalia’s muffled groans leaking through the door was pray for her pain to end. 


Simon sighed lightly, bringing his forehead to the door where Kalia was suffering through labour on the other side. 

Everytime he closed his eyes, he remembered Kalia protectively hugging her stomach and collapsing.
The moment had been so shocking that his vision went white for a second. He was so flustered and bewildered and also scared that his usually sharp mind went completely blank.
But at this moment, the thoughts piled up one by one in his head as the shock wore off. 

‘Was it because of her pregnancy?’

He could easily guess that the reason Kalia left was because of the child. Kalia left the capital to care for the child in her stomach. 

‘But why?’ 
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Or I’ll lie to Simon about the reason why Kalia left (because she was scared of him). 
His eyes were complicated as he stared at the black wall with narrowed eyes. 

‘Or… Is it because of me?’ 4

He recalled the contents of the letter Kalia had left behind.

[….I beg you to forgive me for not being able to tell you anything.
Please understand; this was my own decision after much deliberation…..The decision was not just for me.] 

[I made it for you, for me and perhaps for everyone around me. ]

[When the time comes, I’ll be back with many surprises. ]


With another dejected sigh, he once again banged5 his head against the wall.
Words that he didn’t understand at the time gained new meaning one by one. 

With many surprises, she says.

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe there’s a different reason, maybe there’s someone else, but…
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Or I’ll make sure Shasha hates Simon and the three can never be a happy family. 
Somehow, he had a feeling his hunch would be right.
And even if the reason was not because of himself, it actually didn’t matter.
From now on, he could make all of the reasons for Kalia himself. 6

As he was organizing his thoughts-

“Wahh, wahhh!” 

Simon’s head whipped up violently at the loud cry.


“Wahh, wahhh, wahhhh!” 

Kalia gazed at the crying bright red baby, her eyes clouded with exhaustion.
Her exhausted, drooping body  had not even an ounce of energy left in it, but she still gathered her strength to open her heavy eyes and look at her baby. 


Because he had been curled up in her stomach for such a long time, her baby’s arms and legs were not straightened out. She could see his round, chubby face and his arms and legs, both incredibly strong for a newborn baby.
It was because he had grown fast in her belly.

“Wahhh!” The infant’s neck and legs trembled as he cried. 
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Else I’ll John Cena you into the TBIY world…..Into Buford’s arms 
He loudly announced that he had finally entered this world and could breath his nose and mouth with his cries, 

“He’s a very healthy boy.
Weighs 4.6kg.
Haha, you’re the biggest baby I’ve ever held.” Emotionally, Allen gently placed the baby in Kalia’s arms.
“Really, you’ve worked hard, Kalia.” 

The child was so small, soft and fragile that Kalia was afraid, not knowing what to do.

It felt like the baby would get hurt if she gave him a big hug. 

“It’s okay to hug him.
Please let him hear his mom’s heart beat.”


Hesitatingly, Kalia looked quietly down at her baby, hugging him close to her chest. The baby that had been wiggling as if he didn’t know what to do calmed down little by little.
The baby was still instinctively writhing about but he didn’t look anxious.
Kalia looked at such a baby with wet eyes.

‘Oh, my baby… You were really born.”

Kalia shook with the onpour of emotions rushing in, taking her cheek to the baby’s forehead and relishing in their connection.
The swollen eyes, small nose, chewing lips and bright red skin just felt lovely. 
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Or Mother Gothel will steal Shasha away. 
‘This kid was really in my stomach? And I really gave birth to this baby?’ 

A vague joy seeped through her, warming her whole body.
Without knowing what she was moved by, she rejoiced and held the child preciously.

Now she has a real family.

A real family that she’s never had…

Feeling the warm temperature of her baby, Kalia muttered in a hoarse voice only her child could hear. 

Thank you for being born healthy.

Thank you for coming to me.

…….Thank you, thank you, my baby.

The baby wiggled, feeling his mother’s breath, and yawned without opening his eyes.
Seeing this, Kalia smiled broadly till her teary eyes were crescents. 

“…Welcome, Shasha.”
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‘I will give you all of mom’s joy, my baby.’

Translator’s Corner

Huzzah! Kalia’s suffering is finally over.

You know, I….I do have to commend Simon for this one.
This is the first time I’ve seen a ML so hands on with the pregnant FL.
I would have loved to see him around her through those months of pregnancy.
Even more points for accurate portrayal of a newborn

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