Sitting in a bar drinking, happily chatting away with the other customers is Ruben Hilston. He is popular among the locals that live in this part of the city.

A carefree man that started drinking in bars the moment he reached the legal age of 16. Although he drinks alot, Ruben had never caused any trouble.

He got along very well with other customers in the bar he regularly drank at as well.

People in the area only know him as Ben, although not much was known of his background, it was evident that he came from a loaded family.

Whenever he was in a good mood, he would pay for the drinks of all the customers in the bar.

Many regulars loved him since they would get their beers paid for by Ruben once in a while. Even if he is a trash that only drinks and live in carefree, he is a likeable trash with deep pockets.

The bar which is also an inn had rooms on the floors above.

He would often stay the over in the inn when he was either too tried to get home from drinking or too late to return himself.

This is why he is at the bar almost all the time.

When Ruben isn drinking, he would be looking for the best restaurant in the city to have a meal.

Although he was a heavy drinker, Ruben had always kept himself sober, unbeknownst to others. He acted high or drunk when he have had enough, but it was still all just an act. A habit he kept subconsciously.

Its been almost 19 years since he had arrive in this world. He still remembered opening his eyes seeing himself in a cradle, weak and vulnerable.

After discovering that he had been given a second chance in life, he decided at that moment to leave his past life behind and enjoy all that he couldn before.

In the previous life, Ruben was actually the King of Assassins. He was the best at what he does.

Being an orphan, he was forced at a young age to work for men in the black market.

He trained to be an assassin later on, working for corrupt politicians, warlords, rich businessman, people who paid well enough.

He was skilled in all kinds of weapons and form of assassination. Sniping the president, slitting the throats of guards, breaking the necks of agents…

He became the best assassin in his world at the age of 21. He was then known as the king of assassins, getting high commissioned jobs from rich and powerful men.

He took may jobs and continued being the best, until one day. All the men that have commissioned him to do their dirty job felt that he was a timed bomb set to explode on them.

He knew too much since he was the one they hired, naturally, they were afraid that he would expose all their exchange or use the information he had to blackmail them.

Fearing him and the things he knew, they hired all the assassins and bounty hunters in the world to have him eliminated.

After running, killing and hiding for 6 long years, he finally met his end at the age of 38.

However, much to his surprise, that wasn the end for him.

Just when he was accepting fate, ready to enter hell for all his sins, he found himself reborn as a baby in another world.

A world that looked like the Victorian ages of Earth on the surface. When the steam engined trains were just introduced, electricity made available to the public and such.

Ruben was actually born in a noble household that lives in Halum City, which is 3 hours away from the capital by train.

Being the youngest of 3 sons in the family, Ruben had a very carefree life in luxury much to his liking.

After suffering for 38 years in his previous life, Ruben enjoyed and spent all that was available to him in this life.

Although he was wasn planing to continue as an assassin, he continued his training as soon as he was old enough without anyone in his family and people in the mansion knowing.

He got back his physique from his past life and maintained it w

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