“Ohh! The summoning has succeeded!”

The noise of the crowd resounded.
Takashi, who had been chatting with a beautiful goddess in a white room, now stood on a red carpet that stretched in a straight line across a marble floor.
Around him, men with the appearance of medieval aristocrats stared at him with expectant eyes.

Takashi was breathless in the unduly spacious room, which gave a baroque-style impression.

(I–I really, have come to another world!)

The conversation with the goddess felt somewhat surreal for him.
But now that it really happened, he had no choice but to believe everything.

(All right! That does it.
From now on, I will live an enjoyable heartwarming life in another world!)

“This One is the King of this country of Leirune.”

A small, plump man with a mustache and wearing a golden crown held out his hand to him.
Takashi shook the portly man's hand.

“Oh, Hero! Please save this world!”

Is that sort of thing the plot setting?”

While he was still pondering about the circumstances of his situation, a man wearing a robe and carrying a silver staff, who looked like a typical fantasy wind sorcerer, timidly presented a single piece of paper to the king.

“Your Majesty the King.
These are the Revered Hero status values…”

“Let me see.”

Takashi guessed that his status was written on that paper.
But then the king's ecstatic smiling face grew grim.

“Attack value, defense value, even magic value are all in single digits? What? This chap!! He's a failure!!”

That was a very poor way of putting it, Takashi thought.
However, he knew from the beginning that he did not have the talent, so he expressed, “No, I just want to live a laid-back, heartwarming life here.”

“What the…
laid-back and heartwarming!! The Demon Lord's army is about to invade.
This situation is a life-or-death matter!”

De–Demon Lord's Army?” Suzuki repeated, dumbfounded.

There seemed to be a misunderstanding between the two.
The king turned to the sorcerer and shouted, “Hurry! The next summon!”

What about, me…?”

The king no longer reacted to Takashi's voice.
The sorcerer began to cast a spell, treating Takashi like air.
The men in expensive-looking costumes, who looked like aristocrats, shoved him by his shoulders.

“Hey, you are a nuisance.
Get out of the way.”

“You are no longer needed.
Get the hell out of the castle.”

They all glared at Takashi as if they were looking at something filthy.

(W–what is this!? This! This isn't what I was told!)

Right then and there, at that precise moment.
The doors behind Takashi opened with a loud bang.
Out of nowhere, strange figures appeared.
Demons or beastmen with mouths ripped open until their ears, giants over three meters in height—all carrying blood-soaked weapons—stormed in.

“De–Demon Lord's Army!!”

The king's blood-curdling yell coincided with the guards near the door being decapitated by the demon's broadsword.


The aristocratic-like men who had mistreated Takashi earlier made pathetic noises and ran away.
A beastman with a face like a lion slashed one of the fleeing men from behind with razor-sharp claws.
Fresh blood stained the marble floor red.


Takashi was in a state of shock.
He saw everyone present get decapitated, disemboweled, or eaten from the head down by ferocious fiends.

(Not a tad heartwarming, riiiggghhtt!)

Takashi screamed internally.
The place plunged into pandemonium.
In the back of his mind, Takashi thought of a bald-headed man who wore sunglasses and kept threatening to f*cking kill him even though he was already dead.
Sasaki's words came to mind.

[—the wildly disorganized, chaotic feeling of an end-of-the-world place.]

It's not the other-world I wanted!?)

Indeed, the pronunciations of Suzuki and Sasaki were similar.
However, it should be strange for a deity to make a blunder like that, but given the circumstances, it was not impossible.

Soon after, the fiends ravaging the humans stopped moving altogether.
Then three demons entered through the door.
All the other fiends knelt down and made way for them.

Takashi gulped at the majesty of the female demon leading the way.
Her jet-black hair reached to her waist, and goat-like horns sprouted from her head.
Her black leather armor, almost like a bathing suit, revealed her tanned-colored skin.
Large breasts.
Tall and well-built with an awe-inspiring face.
However, her beauty was opposite that of the goddess.
Hers was the bewitching kind of beauty.

And that demon was heading straight to him.

“Sa–save me, please!”

The king of the castle was kneeling on the red carpet, prostrated with a pitiful expression on his face.
The tanned demon silently walked past him.
The king showed a relieved expression, but suddenly, his head fell to the carpet.

(Wha–!? Right now, what did she do?)

Takashi could not see the tanned demon's attack.
The terrifying demoness who had instantly slain the king walked toward him with two child-like demon girls on either side of her.
One with red hair in twin tails and a sickle as tall as she is, the other with blue hair in a ponytail and holding knives in both hands.
Their faces were almost identical, but the red-haired one had pointed ears like a cat's on its head, while the blue-haired one had rounded ears.

Takashi glanced behind him.
Almost everyone had died, but several maidens in maid outfits were trembling behind his back.

(S–since things have turned this way, I'll have to do it myself!)

This place wasn't the heartwarming other-world he wanted.
But if the current situation persisted, they would all be killed.

Takashi's heart pounded furiously with fear.
But even so, he had a small glimmer of hope.
When the king saw his status earlier, he dismissed it as a failure.
However, if the goddess had made a mistake between him and Sasaki…

(If I fight seriously, I should be able to use the “Absurdly Strong” ability!)

“Whoaaaaa!!” Takashi gave a short war cry, raised his fist, and punched toward the tanned demoness with all his might.


It was a sound so far removed from the concept of strongest.
As if sucked into them, Takashi's fist got buried in the valley between the demoness's large breasts.

“Wah–Wah!?” he shrieked and pulled his arm away.
He was surprised at his own powerlessness, combined with the shock of unintentionally touching a woman's breast.

The tanned demoness looked down at the frightened Takashi with cold eyes and opened her fanged mouth, “Human-like creature! You deserve to die for what you have done!”

Takashi trembled at the husky and powerful voice.
As if to rub salt into a wound, The red-haired, twin-tailed demon shouted, “You dare to strike Lady Nephira, you reckless scum!”

The demon with blue hair and a ponytail said in a high-pitched voice with a happy sneer, “Let's pull out his entrails–! Let's make intestinal necklaces–!”

“Gigegegege! How about hollowing out his eyes while he's still alive?” the red-haired twin-tail laughed in a vulgar voice once again.

got hurled into a savage other-world without any noteworthy ability!? Damn it! What about this is considered my ideal life?!)

Inside the throne room stained with the blood of slaughtered humans, with tears in his eyes, Takashi looked helplessly at the demons in front of him.

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